2020 JAGUAR E-PACE – Luxury Compact Crossover

2020 JAGUAR E-PACE – Luxury Compact Crossover

Jaguars pace family of suvs offer a great blend of comfort practicality and technology along with the agile dynamic handling that you expect from a jaguar the e pace is jaguars first compact suv when it was launched in 2017 it barrel rolled into the record books by completing a 270 degree term earning itself a guinness world record in the process from that

Stunt we know the e pace has balance and precision and i think it’s a great-looking car so when you add its practical interior and a 5-star safety rating you can see white such a popular family choice need for 2019 the e pace introduces a checkered flag special addition to the lineup based on the sporty are dynamic body style this comes in the chorus gray you

Long white or exclusive – checkered flag photon red exterior colors a black pack is fitted as standard which adds a black grille side vents and window surrounds this model is fitted with 19-inch wheels with a satin grey finish and the key visual difference which sets it apart as a special edition is the side vent badging on the exterior inside grained leather

Interior with flame red stitching and checkered flag tread plates mark this act as the special edition in terms of kicked a 12 inch interactive driver display panoramic roof 10-way heated front seats keyless entry and powered tailgate are all standard on this edition so that’s what’s new let’s take a look at the rest jaguars aim for the e pace was to create

A car that had real character and their inspiration for this was the f-type sports car with its sculpted bonnet and muscular rear haunches you can see the family ties this an suv with the lines of a sporty coupe a it’s striking presence is typifies by the bowl honeycomb front grille striking led j blade headlights and its sleep profile the epa’s is seen as the

Cub of jaguars family and there are some lovely little touches around the calf to remind you of exactly that like the graphic here in the windscreen of the mother jaguar and a her cup and when darkness falls you will also find them guiding your way in the exterior puddle lamps the roofline blends into a spoiler which sits above the steeply raked rear windscreen

And that distinctive led tail light signature when you see the car running in daytime you can see the chicane line across the back of the car inside the e pace and i think that what really stands out is the attention to detail everything is very thoughtfully laid out in its intuitive and easy to use you know you’re surrounded by high quality materials that are

Tactile and helped to make this a very refined environment which is exactly what you want from the interior of a car because this is where you spend so much of your time this sweeping line across the top of the dashboard echoes mass of the exterior or the cockpit wraps around the driver and i really like this three-spoke leather steering wheel which is home to

Controls for the technology like infotainment and cruise control look more closely and once again your reminders that this is the cub of the jaguar family buy the frame that you’ll find here in the center console and just here at the front if you go for the optional fixed panoramic glass roof the interior is flooded with light enhancing the feeling of space and

Making it a bright relaxing place to be wherever you’re sat now of course one thing that’s key to a family car is practicality so let’s take a look at that the cupholders can be removed which leave enough space in the center console to hold four large water bottles laid flat there’s a 12 volt socket and two usb charges in there too and down at the bottom there’s

Even a place to safely store a tablet upright so you can charge it on the move not only does the epa’s look great but it drives well too and that’s thanks to a chassis that’s been designed to deliver agile and provide handling it’s fully independent front suspension and multi-link rear setup provide a brilliant combination of ride comfort and control they

Smooth out the bumps whilst delivering trademark jankier dynamics no jackie o is adaptive dynamic system delivers a precise and supple ride using electronically controlled dampers that adjust up to 100 times a second by analysing acceleration steering and braking routes it optimizes the suspension to provide the best balance of comfort refinement and agility

For the conditions at heart the ipe stays an suv so it will come as no surprise that it’s available with a cutting engine or wheel drive system that intelligently controls torque distribution between the front and the rear axles via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch jaguar drive control really does put you in command with multiple driving modes to

Suit your driving style and also the conditions dynamic mode offers a more responsive sportier drive eco mode encourages fuel-efficient driving whilst rain ice snow mode provides greater confidence in slippery conditions active drive line provides even greater levels of traction stability and efficiency it can disconnect drive to the rear wheels to optimize fuel

Economy and relaxed driving conditions but when needed can return drive to all four wheels in just three hundred milliseconds this intelligent system can send up to 100% free we’ll talk to either fat wheels depending on which one has the most grip all surface progress control helps maintain a steady speed between 2 and 18 miles per hour or slippery terrain things like wet grass isos

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