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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 | Video Tour with Spencer

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Hi jeff spencer from prime motor cars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine to my right is the vehicle we spoke about our 2020 mercedes-benz sprinter it’s a 144 wheelbase high roof fan beautiful dark that dark blue metallic paint i know what color you’re familiar with wanted to put together a video tour i understand you are in florida we’re up here in maine we

Work with clients all over the country so transporting vehicles out-of-state deals something we’re absolutely familiar with beautiful beautiful vehicle redesigned in 2019 the sprinter van got a much more modern look to it headlights bumpers everything on the vehicle changed and again the dark blue metallic a very nice color difficult to find the blues and grays

And colored sprinter vans besides the normal white difficult models to find high roof gives us that extra headroom on the interior again that very nice uh blue metallic will open up the rear doors tail light design also redesigned this particular model i know we have our very wide opening rear doors here so easy to adjust and move partition in the rear also an

Important component i know we spoke about lots of space the high roof giving us a lot of extra room gorgeous gorgeous van again that metallic blue is absolutely absolutely beautiful a really nice interior setup as well some new changes to the 2020 model in the redesigned sprinter let’s take a closer look at the interior inside the sprinter we can take a closer

Look at the interior a nice new design from mercedes-benz so our cruise control settings have been moved to the front of the steering wheel gear shifter is now here behind the steering wheel so drive park and reverse uh backup camera comes up right here in our rearview mirror so a nice little camera that pops up right there in the mirror but when you put the

Vehicle in park it disappears and we no longer have that camera there easy to use the whole mirror window windshield controls here on the left we have mirror adjustments automatic lights engine start stop button below radio climate control systems we do have blind spot monitoring in our door mirrors which is a really nice feature to have especially with the

Cargo van heart of the sea out the back so that blind spot monitoring system is a nice piece to use so jeff the idea the video tour of the sprinters to give you a closer look at the exact model that we spoke about as i mentioned this is a 2020 it’s a beautiful dark blue metallic i know you’re familiar with the vehicle have a couple of them already but wanted

To give you a more close-up video tour of this model so if you have any questions i’m happy to answer them for you 207-210-4796 that’s my cell phone number i am available via email as well my email is s row that’s s r o e drive prime dot com if you like the video you can click to subscribe below see more videos like it and once again thanks for watching hope you enjoyed you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 | Video Tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough