2020 Highlander Bench Seat vs Captains Chairs – We Break it Down

Hello everyone i’m jeff teague i’m the social media director with fred anderson toyota in raleigh north carolina i’m also a really good resource i’ve helped people all over the world research their vehicles buy their vehicles and learn how to use them after they buy it so i think we can help you big time here at fred anderson let’s look at two of the middle row

Configurations bench seat versus captains chairs so you can see how they work how it could configure seven or eight passengers in which one you like best so write down in the comment section maybe this will be fun which one you think you’re gonna like best and then after the video is over which one you really like best maybe it’ll change maybe it’ll be to the same

Let’s get started our two competitors today competing for your votes we have the xle in moondust highlanders new color moon dust this one has captains chairs then we had the limited all-wheel drive in ruby flare pearl everyone’s favorite it’s my wife’s favorite this is going to have bench seating captain’s chairs it’s nice because you have two people separated by

Cup holder tray it’s always nice if kids are not getting along and they need to be we don’t want to say separated but that way they can’t he’s touching me he’s touching me that kind of thing so that makes it convenient also maybe for adults that just don’t want to sit three across this is a seven seater so what you do tilt it like this climb into the back row just

Like this you can see i still have plenty of room back here so there’s that and then this highlander right here it slides back this middle row 1.2 inches more than it used to to free up extra room for third row passengers and to slide it there’s a lever up front just like that and then we can recline plenty of room over here as well here’s our captain’s chairs this

Is also the interior for the xle this right here folds the seat down like a tabletop this one slides it forward and backward and this pushes it forward so you can get to the middle row easily and then what separates the two captains here is a trade table where you could put your phone or other things and then cup holders it also has temperature controls digital and

Two usb ports every highlander has five usb ports and then the rear air vents are up here above second row passengers and then to the side coming down for third row passengers this is our captain’s chairs are you a family that needs captain’s chairs or maybe do this this is the interior of the limited with the upgraded twelve point three inch multimedia touchscreen

This is in beige interior it has bench seats so the dynamic completely changes this is an 8 seater potentially has the same controls the slider the tabletop fold and then move it forward and backward it also has the digital temperature controls but it has ac power in the back too how about that i’m gonna get in here and try to show the headroom and definitely the

Legroom if you notice this seat is more forward but there is so much leg room so if you have somebody who’s i don’t know five seven five eight something like that sitting in front the backseat passengers are sitting in style because they have so much legroom the headroom is good i think this seat right here and then this seat right here just like that and then this

Is with the seat lean back and also a little bit more backward but there still for me plenty of room i would be very comfortable with this bench seat right here and then with this bench seat here just simply pull the handle slide it and yes i’ll try got back no problem thank you so much for watching write down which one you like best did you like the bench seat

Or the captains chairs what do you think of a new moondust color how about ruby flare pearl thank you guys again so much please subscribe to the fred anderson toyota youtube channel for the latest how-to video service tips maintenance tips trim level comparisons middle seat configuration were your one-stop resource thank you so much see you next time

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2020 Highlander Bench Seat vs Captain’s Chairs – We Break it Down! By Fred Anderson Toyota