2020 Ferrari 488 Pista Review

The 488 Pista is a well designed machine meant for speed. Let’s dive in on the details!

Uh what’s up guys so today we have the ferrari 488 pista and the pista for the italian word stands for track the pista is actually pounds lighter than the regular 488 so the 488 pista has a starting msrp of 330 000. and the gas mileage for the pista is actually pretty good it’s 15 miles per gallon on the city and 20 miles per gallon on the highway which i think

Is pretty good for a supercar the 488 pista has a twin-turbo 3.9 liter v8 engine that generates a whopping 711 horsepower and along with 567 foot pound of torque so the 488 pista is very light mostly made with a carbon fiber material it only weighs in at 3054 pounds and the 0-60 speed is rated at 2.7 seconds all right guys we got the original ferrari uh emblem

Over here and then we got the racing stripes right down the middle which i think they did a great job it gives it a unique pista look and right here we have uh open vent in front of the car and the hood and this is i believe they designed it this way to give it more down force or better airflow for performance i’m not engineer but that’s just my guess all right

Over here we have the frunk and as you guys can see this is the only real storage space you have in a ferrari it comes with a tool kit these are where the tool kits for the wheels are there is no spare tire so do not get a flat tire in the ferrari so yeah this is um adequate space for some groceries you know probably like a few days worth of groceries in here

You can fit your kid in here you know in case no just kidding don’t do that but yeah this is some adequate front space 488 pistol comes standard with 20 inch wheels and you have the option to choose the colors i think the gold color looks great with the red exterior and then we also have the brembo ceramic brake pads for high performance cars you’re going to

Need something like this and then you can see the slotted and drilled rotors it is made with quality i mean this is some high-end product right here which is for a high-end car so over here we have the rear end of the ferrari and as you can see i love the original design of the ferrari tail lights the two circle round tail lights on each end and then you got

The ferrari emblem of course and then down here we got the 12 uh brake lights they’re actually inspired from formula one race track cars and then you also got the rear camera right here it’s very low to the ground so you can’t really see much in the camera view and over here we have an open vent system i believe i i’m not no engineer but i do believe this is

Performance and since the 488 pista is a mid-engine car the engine of course is in the middle and then right here in the engine bay it’s very beautifully designed i mean right here as you can see there is the car made out of carbon fiber the oil cap right here what happens is when ferrari gets to its destination dealership the dealership makes sure the ferrari

Oil cap is very straight to the point where it’s facing the rear all right guys so now we’re going to take a 48 pistol on a run we’re going to go to the highway right now to kind of like test its powers of course the comfort level on the pista is not so great just because the fact that it’s a supercar and it’s meant for sheer power and fun but i gotta say like

Wow like it is fun to drive so far we haven’t even pushed it yet so once we get into the more open road we’re gonna show you guys how fun this car can be all right let’s pull it oh what was that it’s my camera oh okay all right we’ll do another one goodbye all right here we go ready yep all right let’s pull it oh that’s cool okay just a few seconds

Ago there was this car that pretty much was just stopped in the middle of the road there was no um yield sign or anything he had his own lane so i tried to honk the horn so i realized for the ferrari it’s not like a regular car there’s no horn button right here on the steering wheel that’s something i’m gonna have to find out for you guys once we get back i’m

Gonna have to look for the horn because that’s kind of important so the entire time i was doing this i’m like yo go but there’s no horn so yeah just something funny i want to let you guys know all right guys so now i want to talk about the interior of the 488 pista it is i’m only five foot six i had a little trouble getting in here so if you’re like six foot

Or taller than six foot you’re gonna have some real trouble getting in here it’s not the most spacious car but uh you know it’s for fun it’s not a practical car it’s meant for just pure adrenaline rush so majority of the 480 pistol is made with material called alcantara which is similar to suede but it’s more i guess high-end and so the alcantara is all over

Here the seats all over the dash and literally about 80 interior is made of alcantara and then also the other uh major material that’s used is carbon fiber and i believe the reason why they use carbon fiber is because it’s a lighter material than others and it looks more you know sportier high-end gives it a nice look all right and we also have some storage

Space about storage besides the frunk um you got some storage space right here a little netting and then you’ve got some space you can put whatever you need to is not the biggest space and we also have to put the seats up so don’t so this is all going to be taken up when you’re actually uh sitting down for the 330 000 price tag you get one cup holder right here

As you can see so the cup quarter right here it’s um i honestly you cannot even fit like a regular fast food drink size because uh this is very small and then this right here is actually not a cup holder it’s actually a place where you can have your little ferrari uh key set i don’t know why you wouldn’t just have it in your pocket or you know in your keychain

But for odd reason you can um make sure your ferrari key has a nice place to sit and then another thing about storage for the pista is uh there is no glove compartment glove box so very interesting all right so right over here we have our gear selector it’s like a shark fenced on which is very interesting and as you can see there is no drive or park button you

Got reverse auto and ps which can stands for some italian word for launch control so this is 330 000 infotainment system you get right here it is about like a three and a half four inch screen you know the buttons on to the side right here you got the main buttons for your infotainment system and as you can see it’s got your regular setup stuff phone navigation

Media and radio and over here we have our climate control system yeah it’s i was expecting a little more for uh a high-end supercar to have like a nicer climate control system it’s a little bit not efficient i would say but um it does it gets the job done as you can see for the passenger side you actually have a door pull handle right here it’s made of carbon

And alcantara and then for the driver’s side right here for some odd reason they just put the alkenteria kind of like a little um string you hold on to i think they did it for weight reduction i have no idea no idea why they make these two different maybe it’s too much for the passenger like oh my god i actually need a real door pull who knows all right since

For the shark fin there is no gear selection for first gear or park the way you’re going to put your uh ferrari into gear is actually through the paddle shifter so you would hit the right paddle shifter once to put into first gear and it’ll automatically shift gears after that and of course you can always control the gears with the paddle shifters yourself

And then to park the ferrari there’s actually a park button right here underneath and then there’s something called auto park so in order to park the ferrari you would have to put it into neutral gear which would be to select both of the paddle shifters at the same time and it hits neutral and then you can hit the park gear to put it to park and you hear it

Engaging and another cool feature that the 480 pista has is that it has an air suspension button right here so whenever you’re going through a big bumps or um you know anything like that because a ferrari sits so low this air suspension button what it does is it raises the front end of the ferrari so you do not scrape your lip or the front bumper all right guys

One interesting fact about this car is that it does not have a turn signal stub on the left hand side and then on the right hand side does not have a windshield wiper so the turn signals are actually right here on the steering wheel so right here if you click the right it’ll turn on the right and then the left button right here and then for the windshield wipers

There’s a button for the windshield wipers right here as well you guys can see and then we actually found the horn the horn is right here this is where the horn is two little buttons right here and then i guess you put your thumbs right there as you drive and you can honk the horn all right now that we went through overview of the exterior interior and we’re

Going for a test drive i’m going to go through with you guys the pros and cons of the 488 vista all right the pros of owning this car is one it’s very sexy it’s great handling and it is fun to drive and then it could be a possible chick magnet we don’t know we haven’t tested it yet but if you guys do want us to test it out please comment below that you guys want

Us to test the chick magnet theory up and then the cons for this car is the fact that depending on where you live rear wheel drive can be a con especially if you live in the east coast where there’s always rain and snow and it’s cold most of the year but if you live on the west coast it’s not really a con cause in california the weather is always beautiful and

Sunny the other con is the fact that i would be honestly scared to death to take it anywhere and to have it parked in a regular parking lot because then you know i’d be scared i’m worried about someone you know dinging the ferrari with you know someone else’s door or you know a shopping cart going randomly rogue and so many other things just because it is a

Very high-end car but it is a beautiful piece of art and it is a great machine to drive until next time thank you guys for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel you

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2020 Ferrari 488 Pista Review! By Gary Hwang