2020 GMC Yukon XL SLT Review

It’s a great day at western gmc buick located on the corner of 180 fourth street and stony plain road in edmonton today we’re looking at the 2020 gmc yukon xl slt we’ll start by taking a look inside the front of the yukon on the driver’s door we’ve got power locks power windows power adjustable mirrors power folding mirrors auto express windows the child lock

Buttons a programmable memory seat and the premium bose sound system we have the power adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support got the power sunroof to the left of the steering wheel we’ve got two wheel drive full wheel drive traction control park assist lane departure alert and power adjustable foot pedals next i’ll climb right in we’ll take a look at the

Steering wheel on the left side of the steering wheel we’ve got the cruise control buttons with forward collision alert and a heated steering wheel button on the right side we’ve got the audio buttons here we have the digital dash we can scroll through the dash by pushing the arrow buttons located on the steering wheel up above we’ve got the power sunroof buttons

The programmable garage door opener and onstar here we have gmc’s infotainment center this screen displays the outside temperature the time it also doubles as our backup camera down below we’ve got the button to raise that screen it reveals a hidden storage compartment and a usb plug in below that we’ve got dual climate control with air conditioning heated and

Cooled front leather seats we’ve also got the rear climate control buttons and some usb and power plugins at the front of the yukon xl we’ve got fog lights 22 inch wheels a 5.3 liter v8 engine under the hood the side mirrors have side blind zone alert as well as the turn signal indicator we’ve got roof rails up top rear tinted windows running boards down below

The door handles have intelligent access so as long as you’ve got the key fob on you push the silver button to lock or unlock the doors as we make our way to the back in the trunk we’ve got plenty of cargo space we’ve also got some power plugins sitting down and we also have a storage compartment located down below last we’ll take a look in the back of this eight

Passenger suv on the passenger door we’ve got power windows and a cup holder on the backs of both front seats we’ve got seat pockets on the back of the center console we’ve got our rear climate control batteries as well as the power plug in and heated rear seat the middle seat folds down into double cup holders or an armrest to gain access to the third room simply

Pull the leaver located on the side of the seat and the desert in the road we’ve got three additional seats we’ve also got some cup holders and a power plug in so come take a look at the 2020 gmc yukon xl slt today or you can visit us online anytime anywhere at western gmc buick com

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2020 GMC Yukon XL SLT Review By Wolfe GMC Buick