2020 Ford F-150 XLT Sport: Is This The Best F-150 For Sale???

Today I drive and review the all new 2020 Ford F-150 XLT Sport!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today gonna be going over the all-new 2020 ford f-150 xlt in the sport package so that pretty much makes everything body-painted and yes when they get a black appearance package and the xlt i’ll be showing that to you guys but as always we’re gonna do a quick walk around on the f-150 then take it out to see how it drives a

Big shout out thank you to the larry h miller ford lincoln here in provo utah for providing us with the truck check out there evan torrey in the link below if you’re in the market for a new ford so under the hood here we have a twin turbocharged 3.5 liter v6 it goes through a 10 speed automatic transmission power outputs are 375 horsepower than 470 pound-feet of

Torque with fuel economy being 16 around town and then 22 on the highway now let’s finish things up on the front end so we can go over the hood first and foremost you can see on the hutt’s got these nice muscular bulges on the top you do have the regular halogen lights up front and then you notice this is where the changes happened so that has now been darkened

It’s pretty much a magnetic it’s what it’s really close to color wise you’ve got the body painted bumpers fog lamps right there and then you’ve got these little tow hooks down below so you can compare this sport package to what like a regular xlt looks like you can see the regular xlt has a bunch of chrome on the front or is everything here is body painted so

Definitely looks a whole lot sporty-er so around the side here we’ve got two 75 millimeter tires on 18-inch rims pretty standard setup for a truck out you’re like the design on these rims you can see this kind of like a more kind of like polished look on the rims really really solid right there and then see it’s got the blacked-out sidesteps go along the length

Of the truck f-150 xlt badging and then on the back right here you can barely see it but it says sports you know this is a sport package the key fob for the xlt f-150 got a couple functions on your lock and unlock and then is a flip-out she’d but obviously we can unlock the truck and yes i’ll get exhaust clips for you guys later on but now the truck is unlocked

We can go and lower down the bed notice there’s a little light right here so at nighttime it’ll kind of illuminate this little area we can lower down the bed it is not slow lawrence you notice it will just fall right down so you do have to hold the tailgate to let it go down you can get a spray in bedliner from the factory or you get it after the fact this one

Doesn’t have it led bed lights here in the rear as well and you see this is the shorter sized bed with the little cargo light up top and then we can actually open this up here this pulls down to be a step so it makes getting in and out of the bed a whole lot easier and you can pull this little part up as well so it’s like a little handle to get up and into the

Bed and then when you’re done with it you just gotta load it all up and then when you want to shut the bed obviously just pick it up it is a little bit heavier with that bed step but you get added functionality now finishing things up in the back we can see the tail lights right here so these are not the upgraded tail lights but they still look really good i like

The little accents that go around it ford log on the back f-150 got the little ecoboost badge back there all of your plugins for towing your receiver hitch parking sensors on the back bumper and then here’s just one more look at the rear now actually coming to the rear here i actually like the paneling here on the xlt so you can see they kind of use this to kind

Of mimic the carbon fiber that’s like in a lariat or the raptor you kind of got some padding right here a little thing for the window controls and then obviously the steps will help getting in and out of the back here is a full view of the back seats you can see that it’s the cloth and then just zooming in so you guys can kind of see videos ein on the cloth seats

I think that’s a pretty neat little touch right there and then over here we can see that we’ve got a bunch of little charging stations cupholders up top and then that is little thing for the matt pocket and then we can lift up the seat there is storage underneath the seat i know that things are pretty normal in the deer ear here’s just one more look now opening

Up the panel in the front and you see the panel on the front looks pretty much identical to the one in the rear so other than the fact you get a little bit more near this trim right here interesting optical little door handle again all here window controls mir controls door lock and unlock one of the speakers for the sound system and then you’ve got this seats

Here in the front here kind of like a full look at the front but going into the seats we can see it’s got that same cool kind of like pattern on the seats fully power adjustable in the xlt and they’ve got the pedal layout which is just down below parking brake right here you got your power adjustable pedals your light controls are all in this little area you can

See right they’ve got your fog lights and the cargo light and then the steering wheel is going to be manually adjustable and again one more look for you guys good job so these up do you stick the key in the ignition old-school style to start the truck so stick it in twist it and then it’ll say built ford tough and everything will come to life here is the full

View of the steering wheel we can zoom in you can see that you’ve got the ford logo front and center volume controls they’re off to the side you got out of your voice commands phone controls right there and you got kind of like this nice little trim here that is pretty close again to the color magnetic cruise control settings are over here and then those are the

Controls for the center stack fully wrapped with kind of leather it is a little bit more abrasive and then you’ve got the stitching on the center of the steering wheel and then you’ve got your little light control right there also the windshield wiper control this is like we’re gonna flash your brights and then also do the windshield wipers so we’ve got our gauge

Cluster right here in the center you’ve got your rpms on the left side on the right side you’ve got your speed and then see there that gives me a warning with the fuel but you can see there’s a couple different menus that you can kind of scroll through on this this is kind of like the about the upgraded version but this is kind of like the initial version that

You get on the f-150 so it’s a little bit simpler but you pretty much all the same information it’s pretty easy to use so gives you like the off-road status which i think is cool just doesn’t look as nice as what’s like on the lariat limited and the king ranch and then raptor as well for example better stability control right here hazard lights auto stop start

And then here is the infotainment system let’s go over the backup camera first and foremost pump it in reverse you can see some lines will pop up they turn with the steering wheel just like all the other f-150s and then you can zoom in on the receiver hitch if you want as well then you got the parking sensors there in the rear that will illuminate when you’re

Getting closer to something other than that this infotainment system is really good it’s really easy to use you can see response time on it even though you know there’s plastic covering over it it’s pretty decent on the response time things you can get the valet mode the ford pass is pretty neat you can also do the app and everything we can like lock the truck

From the app which is a nice little function and then got the navigation right here we can basically set everything so and then we actually go to the navigation see in the map view but other than that pretty standard setup for most trucks nowadays so just down below here we’ve got our controls for the radio it is a single zone climate here in the xlt this is

The system for the to ohio for will high for were low and then you’ve got the lockers and it tells you what to do to get into that you got to pull it out and then you got the trailer backup system and then you’ve got the trailer brake controls that are integrated this is the shifter for that 10 speed automatic transmission that goes to the 3-5 ecoboost you can

Shift the gears manually if you want with those buttons and then here’s kinda like a full view so you can see how the whole shifter kind of functions and then what it sounds like when it’s going into the different gears we’ve got a couple cup holders right here extra storage just under needs have a couple charging stations and notices have that same kind of trim

On the outside now here’s the full center console lined with leather has stitching this feels exactly the same as what is in the lariat the sides don’t feel as nice but this top part feels identical you know opening it up we can see that you’ve got some storage there on the top this center console looks identical to all the other up rated f-150s with the center

Console and then popping over the glove box again you’ve got kind of some rubber trim just up above it and if you fully open it up po box has two tiers on it and overall juice amount of storage space and finally forgot to mention there are some power outlets and then a 12 volt now this is the sunglass holder you kind of have to like click it in to get it into

Place pretty well but you got the power your sliding window that you can all put in close if you have that little control right in there all the other light controls on that things are pretty normal up top now let’s finish things up on the interior of the f150 by going over pricing on this xlt so this particular xlt with the sport package and all the features

That it has stickers for just over 53,000 which is pretty competitive market wise with the ram 1500 bighorn and then the chevy 1500 lt they’re all pretty close in the same price range so price-wise its competitive with the other trucks vettel being said though let’s take this xlt out to see how it drives we set off in the 2020 f-150 xlt luck but visibility

See visibility over the hood just like all the other f-150s and then through the mears it again is just like a yell f-150s i like those little convex mirrors definitely help out visibility and then we can see visibility throughout the rear again it’s identical to any other f150 nothing’s changed and yes i’m going to turn on my heated seat because it’s a little

Bit chilly outside now let’s set off now initially setting off here in the f-150 xlt let’s talk about road noise and ride quality so in terms of road noise i feel like it’s a pretty well insulated cabin does pretty well with just you know mitigating all of the sound you do hear a little bit from the outside you know in terms of wind noise tire noise and a little

Bit from the exhaust now in terms of write quality really smooth this part of the f-150 series is definitely going to be the smoother part so because it doesn’t have gigantic rims or you know big off-road tires it’s gonna definitely ride smoother compared to other f-150s that have either or now let’s get a little acceleration here at the xlt definitely really

Peppy with that 3.5 liter ecoboost you know i’ve set it in all of my other reviews on the new f-150s know it doesn’t sound as good as a naturally aspirated v8 however all of that torque definitely pays off so in terms of acceleration i would say right now with the you know regular series trucks the chevy right now is probably you know close to the quickest with

That 6.2 liter this ford is definitely the second quickest in terms of how it feels acceleration wise with a 3/5 and then the ram would be in last place so if you guys care about acceleration and all of that but some things up on the f-150 xlt again if you’re looking for a truck with most of the upgraded features obviously a cooler exterior package and you don’t

Want to pay the premium for a lariat or platinum or limited or wrapped or any of that kind of stuff then the xlt is a great package to go for you know they usually have you know pretty good programs on these trucks and you know the starting price really is pretty competitive like i said earlier in the video so all-around it’s a really solid package and that’s

Why a lot of people will end up buying the xlt and there we have it everyone the 2020 ford f-150 xlt with the sport package really cool truck if you want obviously the upgraded power and towing but don’t want to pay for all of the bells and whistles that like a lariat or a platinum or limited has that all being said though if you are stopping for the first time

Please subscribe comment down below what you think and then again a big thank you to the larry miller ford lincoln here in provo for providing us with the truck check out their inventory in the link below

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2020 Ford F-150 XLT Sport: Is This The Best F-150 For Sale??? By Ben Hardy