2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter in scarborough maine i’m doing a video today on my last uh 2020 144 high roof sprinter van this one has the 3 liter v6 turbo diesel engine which i know a lot of folks out there really enjoy that engine really nice cargo van we’ll do a nice exterior walk around um so the vans with the uh three liter

V6 uh diesel engine a lot of folks are getting right around 20 miles per gallon on fuel so that’s a very good for a work truck this one actually has the wood floor with the vinyl floor coating on it very very easy to clean has the cargo petition the side wall paneling just a good uh protection package for you know contractors uh package which is very good we’ll

Come around here to the back of the van so this sprinter van it is pre-wired for a trailer hitch and as you can see this has a nice step for easy access in and out of the back of the van uh the wiring is right here i actually have uh my technicians in the shop zip tied this up so it’s not hanging down but it is a seven pin connector um you can have a trailer

Hitch added you can tow up to 5 000 pounds with the sprinter van this does have the 270 degree doors as well so they do open all the way up and now folks we’re going to jump in the cab of the van too i’m going to go over some of the features in the cab area with you so we’ll be right back in just a minute all right folks so we’re sitting here in the cab of the

Uh 2020 sprinter van this one does have the seven inch mbux screen um so we can uh we compare one phone it says there’s no devices connected because we haven’t connected anything and you have your am fm radio and this is also voice activated you can tell it what radio station you’d like and there is a media center vehicle settings something that i always like to

Touch base on in our sprinter vans too they all come with esp which is stability control so if you make a panic steer or something like that going 30 35 miles an hour the vehicle is not going to just flip over on you it’s going to actively use the braking system to keep all four tires on the ground there’s an app center here so it does have the mercedes me connect

Capabilities um so when you do purchase one we can sign you up for that also we have some controls here on the right hand side of the steering wheel there’s a little mouse here that controls that mbux system in the dash also you got your radio volume and you can also hang up your phone and answer it right here on this side you have your cruise control and there’s

A mouse here to control things in the instrument cluster which is really nice heated electric mirrors uh they’re also electric folding so if you’re parked in a tight spot you can fold the mirrors in and i’m going to display that back up camera for you so you can see the wheels will follow the yellow lines and then if you were to add a trailer hitch to this van

Where it has the step on the back you can still line your draw bar up there’s a yellow line right there that will help indicate that for you makes it very simple and now we’re going to go for a short test drive around our dealership just so you can see the maneuverability um the the sprinter van rear wheel drives like this it does have electronic power steering

Which is uh makes it very smooth uh seven speed automatic transmission and the shifting is very smooth with that as well so folks i hope you’ve enjoyed uh i hope you’ve enjoyed my video um if there’s anyone out there interested in a 144 wheelbase high roof sprinter van my name is roger please feel free to give me a call my cell phone number is 207-838-0169 thank you very much you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough