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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB Extended | Video Tour with Roger

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Melissa i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter thank you very much for your internet inquiry uh thanks for taking my phone call today as well i wanted to do a video of the 170 extended 4×4 cargo for you i’m going to start right here in the front so this van has the high performance led headlights with fog lights it’s got a nice overlay chrome

Grille here in the front also this sprinter van has a 360 degree camera so one of the cameras is right here and we’ll come around to the passenger side and you can see this fan has the mercedes-benz aluminum wheels and then right up here on the mirror here’s another camera right here also on the driver’s side there’s a camera underneath of the mirror on the

Driver’s side as well and then you you asked me the question is this the largest sprinter cargo van that we have and yes it is the largest one now start right here so this has a wood floor with an anti-slip coating over it and then this particular one has the side wall paneling so i’m five nine i’m going to stand up here for you so you can see how much headroom

There is a gentleman six foot two can stand up in here without hitting his head on the ceiling and then i’m gonna have my videographer get a shot so you can see how much floor space there is in here so this fan has 16 feet of floor space to utilize from behind the seats to the back doors now we’re going to take a come around here to the back of the sprinter van

So this sprinter van has a nice step bumper for easy access in and out of the vehicle also right up here above the third brake light is the rear view camera we’re going to be getting in the cab of the sprinter van here in just a few minutes and i’m going to display that camera for you in the monitor inside and here’s another really good shot as you can see there’s

Tons of floor space here in the sprinter van so this uh all of our sprinter vans too come pre-wired for a trailer hitch there’s no trailer hitch here but there is the wiring is already there so a hitch can be added and then we’ll look take a look at the doors here too these are a triple hinge so the door opens up straight back it’ll open up right to here it’s 180

Degrees and then it’ll open up 270 degrees it’s pretty windy out here today and you can see the door is latched in place very uh securely so when it’s open it’s not going to just it’s not going to hit you all right melissa we’re gonna jump in the cab of the sprinter van i’m gonna go over the features in there with you and then we’re gonna go for a short test drive

All right melissa we’re sitting here in the cab of the sprinter van and i’m gonna start going over some of the features for you so right up here in the center of the dash there’s a nice compartment here this has the wireless charging for your cell phone you just set it in this tray right here and it will charge your cell phone we also have three usb ports up here

And you can use it for storage as well and then we’ll come down to the this is the new mbux system so this is voice command and also touch screen which is really nice so here’s your cell phone and you can see right here you compare two cell phones so you can do hands-free talking it has a media center so they have what we call the pro connectivity once the pro

Connectivity is activated you can connect other devices navigation system this navigation system is very cool you can actually talk to the talk to it and you can tell it where you want to go and you can also shrink the screen and you can make it bigger which is really a nice feature and then we have an am fm radio and info center so this is uh this just shows you

Your fuel consumption your engine it has a digital owner’s manual now once the pro connectivity is connected once you purchase a sprinter van and it becomes active then you have all these uh apps that you can actually utilize as well and then you got vehicle settings so you can go in and change things if you want now the sprinter van comes with stability control

Mercedes calls it esp cancel and here’s an assistance center and you can go through all of the different uh things that this van is capable of doing and here’s some more the acoustic is for your door locks and you can adjust that there’s also a function to find a gas station for you if you’re low on fuel if you’re on a trip and here’s your systems that you can

Go through you can also find a hotspot for a wi-fi with your phone and you can connect to this system as well now i’m going to display that rear view camera for you so you can see it’s got a 360 degree view right here and then you have your yellow lines behind you for backing up if you did decide to put a trailer hitch this backup camera portion here will show

You how to line up your drawbar then we have a nice wide angle view and then this is a blind spot view too it shows both sides of the sprinter van you also have a front view and a wide angle front view which is really nice the most popular backup camera portion is this one right here and then this sprinter van also comes with cruise control and it’s controlled

Right here on the steering wheel you can do it with your thumb very very simple it’s got heated seats and i’ll have my videographer show you the heated seat switch on the passenger side and also electric seats so your controls are right in the door and it’s the same thing on the driver’s side as well also this van has heated electric mirrors a leather wrapped

Steering wheel and now we’re going to go for a short test drive around the parking lot here you can you’ll be able to see how maneuverable the sprinter van is so you can see how tight the cars are parked here in our parking lot and we can get around them very easily and this like i said this is the largest uh longest sprinter van that mercedes-benz has available

So all right melissa i am gonna back this into its parking space um and you can get a really good view of the backup camera while i’m backing it in we’re gonna park it right in between two other sprinter vans and that’s it so melissa i hope you’ve enjoyed the video if you have any questions and when you get ready to set up an appointment with me to come in

And test drive i know you’re up in camden maine so i know you’re a couple of hours away but definitely you can give me a call you can reach me on my cell phone at nine 207-838-0169 again for your time melissa and have a great day

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB Extended | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough