2020 Explorer GMC Savana 2500 Conversion Van Review & Test Drive

This 2020 Explorer Conversion Van is loaded! Sitting on a GMC Savana 2500 chassis, Explorer Vans turned this van into the ultimate road warrior. Apple TV, sunroof, lighting throughout, just to name a few notable options. This baby has EVERYTHING! If you are wanting a plush and luxurious ride for you and 8 passengers, look no further than this 2020 Explorer Savana Van!

All right so today we have a 2020 gmc explorer conversion van it’s a gmc savana that’s been completely retrofitted it’s got a six litre vortech v8 engine made it to a six-speed automatic transmission and this conversion was done by explorer and this is the limited se model so it’s loaded with every feature you could imagine and we’re going to get to that here in

A minute first of all you’ve got this custom grille you got custom leds in the bumper you’ve got the raised roof got these custom 20-inch wheels thing is just immaculate power running boards with led lighting and the step rail here we’ve got power door locks power windows and power mirrors and you’ve got only how many speakers are in here but you’ve got jl audio

There i’ve got a tweeter there i mean they’re all throughout the cabin which we’ll get to here shortly gonna take a look at the cargo area still got plenty of room to stack several suitcases and then in here you’ve got if you ever have a blowout or something some tire to re-inflate the tires and you’ve got you a vacuum here of course they’re gonna be power outlets

Throughout then you got your tow hitch we need to pull something now let’s get to the good stuff there’s your power running board again gonna hop in here you’ve got apple tv blu-ray player you’re gonna hook up an xbox or playstation you can do that wireless charging pad some more jl audio speakers you’ve got that custom glass on the high roof going all the way to

The back on both sides and then i’ll show the interior lighting here in a minute it’s got room for seven passengers in the back so up to nine people can ride in this big boy more jail speakers illuminated cupholders to route it’s just so comfortable back here the leather is just fantastic and then one of my favorite parts about this van is the rear sunroof just

Take all that in just love that and you’ve got pretty good viewing area from any seat in the back just check out that television and next we’re going to go to the front he was going on for the driver and of course you have blinds throughout as well i forgot to touch on that both these seats are power and heated now before i forget i’m gonna show you these lights

We have going on here you can control from the front but you can definitely see them a lot better at night but it’s like i said your seats are heated you’ve got different settings recline move the seat back just about any way you could think of putting these seats you can move them and with your explore van package you got nav not one but two backup cameras then

You’ve got bluetooth audio you got xm traffic pandora am/fm xm radio everything you can need you even got lane keep assist for collision alert and blind spot monitoring in the mirrors here’s a three prong plug right there one of several got cup holders here but on top of that you have a little ice chest there to keep your drinks cold and last thing we’re gonna do

Just take a look at what turn to the hood because with all these amenities and this being such a a monster of a van gotta make sure you’ve got the right power pushing it and that’s that 6.04 tech v8 engine all up in there sorry about that loud thud i know it’s gonna be that loud and next we’re gonna take this one out on the road for a quick test drive and see how

It’s gonna handle so this isn’t really necessarily negative but this does drive like a huge passenger van which is what it is but it’s just something to be mindful of this isn’t like driving a suburban or like driving a truck it’s it’s big i feel like i’m driving a 2,500 almost just how careful i’m being because it’s it’s a big boy and just driving through this

Neighborhood i’d be mindful of everything around me but for the most part it’s it’s relatively quiet in here i can hear the engine he’s a 6-litre vortex oh i wouldn’t expect anything less but it uh it’s a big van it handles well though just going through this neighborhood feedback is pretty stiff in the steering wheel which is which is good for a vehicle this

Size and it’s not like you’re gonna need a cdl license for it or anything so that shouldn’t scare you away with it being so big but like i said you just have to be mindful of it it’s tall it’s not necessarily wide but it’s very top-heavy and the ride is somewhat bouncy kind of like on a bus it accelerates pretty well for vehicle designs it accelerates for

How fast you needed to go and with us being such a large vehicle it is helpful to have the blind spot monitoring because especially on the passenger-side you’re gonna need it because you can’t really look out the windows we’re gonna give a little throttle here just to see how it moves merging on the interstate so not the best but it’s okay i’m gonna cruise at

Around 70 here and see how it does not bad the seats definitely make the ride yeah the ride would definitely be a lot worse without these plush seats so explorer definitely did a good job with those because it makes the ride much more comfortable and there are quite a few cool features on this van because for collision alert is not something that you get

Out of a savannah van and it’s cool having that on here especially for people who might be driving around with a lot of kids or on a big trip with a bunch of friends and it’s easy to get distracted so having that forward collision alert kind of keeps you on your toes that along with the lane keep assist and sitting here at idle it’s it’s pretty quiet i mean i can

Hear the vortech even over the ac but it’s nothing bad should other features are on here i think that was it and i mean you don’t really get these for the driving experience but for people who are gonna get this for family trips and traveling you know it’s good to know how it’s gonna drive and how it’s gonna perform out on the road to make sure that you can get

From point a to point b as safely as possible but whoever’s riding with you is definitely gonna be having a good time like i said you’ve got apple tv you’ve got blu-ray player you’ve got a wi-fi hotspot so you could even run it off of that but i mean most people i shouldn’t say most a lot of people have personal hotspots on their phone so that’s how you can stream

Your apple tv with no problem even play games online and even after driving this just around the the block the driving isn’t as bad as you’d expect like i’ve already gotten used to driving this pretty much it does take getting used to because it doesn’t drive like a car it doesn’t drive like a truck it drives more like like a big rig in the sense that just how the

Seating is made because really the seats are made to absorb the the elements if you will and the vortech it does have some power to it i’ll give it that for pushing such a big machine but i mean i’m averaging 11 miles a gallon so that’s to be expected with a an engine so big but i mean most people are gonna be doing outdoor stuff with this traveling and that’s

What you’re gonna get out of an rv or an excursion or something like that anyway so nothing surprising i do wish gm would especially for explorer conversions we look into something like an ecoboost engine or something like that because i’m gonna review a transit van that was also done my explorer and it’s got a 3.5 liter twin-turbo v6 and i just feel like that’s

Gonna drive better and get better gas mileage but i’ll find out soon enough but that’s the review of the 2020 gmc savana 2500 explorer conversion van

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