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2020 Kia Telluride | Better than a Chevy Tahoe? Here is why.

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Leave a comment below with your thoughts about this comparison I made, I know it is a bit crazy to compare those two but considering the space advantages on the Telluride and the price tag difference I think you should compare them if you’re looking for a 3rd row SUV.

Hey guys i’m daniel today i’m gonna tell you exactly why should i think that the 2020 key are telluride is a better option for a family hauler than the chevy tahoe before i jump into that let’s make something clear if you’re looking to throw anything north of 5,000 pounds the chevy tahoe is gonna have to be the vehicle for you in between those two unfortunately the

Kia telluride only offers a capacity of 5,000 pounds it does have a very cool towing package which you can get for seven hundred and ninety five dollars it gives you the tow hitch the wiring harness and a very cool self-leveling rear suspension but still nonetheless you’re limited to 5,000 pounds on now the first reason why i think that the 2020 kia telluride is a

Better option is interior unfortunately don’t let the exterior sides of the tahoe fool you which is the vehicle where mater now doesn’t really feel all that much bigger than the 2020 kia telluride yes it is big and yes i do have some space but unfortunately it doesn’t feel that much bigger and the only problem that i have with this thing is this holder cover thing

That sounds yeah that’s that’s a problem that doesn’t sound very nice unfortunately and i mean the interior is nice do you have some leather stitching the steering wheel is very good the the steering is also very light it feels nice but it just doesn’t feel $20,000 nicer than the 2020 campaign now jumping in the second row of the chevy tahoe the other disadvantage

That he has compared to the 2020 kia telluride especially if you go with the sx with a prestige package is one of the seats back here i’m only are only heated the seats on the prestige package sx telluride are heated and cooled so your second row passengers are going to be far more comfortable than they would be here on the chevy tahoe now the other problem with

This chevy tahoe is the seats you cannot adjust him back and forth they are just in the position that they are so that gives the third problem and the other reason why i think that the telluride is better than the chevy tahoe and that is the third one now let’s see how easy it is for a 250-pound six feet tall south american to jump and the third row of a chevy

Tahoe i think that the first thing that i’m gonna have to do is press this button right here the seat folds then i pull this lash put it against the first seat jump it’s not that hard but is certainly a two-step process to just get the seat out of your way i get out it’s not horrible but it’s not the easiest thing to do either now the other problem with this is

The space in the third row is just horrible it’s awful you can’t barely fit here it’s horrible i can barely fit my feet are bigger than this phase are there is between the third row and the second row and since this second row doesn’t it just back and forth well this is all the space i have and i have to tell you even push for a short trip it would be terrible to

Have to write back here that’s not the case in the 2020 here till right now as if that wasn’t enough the other problem is the space behind the third row there isn’t pretty much any compared to the 2020 kia telluride you would think that the tahoe being that much bigger from the outside will be that much bigger on the inside unfortunately that’s not the case and

Even would you open this cover right here you might be lucky if you have maybe 10 inches and the length and may be wide it doesn’t really go all that deep and it’s maybe five inches deep i think now i do have to say that the chevy tahoe has these buttons right here so you can fold and unfold your back seats but i also think that’s part of the reason why the space

On the chevy tahoe is so far less compared to the 2020 key i tell you write all those motors most likely take quite a bit of a space and that’s why on the federal if someone my size i’m 6 feet tall 250 pounds it’s not gonna feed all that comfortably fortunately now another area where the chevy tahoe loses this battle is fuel economy at 14 miles per gallon city 23

Highway is not compared to the 20 miles per gallon city 26 highway of the 2020 kia telluride i’m sure that is due to the 6.2 liter v8 that produces 420 horsepower which is quite a bit more than the 3.8 v6 on the 2020 kia telluride that only produces 291 but still if you’re just playing in hall and your family around you want the fuel car and the kia telluride is

A better one now being on the driver’s seat of a 20/20 care telluride certainly feels nice you have a tonne of features that are too rich of your hand you have heated and cooled seats smart cruise control with a stop-and-go lenka passes lynn departure warning and now kia has this very cool feature that allows you to see what’s right next to you just like hundred

I said but key action those are the ball sacks now that feature is only available on the sx telluride and dx x with the prestige package but still the factor is available it’s pretty nice and remember this 2020 key at telluride is about twenty four twenty five thousand dollars cheaper than what the 2018 chevy tahoe was when it was brand new so do i think and

Then the 2020 kia telluride is $20,000 less of a vehicle than the chevy tahoe absolutely not the materials are nice the space inside the car is really nice as well you get a ton of features especially safety features there is not a safety feature that i can think of that you’re missing 360 degree camera miss murkly’s control with the stop-and-go you also have an

Autonomous emergency braking blind spot monitoring rear cross-traffic color parking sensors front and back what else can you think about so while having all of this i’d really don’t think when the chevy tahoe is that much better at 2020 here telluride for you to spend twenty four twenty five thousand dollars now let’s talk about space and comfort on the 2020 kia

Telluride the kia telluride is way more versatile than the chevy tahoe for one simple reason the second row you can actually slide back and forth now currently this seat is all the way back doesn’t go any further back than what it is right now so if i really wanted to i can put the seat a little closer my knees are still kind of not touching it’s a little tight

But i’m not uncomfortable my seat my knees are just fine and the person behind me would have some space actually when we first get one of those into a relationship where i’m currently working out i took one of those i put the driver seat with a true nominal drive i put the second row where still had a little bit of his face and then i hope in the faro and i still

Had pretty decent space back there i’m not gonna lie i’m not gonna say that i have all the room in the world to move around but for a short trip i’m certainly comfortable back there and like i said i’m 6 feet tall 250 pounds and i’m gonna keep repeating that killed you put that into your head put it into perspective how much space there is inside this 2020 key at

Telluride does the same that big as a chevy tahoe but it certainly way better at managing the space inside the car now allow me to demonstrate the same thing on the 2020 key at telluride all i have to do is press either one of the two buttons that’s right here it is light forward i put my foot on the step my hand on the handle watch myself forward and that’s it i’m

On the faro fairly easy less steps and i actually feel better here than the third row of the chevy tahoe now to get out if the seat then pull this back so if the seat that’s what completely locked all over to do is just press the bottom once again now let’s talk about space on the third row i’m in the third row of a 2020 kia telluride sx i have the captain chairs

Right here the person on the first row is sitting all the way to the back doesn’t go any further back than that then here is a person my size sitting on the second row and then of course me on the third row my knees are not even touching the back of the second row this will be absolutely impossible to achieve on the chevy tahoe now back here i’m just fine i’m not

Gonna lie and say that i have all the room in the world i don’t and kia likes to say that you can see three people back here well there will be three small people you cannot see three people my size back here that’s just nothing not possible but back here i’m fine so if we’re going for a short trip and i have to ride on the third row for 2020 i tell you right i’ll

Be too my knees are not touching headroom is okay and i’m not seeing him all the way forward i’m actually reclining a little bit and i’m comfortable i have a cup holder and i have a phone charger right here just fine oh did i mention the ac vent and now as you can see the space on the behind the third row of a 20/20 care tell you well is far better than the space

Behind the third row of a chevy tahoe premiere if you wanted to you can sit back here just fine and i’m 6 feet tall 250 pounds and i see someone comfortable here if i wanted to i can just recline this a little better and i’ll be a little more comfortable but i really don’t have to also if you wanted to open this cover right there there is far better space it’s

Deeper is longer and you can actually put this cover all the way to the bottom which you cannot do on the chevy tahoe so with this all the way to the bottom which i’m not going to do right now cozy cargo covers right there you’re gonna have way better space behind the pharoah offer 20 20 yeah tell you i compared to the chevy tahoe now to wrap it all up the 2020

Key artillery is a far better vehicle because of a space the main reason why people purchase these two vehicles is because i want to carry people around comfortably and effectively and certainly the 2020 kf telluride gives you a better option for that that interior is way more versatile they use the interior space on a smaller car far better than chevy does in the

Chevy tahoe and i don’t think that the chevy tau is 20,000 20-some thousand dollars better than what the kia telluride is i think the 2020 key artillery is a great value proposition if you wanted to get on sx telluride with a prestige package and the tow package together you wouldn’t even be looking at forty nine thousand dollars the highest sticker price that i

Saw in one of those was forty eight thousand eight hundred fifty-five that was with both prestige package and total package so if i have to choose between one of those two to carry my family around i think i know which one i’m picking but remember guys there is no perfect car just the perfect car for you and that’s exactly what i’m here to help you with help you

Find your perfect car thank you so much for watching have a great day if you like the video give it a thumbs up subscribe thanks so much

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