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2020 Ford Superduty Blower Motor Fuses & Troubleshooting

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What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2020 ford super duty and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of the two fuses that are involved in operating the blower motor i’m also going to show you how to test the blower motor to see if it’s receiving power and give you some general troubleshooting steps so we’re going to begin by heading under the hood

This is where we’ll find the main blower motor fuse so it’s going to be over on the passenger side of the car right behind the battery i’ll show you how to open up the fuse box so here’s the battery and right behind it is the top of the fuse box that we’re going to be removing if you look to the right hand side you’ll note that there are two different tabs that

You’ve got to pull in towards the top of the cover so we basically pull these in and then that will allow the cover to hinge upward and when the cover hinges upward you can then push it forward a little bit and the back part of the cover will become free of those tabs at which point you can extract the fuse box cover you have to kind of wiggle it around but it

Will come right out now the fuse for us to take a look at is fuse number 42 which i’ve got labeled here that is the blower motor fuse right there we can look down through the top of it and see that it is intact that’s known as a jk’s fuse it might actually be a low profile jk’s fuse but uh power from that fuse is sent to the blower motor itself now we can move

Inside the truck this is where we’ll find another fuse in position 12 in the floorboard here this provides power to what ford calls the fcim or the front control integrated module that’s basically the part of the truck that has the buttons on it and the dials for the control for the uh blower motor so we’ve got to open this up we pull this and get the cover out

Now looking in here let’s see get a good angle on it so it’s actually this uh two-part fuse ford is using these uh two-part fuses here i’ll go and pull it out it’s a seven and a half amp and it’s the left hand side of this fuse so i’ve pulled this out just to show you what a good fuse looks like and it’s the left hand side of this fuse uh that’s what’s sending

Power to our blower motor control unit so i’m going to get this reinstalled in here and give you some troubleshooting steps so power from that fuse goes to this control unit here and you can see here i’m turning the blower motor on now the blower motor itself is located right here and the speed control is actually built into the bottom of that blower motor and

We can hear that the blower motor is actually running at the moment this black white wire should receive a constant ground and the yellow green wire here receives power from that 40 amp fuse that i showed you earlier so we have a volt meter here and i’ll show you how to check to see what’s going on with it to see if it’s getting power so the black white wire

You put your ground lead there you don’t even have to disconnect it which is pretty cool we’ve got enough exposed metal here and the red wire we put in on the yellow green wire at this point got the voltmeter turned on checking it for voltage and let’s see you might not have a great connection here so there we go we’re seeing voltage present and uh watch what

Happens when i turn this off so when i turn that off the voltage will disappear because the blower motor relay is being disabled so it’s only when you have this turned on that it should be receiving power and as you can see right now i’ve got a lower speed so there’s more voltage as i turn up the speed the voltage will actually drop because more and more of that

Power is being used by that blower motor if you are receiving power and a ground present here but the blower motor is not running a tried and true method i found is to actually tap on the bottom of the blower motor very firmly sometimes a bad connection can form in here and by tapping the bottom you can sometimes get it to start working again there’s one wire

Here i haven’t mentioned that’s going to be the white purple wire that actually receives the speed control signal from the control if you do have to remove this it’s just held in with a number of torx screws we can see there’s one here there’s another one right there and there’s going to be a few two more on the back i believe one thing you can also do is you

Can wiggle this connector just to see if there’s a bad connection that’s formed inside of it so yeah that that about covers it for all of the troubleshooting steps i have for the blower motor on the super duties please do let me know down below if you have any advice or any questions and thank you for watching

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2020 Ford Superduty Blower Motor Fuses & Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech