2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve(B4963)

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Hey facebook fam it is dan over here at verocity motors 1701 east main avenue in bismarck and in front of me i have our 2020 lincoln corsair reserve this has the 2.0 turbo engine fully loaded vehicle i just took this for a drive and i am a fan premium sound does have panoramic sunroof leather lane keep assist different drive modes in there navigation nice looking

Display on the center console there also has a proximity key blind spot leather heated and cooled can’t go wrong we’re going to go ahead and do a walk around and then we’ll go inside and check out the awesome interior in this thing and some of the features that it has in there can’t go wrong with this corsair it is a 20 20. 9 000 miles on it can you believe that

Guys limo tint all around i like it nice looking rims back up camera rear window defrost backup sensors dual exhaust again it does have that 2.0 uh turbo engine in it it is zippy i had it in excite mode when i was taking it for a spin wow knocked my head back a few times just saying out those led daytime driving lights around the headlights let’s go inside all

Right so let’s check out the cargo area real quick here uh where’s the button there it is all right so here’s your storage area right here can’t go wrong with that one there’s a sub there because it’s got this revel premium sound does have a spare tire and check this out push button uh lock or uh knock down on the second row can’t go wrong with that all right so

Here we are in that second row there’s a nice shot of that panoramic sunroof does have like i said black leather armrest with built-in cup holders heated second row rubber mats throughout and there are some usb ports down there as well all right so we’re here we are in the passenger seat here check out that wood trim i love wood trim it is coming back forty two

Thousand nine hundred ninety dollars is the value price here at veracity motors check it out the powered seat buttons are built into the door this is a nice vehicle before we jump into the driver’s seat it does have the uh keyless entry does have a car starter there’s the blind spot in the side mirrors there all right so we have three memory spots for the driver

Easy exit um power folding side mirrors automatic headlights fog lamps uh lane keep assist like i was saying it does have power tilt and telescoping there’s some of that wood trim right there can’t go wrong this dash is beautiful very nice oh and my favorite part too it has ambient lighting so at night your cup holders will light up whatever color you choose the

Floorboards will light up very cool uh look at this dash so far push button start heated and cooled seats like i was saying uh dual temperature controls there’s a usb port down there and a type c and a 12 volt there’s that cup holder you can kind of see that ambient lighting right there electronic park brake and then here’s your drive mode shifter i have it on

Excite right now check it out let’s get the close-up of the miles there 9091 miles on her so i have it on excite and we got different ones here let’s take a look uh we got okay so we’re on excite we’re on conserve it’s kind of like eco mode normal slippery deep conditions deep snow mud or sand check out those cool graphics too wow right deep conditions i think

That was the last of them let me double check here excite yeah okay so yeah and then we have here on here we have on the on the um steering wheel we do have uh integrated telephone navigation button settings you can go through your pages here’s the resume and cancel for the uh cruise control it’s buttons behind here behind it and here you can set it to your speed

And then you can turn it on and off right here with this button and here’s the radial functions right here volume go up and down skip tracks right here lane keep assist buttons right here blinkers to the left wipers to the right and uh auto dimming rear view mirror and of course we have universal garage door up on top here and then there’s that panoramic sunroof

Look at this display right here guys oh and here’s your shifter isn’t this cool push button shifter so we’re in park right now and put it in drive just hit that button we’re in drive go back and park here there you go so here we are we are um infotainer the info center right next to the push button start got navigation am fm bluetooth and satellite and navigation

Of course and then like i said we do have the ambient lighting which is really cool i like it um like check out all those colors you can choose right there pretty neat can’t go wrong with this one 2020 lincoln corsair reserve with the 2o uh turbo 9000 miles value price here at veracity mortgage 42 990 bucks oh and it does have park assist on here you can park

Assist and you also got um auto you can turn the auto start on stop off you got the auto hold so it’ll hold the um brake pedal in for you while you’re at a stop light man that’s cool it just cuts down on driver fatigue really all right so this is dan over at the veracity motor 1701 east main avenue give me a call or text 701-527-8874 if you could please like and

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2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve(B4963) By Dan Haas @ Veracity Motors