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2020 Ford Transit Connect Van XLT Walkaround – Stock: P2804

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“This has everything you could wish, hope, or dream for in a compact cargo van.”

Hey there jordan divisor from capital ford lincoln here in winnipeg with the brand new 2020 ford transit connect this is our smallest size compact cargo van it’s great for anybody who’s going to be doing any type of handiwork any type of couriers or even hobbyists who are just out on a weekend hauling some stuff around this is a fantastic compact size cargo van

It’s reliable it’s got great fuel economy 2 liter inline four engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission is going to bring you about eight and a half liters per hundred kilometers that’s fantastic fuel mileage on a cargo van so before we go into the the specifics of this vehicle i want to show you underneath the hood just a quick little thing super easy

To open up now most cargo vans i’m sure that a lot of you are aware if you’re dealing with anything underneath the engine it’s mostly up underneath the passenger compartment not in the case with the transit connect everything under here is easily accessible all of your fluids are brightly labeled out in the open for you to get at including your battery posts for

Charging if that need be the case nice and easy to pop this hood down so a few things on the on the outside components of this vehicle here you’ve got front mounted fog lamps as well as chrome trimmed headlamps which are really going to help you in low visibility situations or at night driving coming around to the side of the vehicle you’ve got side marker lights

That are bright and easy to see so you’re making sure that you’re visible to everybody if you’re changing leans as well power heated folding mirrors with blind spot monitors not something that’s available in a lot of cargo vans but in the transit connect it is an option and it is equipped on this vehicle great big giant doors on this cargo van as somebody who’s

As tall as me six foot two it’s quite hard to get into something like this as low and as small as the vehicle it is but these giant doors really help you get in and out with ease coming to the back side of the exterior of the vehicle you don’t have just one but two sliding rear doors nice and easy to throw open a step to get up on the inside and if you take a

Look here it locks in place there’s no need to worry about it slamming closed on you you’ll notice one thing on this transit connect no windows on the back now to some people that might be an issue but to most who are actually going to be using it as a cargo van it’s a fantastic thing it protects the interior from the sun as well as from prying eyes your cargo is

Protected coming around to the back of the cargo van here you’ll notice there’s only one handle but there are two doors throw them open here and you’re thinking you know what that’s that’s a pretty big space but what happens if i’ve got something a little bit larger that i need to get in there i’m going to be bashing my elbows on these doors not the case these

Are 90 degree opening doors they’re going to help you load up larger items into the back of this van and you’ll also notice that these doors go the full height of the vehicle that’s going to help you load taller items as well looking at the back here there’s a little key here this is for your spare tire now not only does this come with a spare tire but it’s a

Full-size spare tire not just a donut something very important when you’re looking at a cargo van if you’re hauling heavy things in the back of this cargo van here you’ll notice that there’s a rubberized floor mat that’s going to help protect your cargo space as well as your cargo from scratches dings and dents also looking at the back here you don’t have to you

Don’t have four but you have six tie down hooks that’s gonna help secure any kind of load that you’ve got now i’ve talked about the outside of the vehicle a lot you’re probably thinking okay great it’s a cargo van what can it haul it can haul a lot if you take a look at the inside of this vehicle here i’m gonna throw some numbers out here not you just over seven

Feet long just over four feet wide and about four feet tall now what does that mean to you i’m six foot two i’m going to show you what that means to you i’m going to climb up inside here now granted i’m pretty tall i’m not going to be able to stand up in here but i’ve got tons of room on the sides i’ve got tons of room on the top when i’m crouched down and if

I wanted to i could throw a small size bed in here turn this into a camper and have myself a little siesta it’s tons of room back here not only that but you could probably haul about four months worth of groceries you can haul tools job supplies two dirt bikes side by side or a small atv the payload on this vehicle is equivalent to about fifteen hundred pounds

Or two thousand pounds trailering capabilities on a small size compact cargo van that’s unheard of closing these doors here we’re going to go around to the driver’s side i’ll see inside keeping in mind that this is a compact cargo van again i’m six foot two i’ve got tons of room up here tons of headroom tons of shoulder room tons of leg room taking a look at

The steering wheel here you’ve got cruise control which is not a feature that comes standard on every cargo van not only that but you’ve also got adaptive cruise control you’ve also got voice activated hands-free bluetooth smartphone integration as well as navigation on this vehicle that is a fantastic feature six and a half inch touchscreen what comes with

That the sync technology that includes apple carplay android auto smart device integration as well as 911 assist and ford pass which allows you to control your vehicle through your smartphone so not only is that convenient but you’ve also got a little copy storage here and if you were sitting right here you’d be able to see but this is a smart charging pad for

Your smart device throw your phone on there it charges automatically for you you don’t have to worry about it now storage in this vehicle you’ve got two deep cubbies on each door you’ve got a smaller console in the middle here for smaller supplies roadside things gum up above here you’ve got a full-sized overhead storage system that i wouldn’t recommend putting

Anything heavy in there but papers shipping documents or what i would use it for snacks fantastic this cargo van has everything that you could wish hope or dream for in a compact cargo van thank you for joining me today i hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on the 2020 transit connect again my name is jordan devisser i work with capital ford lincoln here in

Winnipeg at 555 empress street give me a call 204-789-7557 i’d be happy to sit down with you and go over options as well as give you more information on this fantastic compact cargo van

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2020 Ford Transit Connect Van XLT Walkaround – Stock: P2804 By Capital Ford Winnipeg