2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 – Redline: First Look – 2019 NYIAS

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Earlier this year at ces i showed you guys the fully redesigned 2020 cla mercedes-benz cla and we all knew that an amg version was coming i’m at the 2019 new york international auto show and this is the mercedes amg cla 35 let’s take a first look so by now most of you probably know the cla was a pretty big turning point for mercedes benz in america because it was

The first ever front-wheel drive car the engine as you can see is mounted transversely and for the amg model i want to start under the hood because this is the reason why mercedes amg builds cars in general the motor now this car is technically not a full french fledged amg because you’re probably nursing amg there are cla 35 this is designed to compete with an audi

S3 so what you get is a 2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with 302 horsepower and 295 foot-pounds of torque that’s about a 80 horsepower boost over the regular cla 250 and the engine is not hand-built so again think of this car as an amg light it’s a stepping stone before you go into the full-fledged amg mercedes we’ll be introducing a cla 45 which should have about

420 horsepower later this year but that’s a different review it all goes out through the 4matic all-wheel drive through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission mercedes-benz says this will go 0 to 60 in about 4.6 seconds but enough about me good i’m gonna talk about what’s going on with the styling of this vehicle because when i showed you guys this car back at ces i

Fell in love with the design now i wasn’t really personally a big fan of the first generation car but mercedes really smooths out the lines they made it less droopy and let’s rumpy for this new generation you can see it’s got a slightly more unique grille with the subtle amg badge it’s got its own unique front fascia with some of these fake air intakes you’ve got

These full led headlights which again look like the previous generation model but they’re kind of just a little bit squinty r they have prettier looking lights so this car overall just looks a lot more elegant to go with the mercedes thing remember mercedes offers two versions of this car there’s the regular a-class sedan and then you’ve got the cla coupe which

Again this is not really a coup now looking at the actual rest of the proportions you can see the wheels on this one love the wheels although i will say they look a little bit small e’s are in 19 inch wheel we’re in 240 535 series tires you can see the big amg brakes which are slotted massive four-piston calipers small little turbo batcher because of the body of

The vehicle makes the wheels look a little bit small so i’m a little surprised that the mercedes didn’t try to go with like a 20-inch wheel you see they have got like this little half pin or make sunroof here which does look good with this yellow exterior color because of the black color on the roof and then being this is the coupe version you’ve got this swoopy

Area here which will cut into the headroom slightly which i i’ll show you guys when we get into the actual interior of this vehicle now if you want to follow me out back the rear design of the cla 35 is very subtly changed over the regular cla 250 we have this little subtle rear spoiler you’ve got the amg badge over here and then you have a nicely integrated dual

Outlet exhaust i’m imagining the 45 model and that comes to market will probably have some kind of quad tip exhaust with a more aggressive sound there’s a nice little rear diffuser underneath here now in terms of the trunk capacity this is not actually a hatchback even though you know some of the other sport backs in the segment may look like that the trunk is please

Small looking if you ask me i don’t actually have the official numbers but just to know that if you guys are looking for a little more trunk space i would probably consider the regular a classes in or maybe some of the competition so the interior of the first generation cla was definitely not the strong point at mercedes they really showed off their cost-cutting

Measures in the first generation but when i saw this second generation back at ces i fell in love with this interior for an entry-level model which again i guess this is really isn’t really their entry-level bottle anymore i mean even this amg light version i mean look at this interior looks like it belongs and they’re more expensive models you have the latest mb

Ux infotainment system which kind of works like your smartphone if you just say phrases like like hey mercedes find me the lira chinese restaurant it should be able to do that which i haven’t really had a chance to work with the system yet i’m still waiting for mercedes to actually loan me one of these cars to do a full review but in terms of us in materials you

Can see it’s got a soft touch dashboard here with some faux stitching it’s also a soft touch over here with some really interesting materials love the big you know 10 inch displays here you’ve got 2 x displays one for the instrument cluster one for the mv ux entertainment system you’ve got the same stitching on the door panels with some real metal trim i like how

They put all the controls here on the doors everything just feels really classy feels really expensive love the new steering wheel that they put on the amg model it’s got a flat bottom it has really nice both except extensions it’s got really nice paddle shifters of course you have the new touchpad over here where if you’d like you can also use the touchscreen

Over here or you can also just use the infotainment system here now you can see there’s the new map display it looks fantastic it includes things like android auto and apple carplay you’ve got dual zone climate control you’ve got a place to start your phone some cupholders over here and then the glove compartment is actually a pretty big size especially for a car

There’s small now the seats are definitely unique to the amg model these are probably the upgraded sports seats which are heated you can also get heated in the cool t – you like these have really nice bowl strings they have an extension for the thigh and they really hold you in place and really show off the sporty abs you of this car but this is a small car let

Me hop into the backseat really quick and wrap up this video and show you guys the space now getting into the backseat of the cla you have to seriously duck your head because of that sloping roof i’m short i’m five foot seven and this is seriously a problem so consider the a-class event if you don’t like that but once you get back here it almost feels like you’re

Singing a coupe although the space is not as terrible as i thought it would be i don’t have any official numbers for the back seat legroom but i did push the seat up slightly if you have it coming back more it’s gonna eat into the space there’s a pretty large hump over here that eats into the space you get two events over here you look at that two usb ports two usb

Sees and then you have a looks like an intro this must be a european model because that’s a european plug which we won’t have that here in america there are no of seatback map pockets which i didn’t expect with the sports seats but you do have a nice little armas that comes down and it has two cupholders that pops up now the sun roof above me is nice but it doesn’t

Come all the way back as you can see it kind of just is like a hat half size panoramic sunroof but overall this interior is nice and the back seat does hold to average to shorter size people in a pinch no we don’t have any pricing information on this new model yet just yet the regular cla 250 is just starting to roll into dealerships show them so i’m imagining this

One will come out probably by the fall in terms of pricing since we’ve never had a 35 model i’m gonna estimate this car’s gonna start in the mid $40,000 range and go to the mid 50s because that’s where the pricing is for an audi s3 the cla 45 which will be coming out late this year will probably be starting in the low $50,000 range and you can easily option it up

To about 70 grand but just keep that in mind with the pricing this should be relatively affordable on the low end but when you start all the options it can get pretty expensive forever on reviews of the 2019 new york international auto show i’m so come back you

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