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2020 Lincoln Navigator-L – Ceramic Pearl Monochromatic

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All right take a look at this beautiful 2020 lincoln navigator l package and the gorgeous ceramic pearl coat color monochromatic with the gorgeous 22 inch blacked out rims let’s take a look at this beautiful vehicle as we approach the headlights say hello the star in the front lights up our running boards deploy on the side which are all black um the grille is

Monochromatic the bumpers are monochromatic we do have front park sensors in the front the pixel led headlights and led fog lights you have 360 camera all the way around vehicle has autonomous braking with pedestrian detection those 22s look awesome the monochromatic badging that says navigator on the side is awesome we’ve got these beautiful power folding heated

Memory mirrors that have blind spot in them as well then we have the easy entry setup so as soon as i put my hand in here the door unlocks and the running boards deploy we’ve got the patented lincoln keypad on the side to get in or out of the vehicle which you can also do with your app on your phone you can remote stuff from your app on your phone or you can use

This keyfab to do all those features as well open up the back here and you’ll see this gorgeous cappuccino interior this beautiful revel audio system there’s one of the speakers right there sounds like an on stage performance in front of you inside here touch a class everywhere look at that console with a digital display uh whoever’s back here has control over

Their own climate as well as other things these seats are heated they’re very very comfortable they have their own arm rest in many different positions back here you even have control over the power shade up top with the sunroof you’ve got usb you’ve got 450 watt inverted power supply this is a great space as we come to the back here you can never have enough

Space so this is the l version and i love the monochromatic because it blocks out things color match bumpers with the blacked out trailer tow package finish back up camera back here rear door uh and rear sensing so if you get too close to something you’re backing up it’s going to stop you automatically open this up and you can see just how much space we have that’s

Behind the third row all kinds of room these third row seats are up but if we want to put them down it’s very easy we just press the button and they power down we can power down each one individually uh or both at once and then if i want the front seats down i can push that button is there and just look at the space in here we have room for days now let’s go

Inside the front and take a look at this so i open up this driver’s door and immediately we see again the beautiful interior now all our seat controls are up top here so we don’t have to worry about moving things from down below also this button special i’ll show you what that does in a second but you have just a ton of uh ways to move the seat even the head rest

Our power folding mirrors power locks the lincoln lights up when we get in the seat and just look at those seats the adjustment on them is just crazy this does have the upgraded perfect position seats these are our auto headlight controls including auto high beam on the side here this is our lean departure on the signal light just press the button to turn that

On or off tilt and telescopic on this heated steering wheel feels like a warm cup of coffee when you turn it on let’s go ahead and power this one up push button ignition again you can see this amazing interior nice floating touch screen digital control full digital cluster in here which lets you see everything you want from lane departure to vehicle information

On your steering wheel you have all your volume controls intelligent cruise control slow down automatically if it needs to uh and then we have controls for our stereo voice control and heads up display that’s right this has heads up display you can see that there we have our digital speedometer distance to empty clock temperature outside it just works awesome

In this floating display right here we can turn on our heated steering wheel if we want we have a hard base navigation we also have apple carplay and android auto it’ll mirror your smartphone you can get your maps from your phone um you know whatever you want playlists spotify a podcast anything you like from that then if we hit this button here this turns on

The all-around camera system we can see multiple views that’s around us right now i can press this and see a three-way split in front of us pretty cool view or we can see just in front of us just nice nice and easy system press it again and it’s off piano key style shifter not taking up any space park reverse neutral drive very easy and then down here we have

Our stereo controls as well as our climate control and i love this because i can just use this toggle while i’m driving i don’t have to look down and it shows me what’s going on on the display there same with our fan controls heated and air conditioned seats in here you can see we’ve got nice lighting ambient lighting and you can change the color you can have

It red or blue or green or whatever we like all soft touch openings just like a dream home in the drawers in the kitchen when you want to open them up inside of here we have wireless charging usb and usbc we have our electronic parking brake auto off parking sensors self park so if you let this vehicle to either pull straight in or pedal will park it’ll do either

One and then auto hold in case you catch a train and you don’t want to sit there with your foot on the brake drive modes if i go back up this display and i spin that dial it’s going to give us different drive modes it can be a normal uh we can put in 4×4 auto slippery deep conditions we can roll the other way and we can go into excite mode or conserve mode up

Top electrochromatic frameless mirror controls for our sunroof and power shade we can fold down the seats from here as well um sunglasses holder garage door openers i do love all the natural light we have in here and then i was going to show you this button right here so if i press this button then my display changes and bam my massage seats come up driver and

Passenger can put it on different types of massages high low turn it off whatever i want bottom top but i’m getting a massage as we speak what a beautiful vehicle the interior is choice you have all kinds of safety features and the space is phenomenal all right if you have any questions about this one let me know

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2020 Lincoln Navigator-L – Ceramic Pearl Monochromatic By Jason Gillett