2020+ GMC Sierra 2500/3500/HD 4-dr Crew Cab with Thule Evo Clamp + WingBar Evo Roof Rack Crossbars

A quick overview of a 2020+ GMC Sierra 2500/3500/HD 4-dr Crew Cab (bare roof) with the Thule Evo Clamp + WingBar Evo roof rack system (no ads, no fluff).

Hey i’m paul with rackat.com and this is the thule evo clamp base roof rack system for the 2020 and beyond gmc sierra hd four-door crew cab this system comprises three components starting with the evo clamp foot pack set of four and the wing bar evo load bars set of two offered in silver or black and the vehicle specific fitting kit and i’ll go over these components

In detail starting with the fitting kit so the fitting kit will include a set of four rubberized metal door frame brackets and four molded rubber base pads each of these have numbers associated to them which correspond to numbers on the instruction sheet giving you guidance on which rubber base pad and which metal door frame bracket goes on which foot so here’s

One of the feet i’ll pop off the outer cover here you can see we’ve already added a sticker indicating that this is the front left position and so we’ll just take the corresponding rubber base pad and press that to the underside and then insert the door frame bracket into this front assembly just by clicking it into place and that’s all that’s necessary to

Install the the base pad and door frame bracket on the foot so within the foot you can see we have these two silver tabs and that’s how we will install the load bar so let’s go ahead and grab the load bar this is the thule wing bar evo load bar and this design we’ve cut down here so that you can see the design the box beam construction it’s extruded aluminum

Material there’s a dedicated track and that track is accessed from the end cap where you can slide in certain accessories directly into the bar giving you a very clean integrated method of attachment when it’s time to install the foot onto the bar you can see we have a slot here and at the bottom of that slot we’ve got a measuring device you would slide this

Measuring device up and down to the correct scale number again the one associated to the instruction sheet for the vehicle then i’ll go ahead and take off this end cap and go ahead and install the the foot to show you how that’s done so i’ll just press in on those and that silver tab and then i can slide the foot onto the bar and on the underside here you can see

There’s the tab you just bring the foot on next to the tab and that positions the foot properly now you’ll notice we’ve got this open slotted area here tule provides this rubber strip that you just cut to measure and fill in that that area giving you a maintaining good aerodynamic performance there okay and then we go ahead and return the end cap into place and

When it’s time to tighten this door frame bracket within the door frame of the vehicle thule’s provided a tool for that and you just insert the tool and tighten once you get to the correct tightness this tool will actually click and that indicates that it’s been fully tightened now we can go ahead and put the outer cover back on and that just inserts and snaps

Into place there’s a plastic plug you just give that a quarter turn and that’ll hold that cover in place you do have the option to replace this plastic plug with a locking cylinder and that cylinder can be purchased in a set of four to lock all four of your towers using the same key that can be extended out to a six pack or an eight pack or even special order

Additional lock cylinders if you like other accessories to be key matched as well okay so those are all the key features of the thule evo clamp base roof rack system for the 2020 and beyond gmc sierra hd four-door crew cab this product along with the full line of thule products are available at rackatack.com please see the link in our video description for all

The buying options for this particular rack as well as additional help with installation we have a video there where we go in depth on the installation of this rack system on a vehicle that’s all for now and thanks for watching you

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2020+ GMC Sierra 2500/3500/HD 4-dr Crew Cab with Thule Evo Clamp + WingBar Evo Roof Rack Crossbars By Rack Attack