2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB 4×4 High Roof | Video tour with Roger

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Hello marshall i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter uh thank you very much for your deposit on this canvas light blue metallic four-wheel drive 144 high roof i just wanted to do a nice walk around video on it for you i know you and i will probably never meet in person but at least you’ll have a personalized video from me you can see right

Away it’s got the chrome grille overlay this also has the 360 degree camera the led headlights you get your fog lights it’s got the safety sensors too you can see here down in the bumper all the way across we’ll come around here to the passenger side so you can see it’s got the black wheels from mercedes-benz lots of space for uh jamie to up fit for you um

You have uh 10 feet 4 inches of floor space that’s the high roof so it’s i got lots of headroom and we’ll come around here to the back doors so this has your step for easy access in and out of the back of the van it’s also pre-wired for a trailer hitch marshall so if you want to put a trailer hitch on the bolt holes are already there you simply lower the spare

Tire bolt in a hitch you can tow up to 5000 pounds behind the sprinter van and then we got the 270 degree door so you it opens up right here to 90 degrees then it opens up to 180 and then all the way to 270 degrees and then right up here mercedes-benz in 2019 and nowhere they’ve added this nice backup camera i’ll display that in the inside the vehicle when we

Hop inside and then the passenger door opens up 270 as well so marshall we’re going to jump in the cab of the van and i’m going to show you some features inside the cab and then we’re going to go for a short test drive around our parking lot all right marshall so we’re sitting here in the cab of the 2020 canvas light blue metallic sprinter van i’m going to start

Right up here on the top of the dash so you got a storage compartment here this does have the wireless charging tray for your cell phone depending on what you have for a case on your cell phone you may have to take your case off you just set it right in there and it will charge your phone and we’ll come down here to the new mbux system so we’ll start right here

You compare two cell phones and we have your navigation center right here one of the really neat things about this new mbux screen is you can shrink that navigation map and you can blow it back up just like if you were on your phone and blowing a picture up and then next we have your radio sirius xm satellite radio fm and am and you got the media center here so

As soon as the pro connectivity is activated once you do purchase the van i’ll we’ll sign you up for that it will activate so you can utilize the media center in the pro app center and this is an info center for your van and then your vehicle settings are right here this van also has the heated seats so i’ll have my video first show you on the passenger side it’s

Right there in the door you can just simply press that and on the driver’s side it’s in the same spot this has the leather at seating also with the swivel seats very very nice so uh now we’re going to go for a short test drive here around our parking lot this does have the electronic e-brake so you have to actually pull that e-brake button out to release the brake

And the these sprinter vans are very maneuverable you can see how many vehicles we have in our parking lot here it’s a bit of a tight area to drive around in i’m going to display that that backup camera for you too when i park the van back into its parking spot all right so we’re gonna display that camera for you so you can see the two vans here there’s another

Van over here on my uh right and now we’re gonna back right back into that uh parking spot you can also see right here too if you do put a trailer on you can line up your draw bar and hook a trailer up very simple there’s a wide angle of your rear view camera and this is your blind spot it’s using the cameras on the bottom of the exterior mirrors and there’s

A front view from that camera out underneath of the grill that i pointed out and then there’s a wide angle front view and now the whole time you can always see a 360 degree view of your van right over here very very nice so uh marshall i hope you’ve enjoyed my video um and i’ll be talking to you again later today thank you very much again for your business i do

Appreciate it and hopefully we can get everything put together and go forward thank you very much marshall and looking forward to talking to you again today you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB 4×4 High Roof | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough