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2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43| Mercedes-Benz of Draper

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Today I will show you this amazing 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43!

Hey everybody today i’m here with the 2020 mercedes-benz glc 43 dressed up in silver i love our led multi-beam lighting system this is an amd here’s the branding big prominent star i love the lines up top on the hood how the lights curve around the side a little bit one of my favorite rims here with the black and silver they almost look like tentacles or little

Spider legs very beautiful with the amg brake caliper this is a bi-turbo 4matic vehicle i love the lines on a glc we have a little bit of an aggressive bumper back here this is you know amg so we have the amg uh mufflers tow hitch in the back plenty of room back here in our trunk we even have quick easy buttons to fold down these seats in the back here so you can

Have even more room got your spare tire there extra storage underneath there’s your mats it’s even a power liftgate you can use your key fob as well blocks our interior color with red stitching love the diagonal stitching so it goes around beautiful wood training you can even feel the grain these are the back seats and they have heated seating have some suede

Detailing here in the middle dual sunroof window mirror control memory heated and power seating unlock lock button here’s your trunk button thermistor high and audio love the heavy bolstering up front beautiful digital display here i have it on our miles per hour in digital form we hit this home button here then you can navigate through navigation radio media

Phone you can even change the design right now it’s on sport change it to super sport whatever you want it’s fun to be able to play it with all the different options really customize it to make it your own controls on either side of our steering wheel here so you see i was using the new touch sensors we have our cruise control options here the right side the

Steering controls this main screen here in the middle with our media controls and we have our new dials here which is great for these amg models so comfort to default the vehicle starts you but this is your dynamic select button just twist it you can go to sports to sport plus push it for individual we even have slippery conditions and you can customize your

Eco start stop and your traction control but those usually change with your different driving modes amd flat bottom steering love the red stitching in there we have paddle shifters on either side if you want to run it in manual and our shifters are here and park is a button we have built in touch start engine button there beautiful screen lines up well with our

Dashboard so your view is not being obstructed in any way circular fans climate control media options here we got wireless charging or you can plug it in here is your cup holders your ashtray so if you don’t smoke just take it out and you have more room now in your car here’s your main control for the vehicle we do have our dynamics lock button in its usual place

So if you don’t want to use it on your steering wheel no problem it’s still right here in the middle of the car and again it will change between the different options and you can see it on both screens manual like i was saying with the bottom shifters you can change your suspension make it stiffer and your traction control options you can make the exhaust louder

Depending on what uh mode you are in it automatically changes it but so if we put in sport you can see our suspension changes and you can make this louder you can start and stop button is here as well we have our new touchpad gives a vibration to your fingertips you can memorize each click over on the screen or you use everything on your steering wheel either

Way it’s designed to keep you safe and with minimal distractions overall the dlc 43 is incredible i invite you to give us a call 801 222 400.

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2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43| Mercedes-Benz of Draper By Larry H. Miller Mercedes-Benz Draper