2020 GMC Canyon SLT 3.6L 4WD Review and Test Drive

This 2020 GMC Canyon SLT comes in onyx black on cocoa/dune leather seats. This truck features a 3.6L V6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The V6 puts out 308 Hp and returns 17/24 MPG. Standard features on the Canyon SLT include bluetooth audio, backup camera, and heated seats.

Here we have a 2020 gmc canyon slt this is a crew cab four-wheel drive it comes in onyx black on cocoa doing leather seats features 18 inch aluminum wheels got your chrome mirror caps chrome accented grille led daytime running lights fog lamps i’m gonna get a close-up on the wheels and then this one also comes with the gmc bed liner which is spraying got

Your power door locks power windows power mirrors headlight and four wheel drive controls and i’m 6’3 so i can’t quite put my legs behind the seat but someone a little shorter probably could and the seat in front of me is adjusted for someone my size and then your middle seat also has a cup holder and in the rear seat you’ve also got two lamps you can toggle

On and off for increased visibility there’s that passenger power seat with power lumbar support clean looking truck and you’ve got a bose sound system navigation am fm xm radio along with bluetooth audio got your apple carplay and android auto as well there’s your backup camera ac controls tow haul mode traction control hazards parking sensors as well as your

Cargo lamp your seats are heated and down here you’ve got an aux input two usb cable inputs and then you’ve got your sd input that your navigation runs off of there’s your shifter cup holders wireless charging pad and there is your center console storage i love the color of the leather too there are your owner’s manuals in your glove compartment you’ve got

Cruise controls along with a heated steering wheel steering wheel audio controls and there your gauges right there onstar on the mirror and that’s about it for this 2020 canyon next we’re going to take it out on the road for a quick test drive the chevrolet colorado that i’ve driven before it doesn’t drive like a full-size truck whatsoever which i mean i hope

It wouldn’t because it isn’t but you know and at an idol it’s very quiet also similar to the colorado very good acceleration and the shifts are very smooth pretty good merging power coming from the 3.6 liter v6 and the rod of this truck is very steady i’m not being blown all over the place very comfortable in the seat just overall good quality ride so far oh

Geez that was almost a hot mess okay well that’s a first for me almost seeing an accident happen right in front of me on the test loop and like in the colorado’s i come to a stop it’s very quiet in the cabin i’m basically only hearing the ac unless i really try to listen for the engine home just gonna take a quick look at the climate controls on the screen as

We’re sitting here it’s a long light because it’s rush hour now i think it’s pretty neat that you can pull up the camera while you’re stopped well i mean while you’re driving too but from any time during the in the infotainment system we’ve also got that wi-fi hotspot all right here we go we got a little throttle wow pretty good pretty good so the ride in this

Canyon is almost relaxing just part of the reason i haven’t had much to say it’s just smooth it probably helps that it’s a perfect day out today but makes you almost want to take a nap but very smooth and controlled ride and for most people who are gonna you know for the market for this truck they want something that rides well and they just need a truck because

They do a lot of hauling or tow a small boat a small camper or something like that so this is definitely gonna be good for that audience and that’s it for my test drive the 2020 gmc canyon slt with the v6 motor

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