2020 Mercedes CLA 35 AMG – 122093A

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Hey rj this is nick over at perkins motorplex i have the coa 35 back here you’ll see in our direct delivery inventory as well as some of our delivery trucks service centers detail facilities back there allowed me a little bit of grace here it is harvest season in western kentucky so they’re plowing fields and stirs up some dust this one has a little dust on it

But certainly uh we’ll get that tidied up before we got it delivered to you we’ll start up here on the hood this one looks really good there’s not going to be much to point out on this one at all super clean car headlights look good in the cracks or condensation there that front valence and splitter looks really nice no chrome flaking you’ve got cameras all the

Way around this one it looks like sensors only thing i’m seeing are a few little bug gut marks things like that very minimal no curving on this uh front passenger wheel got the michelin sport tires on this one turbo of course got the amg brakes they’re pulling a treadle left on these not seeing any big dents dings or scratches here on the passenger side either

Just a little bit of wear on this wheel here on back up for size no cracks or condensation in the tail lights i love the spoiler on this one kind of gives it that aggressive look you do have the the larger sunroof on this one as well again not seeing any big damp stinging scratches anything like that no carving on this wheel here another good look at the tires

For us blind spot monitor i believe this one even has the passive entry if you look at these wheels not seeing uh just a tiny bit there another good look at these tires we’ll go ahead and check out the interior here for you as you said this one’s got the red which is beautiful take my sunglasses off here no signs of excessive wear that looks fantastic your your

Heated seat option there as well kick plate looks good now we’re getting in and out got the amg floor mounts parking brake grabbing these keys out of my pocket you do have two sets of keys with this one let’s play these out here so you can have a look two full sets everything looks good there give it a quick start up got the performance i believe this one is

Outside of most of that factory warranty coverage um i’m pretty sure i’ll double check on this rj but we do offer a total pair that should pick the majority of that back up and extend that out for you got the ambient lighting everywhere on this one i believe you can change the colors as well different drive modes my steering wheel looks good usually there’s a lot

Of wear on top but this one looks really nice i know you know a lot more about these than i do it’s like you have the factory owner’s menu in there get the sun out of the way i’m a non-smoker not picking up any indication of a smoke smell or anything like that got the sunroof up there also have signs of excessive wear up there and let’s take a peek on the back

Seats and no signs of excessive wear through here back seats look fantastic i love the red look at our headliner there all right coming in the passenger front door continuing with the thing with the vehicle just really clean well maintained you have any questions please let me know be happy to help

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2020 Mercedes CLA 35 AMG – 122093A By PMP Direct