2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video Tour with Spencer

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Hi greg spencer from prime motor cars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine we’ve talked on the phone back and forth a little bit today about the vehicle to my right it’s the 2020 mercedes-benz sprinter van this particular model is a 4×4 170 high roof beautiful vehicle finished in a graphite gray exterior nice set of options on the inside but wanted to give you a

Quick little video tour of this model i understand you are in arizona we’re up here in maine the idea of the video tours you give a more personal look at the model we work with clients all over the country i have customers from here to california and pretty much everywhere in between and uh we do a lot of business online and with youtube and videos so the idea

Is to give you like i said a more personal look at this model so we’ll start with the exterior graphite gray very nice color selection the grays and blues are difficult to find you know besides your regular white van the the dark grays and silvers is a difficult vehicle to find i’m sure as you know coming along the side of the van our 170 wheelbase gives us

That longer wheelbase on the van high roof gives us a lot of extra space inside the cabin four by four system is three inches of lift here in the suspension so more room in that wheel well i know you talked about kind of customizing the vehicle maybe a new set of wheels would be in its future and that would be a nice setup with that gray coming around to the

Rear part of that redesign new tail lights new kind of panels and a nice feature on this vehicle or the 270 degree swinging rear door so these doors open all the way around same with the other side easy to do easy to open gives you lots of access to the rear and that gives us a nice shot of the interior of this van lots of space the high roof giving us plenty

Of uh clearance there i’ll show you inside the van head headroom very nice i’m about six one i have plenty of headroom in the vehicle lots of space as we come along the side here to the sliding door we have all right one sliding door on the passenger side enough to open up again lots of room big step going in a lot of space a perfect kind of layout perfect

Kind of environment for customizing for building out exactly how you’d like a lot of nice features uh in the cabin of the vehicle the dashboard new mercedes-benz systems let’s take a closer look at the interior inside the sprinter we can take a closer look at the interior starting with the seats we have the comfort seat package so a nice leatherette option

Heated seats we have our adjustable sliding seats and also swivel as well so if we grab our lower lever which should be right about here i could find it what we do is we spin around easily so you can spin all the way around seat locks into the rear like this and then if you want you release the lever again and swing back easy enough to swing around and that

Way if you plan on not fitting it easy enough to kind of create a little seating area with the driver and passenger seat we have electric folding and adjustable mirrors blind spot monitoring in the door mirrors steering wheel holds our gear shifters our cruise control settings phone volume and voice control we have our automatic lights automatic wipers gear

Shifter here so down reverse and park all done right from this gear shifter to the center is our 10 inch mbux display a new touch screen display from mercedes-benz all of our phone controls our navigation our radio operation all done right from this system here has apple carplay android auto up top we have wireless charging our plug-ins for our usbc outlets

A lot of really nice features when we put the vehicle into reverse we’ll see our rear view camera and our 360 camera system we can even sort between different camera angles there’s our wide angle for the rear our side cameras our front camera our wide angle for the front we have a trailer hitch section as well there showing if you’re backing up to a hitch a

Lot of really nice features in this vehicle climate control cup holders galore heated seats like i said a lot of really really nice features so if you have any questions i’m happy to answer them for you 207-210-4796 that’s my cell phone i am available via email as well my email is s row that’s s r o e drive prime dot com greg thanks for watching hope you enjoyed you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB High Roof 4×4 | Video Tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough