2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB High Roof | Video tour with Roger

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Hello ray i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter hey thank you very much for stopping by yesterday and taking a look at this 2020 170 wheelbase 4×4 sprinter van i wanted to do a nice walk around video for you we’ll start right here in the front so in 2019 they did redesign the nose of the sprinter vans in 2020 is the they’ve made them exactly

The same really nice sleek design on the front so the 4×4 sprinter is it’s great in the winter time too the the vans work very very nice it’s a real four by four you actually have to stop and engage the four-wheel drive in the winter time so i know we talked a little bit about you and your wife possibly outfitting and i know you want to bring your wife by but i

Thought i could do this video and you can show this to her so this is a great vanta up fit for traveling in it’s uh you have sick 14 feet 6 inches of floor space here to work with and you can see there’s already some windows in here in the 4×4 sprinter van it’s powered by a three liter v6 turbo diesel engine 325 foot-pounds of torque with 188 horsepower and back

Here you can see uh this van has the trailer hitch on it’s got a small step for easy access in and out of the back of the van you can tow up to a 5 000 pound trailer behind this as well so the back doors too uh these are 270 degree doors they do latch in place right here at 90 degrees they also latch in place right here at 180 degrees you can see the winds blowing

Today and the doors staying stationary and you can open it up 270 degrees so the hinges the way the hinges are designed it will latch the door in place so it won’t hit you and you can see this hinge it’s like a triple uh latching hinge so it latches in three positions the door on the driver’s side does the same exact thing and as you can see this has actually

Got the metal flooring in here it’s easy to work with most folks when they do an upfit they do insulate the floor and then put their own covering on there which is really nice ray we’re gonna hop in the van and we’re gonna do a test drive okay ray we’re sitting here in the cab of the sprinter van i want to go over a few things in here with you so this has the

Standard am fm radio it does have a usb port right here so you can plug your phone in also this does have bluetooth so we can pair your phone to do the hands-free with your cell phone also down under here i know it’s hard to see but there is a 12 volt there is a 12 volt charger right here and also there’s another usb port down here too for your phone and then

Your emergency brake lever is right here and then your 4×4 switches i want to show you where those are located so you have two 4×4 switches right here the one to the left this is for your 4×4 high the one to the right this is for your 4×4 low and then we’ll move up here to the steering wheel so on the left hand side right here this is where you would set your

Cruise control very simple and then on each one of the doors the driver and passenger side doors this has heated seats up front so you have a heated seat switch here and then there’s one on the passenger side door as well so you’ve got front heated seats this van also has a heated electric mirrors so in the winter time when it’s cold out you put your heater on

Defrost it will send a signal to defrost the mirrors now we’re going to go for a test drive around our parking lot so you can see how maneuverable the 170 sprinter van really is so we’re gonna take a right right here where this ambulance is parked and it’s pretty uh pretty tight quarters show you how nice and maneuverable the van is also the sprinter vans they

All come with backup cameras this particular one has it in the rear view mirror so we’re going to display that for you and i’m going to back this back into its parking spot and you can see us backing up if you look in the when you’re watching the camera you can actually see the curb behind us we’re going to line the van up with the other vans that are parked here

So ray i hope you uh i hope you’ve enjoyed the video um did this so you can show your wife as well looking forward to you and your wife coming down and doing a test drive in the sprinter vance we do have other options here at the dealership uh looking forward to hearing back from you any questions ray please feel free to give me a call at 207-838-0169 thank you very much you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170 WB High Roof | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough