2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD Knapheide KUVCC Body Van

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD Knapheide KUVCC Body Van creates optimized organization for your tools and equipment. Its enclosed utility body offers versatile storage and organization for plumbers, electricians, and contractors of all types. It also includes divided storage space that helps divide the space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body. Finally, its dedicated conduit chutes enable you to store longer items without cluttering the floor of the oversized cargo area. Say goodbye to crawling around in the back of your cargo van endlessly searching for tools, parts, and equipment.

And welcome again to the walters mercedes-benz van center in riverside california my name is gordon and i’m here to show you the mercedes-benz cab chassis 3500 series workhorse this one has the kuv utility body the mercedes-benz 3500 cab chassis is available in two different lengths this one is the 144 inch wheelbase but you can also get the longer 170 inch

Wheelbase both have the heavy duty chassis with the dually rear wheels and under the hood the very powerful v6 turbo diesel engine three liters for lots of torque and lots of power the mercedes-benz 3500 series cab chassis has all of the great features as the rest of the sprinter lineup up front you have the classic design with the mercedes star on the hood and

You also have your thinner headlights which is the new design also up front we have the larger wide trailering mirrors this one does have a trailer hitch with a 7 500 pound capacity so the extra wide mirrors makes towing a breeze up top we have the orange running lights and then under the hood like i mentioned earlier we have the 3 liter v6 turbo diesel engine

This is a clean diesel and with a 24.5 gallon fuel tank you can expect an overall mileage of about 400 to miles per tank the 3 liter v6 turbo diesel engine in the sprinter features 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque this will definitely carry a very large load and service is a breeze and a very low cost of ownership the napa hyde utility body is one

Of the most popular in the industry this particular body is 11 feet long and it’s 8 feet 10 inches tall from the ground to the roof so we can get into any job site on the exterior you have eight locking cabinets four on each side there are two locking conduit doors very convenient for your tubing and there’s the double doors in the rear allow you to climb right

Inside where you have six feet from the floor to the ceiling on the interior four feet wide and 11 feet long it’s very roomy and it has plenty of room for all your tools parts and equipment when you open up the body of the kuv on the exterior doors you’re going to find very large roomy cabinets adjustable trays for all of your small parts are included with the

Package central locking is also available so you can lock the entire vehicle with the touch of a button interior lights are also an available option excellent choice if you’re going to be doing a lot of work in the evening everything is easy to get to and easy to open very durable and built to last the naphide utility body as i mentioned is one of the top

Sellers in the industry and you’re going to love it on the 3500 cab chassis sprinter the kuv body is specifically designed to keep all your tools and equipment safe and secure with these handles on both sides you can lock and padlock the side cabinets all in one push the conduit carriers also lockable very convenient there’s one on each side and the interior

Is 11 feet long this particular kuv body also features a class 2 trailer hitch with a capability of 7 500 pounds max towing weight the bumper is a very low height makes it easy to climb in and out of the vehicle you have double doors there we go on the interior of the van you have six feet high from the floor to the ceiling four feet wide and 11 feet long the

Door opening 41 inches wide 61 inches tall very easy to climb in and out of and there’s plenty of room for all of your tools and an additional equipment that you may need to carry with a gross vehicle weight of 11 030 pounds there’s plenty of room working inside the napa hide body is very comfortable and you have a lot of space in here this is six feet tall from

The floor to the ceiling and again four feet wide and on this one the floor is 11 feet long it features diamond plate flooring very very durable and you have your conduit racks on both sides if you need additional accessories be sure to let us know because there are other options available when you’re on your way to the job site the mercedes-benz sprinter cab

Chassis is a very comfortable place to be this one has the comfort seats with armrests and it has the cloth upholstery so it does stay cool on a hot day this one has all the standard features you would expect you have a tilt telescoping steering wheel the buttons and controls on the left side are for your cruise control and your driver information pod you also

Have power windows power mirrors power door locks and am fm stereo with bluetooth and usb inputs so it’s a great place to be we’ve also added on this one a color backup camera with a big screen so you can see what’s going on when you’re backing into the job site up on your overhead console you have buttons for your roadside assistance and emergency services with

Mercedes-benz pro connect this system also has the lane departure warnings and other safety features such as front air bags and side curtain airbags anti-lock disc brakes are also a standard feature this one has all of the things you would want to get you through your work day quickly and easily again the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel allow

You to do a lot of things it also has the cruise control makes it easy when you’re on a long trip then the buttons on the top allow you to go into your driver information screen and you can do things like check your oil check your diesel exhaust fluid levels you can even check your tire pressures all from the screen without having to get away from the steering

Wheel other important features on this model you have the oversized cup holders which are very convenient there’s also an additional power port down here beneath the cup holders and very important this one has the trailer brake controller already on the vehicle and again you can tow up to seven thousand five hundred pounds with the class two hitch on this vehicle

This sprinter 3500 cab chassis with the kuv body is generally a basically equipped vehicle but if you need something special something with a lot more features we can order the vehicle to your specs through the mercedes-benz master upfitter program one more thing i wanted to tell you about this particular kuv body sprinter van after you’ve seen the video be sure

To let us know when you come in because you’ll get a special fleet discount price on this particular vehicle we look forward to seeing you here hey thanks for watching this video with us and if you liked it please click on that like and subscribe button and be sure to leave comments in the comments section we’ll be making more of these videos in the future and

Look forward to seeing you then thanks

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD Knapheide KUVCC Body Van By Walter’s Automotive