2020 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 4X4 – Walk Around

Here is a walk-around video I did of a 2020 Ford Ranger. I go through the exterior, interior, and under the hood.

I’m right 20 20 ford ranger walk around this is the sport 4×4 and it’s also an xlt so it’s really the only way to get it where it looks like this this one is a super cab not the super krewe they are on the same wheelbase so pretty much the super cab door comes a cab comes about right here or a little bit yeah it’s about a foot i think too right here and then you just

Have a five foot bed instead of a six foot so this being the xlt trim level it does have the blind spot monitoring and the lane keep assist automatic emergency braking but there’s the palazzo anything me personally they also have an stx trim level which is like one trim level below this but you can’t get that one with the blacked out and the magnetic wheels so these

Are the 17 inch wheel this is they come with the bridgestone dueler 80 tires there’s also an fx four trim level so you can get xlt lariat and the xl trim level which would be an stx with an fx four package which that gives it the terrain management system the skid plates and then the automatic it comes automatically at that point with the electrons differential lock

This one here has the differential lock here which is an option on the sport 4×4 there’s two high for high and for low so with the fx 4 you get there’s a button here for the train management others one has the sway control such as a tow package 7,500 pounds towing capacity there’s the hitch here is the seventh pin connector and then there’s an orbiting connector

In the bumper 2.3 liter turbo four-cylinder 10 speed automatic transmission all over the rangers come with this with that drivetrain you can get it in a two-wheel drive as well 373 rear gear so that’s 270 horsepower 310 pound feet of torque so far i’ve gotten the most average miles per gallon 20.9 this one has about 600 miles on it so yeah so good power wise power

Feels great idea there has them in a point it’s it’s actually a pretty quick truck i drove a couple tacomas recently and i think that that’s common needs an update so it feels a little outdated this feels a little bit more more modern in terms of how it drives and the power this has the electronic power steering so that the steering field changes there is with the

10 speed automatic you can go drive in sport mode drive when you use the select shift it will allow you to put it but it will still shift if you put it in a gear it will still shift up to that gear and support mode it’ll actually stay in it’ll be just like true manual when you use the select shift sport mode just kind of changes the shift points i’m thinking maybe

Maybe an engine map i’m not sure has all of them have auto stop start you can turn it off right there tracks control stability control hasn’t messed with that yet yeah like i said rear differential the cool thing about the rear differential lock on these on the ranger is that you can be in two-wheel drive and put the diff lock on i know with the tacoma you have

To be in for low to put the diff lock on and i’ve leaving the rubicon now you can put it on in four high in the jeep i’m not sure about the rubicon gladiator i drove a girl a gladiator recently as well too i was very impressed by the gladiator i just this to me will fit all of them i still want a good on-road driving truck and the gladiator is probably the best

On-road driving wrangler based so i i wanted this this is a little bit more on-road it just has that on rotate but um i can remember i think this is an eight inch screen so this it comes in the xlt trim level and the lariat trim level in the lower trim levels it says it’s a tiny little screen with butts like almost like you find it it has a bunch of buttons over

Here a bunch of buttons over here this is all it doesn’t have dual zone climate show so xlt gives you dual zone climate control you get these two twelve votes here and then there’s two usbs down there apple carplay android auto there’s also ford connect i’ll show you that in a second ac outlet in the back with two more usb connectors this one has the the rubber

Mats this is like i said the super cab so doors open like that there’s storage under both of the seats you can just take the seat out you can actually take the bottom of the seat out really easily by pulling this strap here’s a bottom and seat comes out the backs are pretty much straight up and down so as you can see there yeah that’s uh that’s that auto dimming

Mirror for the xlt blames blind spot monitoring lane keep assist all that stuff you can’t get it without it and when you once you get to xlt and up they all come with them capitalist gas filler they’re 18 gallon fuel tank like i said six foot bed it has four of the tie-downs points there i want to get the there’s the rubber mat you can get for like 140 bucks get

That ecoboost independent front suspension drives really well a coil over shock i don’t know if you can see them they’re coil over shock you can get a fox king bilstein i contacted bilstein they said that theirs is gonna come out in may do you obviously the co19 stuff it’s everything’s getting a little delayed auto-dimming high beam yeah i mean it’s a pretty basic

It’s it’s it’s truck i mean it’s not like i think one thing i liked about it was that it’s not like the like half ton trucks where they’re getting i will really love much like cars so it still has a very truck like feel i mean it drives like a truck but a treasure the ball i like the size of it fits in a parking space really easily it does not have auto unlock

Which is odd because my focus st 2016 had that on the driver door and the passenger front passenger door um yeah but that is it

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2020 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 4X4 – Walk Around By jawindustries