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2020 INFINITI QX80 LUXE with ProAssist Walk Around and Info

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2020 is a great year for the QX80 because in 2018 it got its first major revision since the QX Platform had a ground-up redesign in 2011 when it was called the QX56 and is 2020 the QX80 got a new dual display infotainment system featuring Appecarplay and AndroidAuto. For 2018 they restyled the interior and exterior, revised the suspension, added more sound proofing The QX80 is a full size luxury SUV built on rugged body on frame architecture which is much better suited for towing and going off-road versus a car based crossover. The 5.6L V8 makes 400-hp for excellent acceleration and when properly equipped it can tow up to 8,500 pounds. If you are in the market for a full size luxury SUV the QX80 is one of the only ones that is built and assembled in Japan.

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this awesome 2020 infiniti qx80 that we have for sale our full-size luxury suv it’s our flagship vehicle our biggest most luxurious most opulent vehicle in our product line 2020 is a great year for the qx80 because it got an upgraded infotainment system uh before it was just one screen

But now we have a dual display system similar to what we find in like the q50 and q60 the top screen is for navigation and parking camera uh the bottom screen is a tablet interface for vehicle settings and apps pretty cool stuff um so the qx80 is uh built on a rugged body on frame architecture truck based architecture so it’s definitely up to task for towing

Hauling going off-road car based crossover suvs are very popular these days but car based crossovers since they’re based on car like unibody architecture they have a lot more limitations as far as doing truck things but when you get to full-size vehicles like this qx80 you really can’t duplicate the ruggedness of body and frame truck based architecture for doing

More truck-like stuff like towing hauling and going off-road as i mentioned before we have a beautiful perforated leather interior uh moon roof wood trim this is how you operate the four-wheel drive system so it’s auto auto uh keeps it real drive and sends power to the front wheels as needed that’s to be used all the time if it gets a little bit top first for

A traction goes you can lock in four wheel drive and we also have a low speed mode it’s a two speed transfer case so you have a low range uh tow mode a snow mode we have a 360 degree review camera making a parallel parking or low speed maneuvering a lot easier on top of that we also have a digital rear view mirror so you can keep it in regular rear view mirror

Mode or you can flip it up for a complete out of restricted view behind you and keeping it real as awesome as these full-size electric luxury suvs are or suvs period are you know you can see the headrests and stuff visibility is not the greatest so having that mirror that digital rear view mirror and that 360 camera definitely helps makes your life a lot easier

Adaptive cruise control a blind spot warning lane departure warning lane departure prevention heated front seats heated steering wheel uh you have lots and lots of great student equipment on the qx80 all season mats this one has been serviced and checked by our infiniti certified techs in fact who better to buy prune infinity from than a new retailer like us our

Techs work on these vehicles on a daily basis and are very familiar with them and you only get infinity certified techs at a new infinity retailer like us oh all right uh this has the second row captions chairs uh split bench in the second row is optional captain’s chairs are a little bit more luxurious because you have individual seating and then you get this

Nice center console with storage galore rear climate control as well third row uh seating space is not too bad that’s also power adjustable as well which is nice underneath that bumper cover we do have a tow receiver hitch i’m properly equipped you can kill 8 500 pounds of the qx80 not too bad you can use this to fold down the seats a little bit extra storage

Under there the second and third row fold pretty much flat if you do want to turn this into a cargo vehicle for an engine we have a 5.6 liter v8 the only engine available in the qx80 it’s the only engine you really need uh 400 horsepower naturally aspirated maintenance-free timing chains one awesome engine it’s butter smooth and with 400 horsepower not only can

This thing tow up to 8 500 pounds but it’s pretty quick i think zero to 60 is right around the seven second range uh the way infiniti uh tunes the suspension and stuff uh even though it’s a big full-size suv the acceleration and handling is actually pretty nice a lot of people are actually kind of surprised how well it can handle all that weight seems to disappear

Once you get moving in this qx80 and it’s actually a pretty pretty fun and very pleasant vehicle to drive come in and experience it yourself and thanks for taking the time today to watch this video

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2020 INFINITI QX80 LUXE with ProAssist Walk Around and Info By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife