2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes benz and sprinter wanted to do a video of this 144 high roof cargo van four-wheel drive this vans just just came in it’s tenorite gray metallic it’s got a nice chrome grille it also has the painted bumper instead of just a black plastic bumper which is really nice i know out there in the market right now there’s a lot

Of white ones black ones silver ones but i just happen to get lucky and have a great great tuna right gray metallic 4×4 sprinter van in it’s a great vehicle for a contractor or for a person that wants to uh up fit for a camper van this sprinter van has the wood floor with the anti-slip coating in it also has the wall paneling the cargo protection package which

Is really nice to close so this van also has the 270 degree doors so they latch in place straight back also they go out to 180 degrees and they also open all the way up to 270 degrees and they do latch in place get a really nice step bumper for easy access in and out of the back of the van it’s also pre-wired for a trailer hitch we got the wiring it’s tucked up

Underneath also mercedes puts on a really nice backup camera now just above the third brake light and i’ll display that when we get on the inside of the van so the four by four sprinter vans they’re powered by the three liter v6 turbo diesel engine 325 foot-pounds of torque 188 horsepower it’s a very quiet engine too for a diesel and now we’re gonna hop inside

The van and uh go over all the features folks we’re sitting here in the cab of this brand new 2020 144 high roof 4×4 tenorite gray metallic what a nice van i want to start up here on the cab with the dash so we have a nice storage compartment up here we have two usb ports for your cell phone or other devices to charge we’ll come down here so this has got the

All-new mbux system that they that mercedes-benz put into our vans in 2019 so you compare your cell phone get a nice beautiful navigation screen and you can shrink the screen and you can blow it up we have our cirrus xm fm am radio this is all voice activated too folks you can actually uh tell the tell the mbux system what you would like to do um it’s got a

Multimedia center where you can connect devices it’s got an information center right here and then mercedes has the pro connectivity now so you can actually uh once the uh once the connectivity is activated you actually have an app store that you can fully utilize as well and then you have vehicle settings right here and our sprinter vans come standard with

Stability control mercedes calls it esp this one has lane tracking assessed it also has an electronic e-brake which is pretty cool when you put it when you put it in drive then folks this has the swivel seat package as well so you can swivel the seat around which is pretty cool so especially if you upfitted it and wanted to put a table right here you know you

And whoever’s with you could sit here and you can have lunch or whatever it’s pretty nice also this van is equipped with heated front seats i know you can’t see it over here on the driver’s side but my videographer can show you right over here where the heated seat switch is this also has heated electric electric folding mirrors it has cruise control which is

Located here on the left hand side of the steering wheel and also on the right hand side we have some controls here where you can answer your phone and hang it up we have volume for the radio over here we also have a little mouse pad here so you can actually scroll through your mbux system while you’re driving without taking your hand off the wheel now we’re

Going to go for a short test drive around our parking lot so the turning radius is pretty sharp on this you can see going in between these cars and around our parking lot here very very easy to maneuver the 144 wheelbase sprinter van fits in a normal parking spot so i’m going to display our backup camera too i’m going to park this back into its uh parking spot

You’ll be able to see the backup camera in use you can see the yellow lines guide us right into and you can see the red line here so when you put that red line up against something you still have about uh eight or nine inches and this has got a an alarm too that will alert you that you’re getting really close to another object so folks my name is roger i work

Here at prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter in scarborough maine and if you would like to set up a time to come and test drive or purchase a sprinter van please feel free to contact me at 207-838-0169 or you can email me at our gamblin driveprime.com thank you very much for your time and whoever watches the video i hope you’ve enjoyed it thank you very much

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough