2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger

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Andrew i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes benz and sprinter thank you very much for your internet inquiry on our 2020 144 low roof 4×4 sprinter van we’re going to do a walk around on this this morning for you just so you can get a good look at the sprinter van so we’ll come around here i’m going to open up this side door so the 144 low roof is 318 cubic

Square feet of storage it’s 65 inches high inside you have 10 feet 4 inches of floor space gives you lots of cargo capacity also this has a wood floor with an anti-slip coating in it you got tie downs and various points in the in the floor of the van which is really nice if you have to tie things down we’ll come around here to the back of the van so this sprinter

Van has a tow hitch on it with a small step right here so you can tow up to 5 000 pounds with this sprinter van as well and you can put 3 500 pounds of weight inside the van so the capacity is very good on the on the 4×4 so these doors too so they open up 90 degrees straight back they also open up 180 degrees and latch in place and they also open up 270 degrees

Mercedes-benz has added this triple uh hinge on the sprinter vans so you can have those three positions for the door opening also the sprinter van comes equipped with a rear view camera it’s located just above the third brake light so when you’re hooking up to a trailer you can actually see straight down and you’ll be able to see your drawbar for easy access to

Hook the hitch up in your trailer so we’re gonna we’re gonna hop in the cab of the van too and i’m gonna display that rear view camera for you and you’ll get a real good look at that so andrew we’re going to hop in the cab i’m going to go over some features in the cab of the van with you and go for a short test drive hey so andrew we’re sitting here in the cab

Of the sprinter van that you looked at online and i’m going to go over a few things here with you so up here in the center of the dash there is a nice storage compartment up here and you got some various cup holders up here in the dash as well and then we’ll come down here so this has got the standard am fm radio in it uh it also we compare a cell phone so you

Can do your hands-free bluetooth with the with it with the van also there’s a usb port right here and then we’ll come down we’ve got a some more cup holders here and then underneath of the cup holders there’s actually a 12 volt charger right here where you could charge a cell phone or other devices and right beside it there’s another usb port and down here on the

Seat bottom there’s also another 12 volt charger and then we’ll come up here to the steering wheel area so on the left hand side of the steering wheel we have cruise control right here which is a nice it’s right at your thumb and then this van also has heated electric mirrors it has comfort seats with the leather package and that’s about it in here makes a great

Uh work van now we’re going to go for a test drive around our parking lot here and you can see how maneuverable the sprinter van is you can see we have a lot of vehicles in our parking lot and andrew we also have several choices on 4×4 sprinter vans if this particular 144 low roof doesn’t have all the equipment that you’re looking for we definitely have several

Other options here in stock now i’m going to display this rear view camera for you so the rear view camera in this van is right up here in the rear view mirror so when we put that in reverse you can see it displayed right here and i’m going to put this van back in its parking spot and you can see how the rear view camera works so it’s a pretty tight parking space

But the camera does work very well so we don’t just run into something or another vehicle and you can see i’m getting closer you can see the van behind me well andrew i hope you’ve enjoyed the video like i said my name is roger uh please feel free to to get in touch with me my cell phone number is 207 83801 and you can also email me at our gamblin driveprime.com

Thank you very much andrew and have a great day you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough