2020 Mercedes E Class AMG – NEW E300 Review Sedan Hybrid Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment

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Wow hello guys welcome to merge bands king let me press the button for the electronics to work and yes this is the all-new e-class facelift it has the capacitive buttons so the all-new generation steering wheel just like in the new s-class let’s start the engine a hybrid and i will put it into reverse the reversing camera also changes when you steer that’s

Very cool in this video i will show you the complete exterior interviewer and you will take it for a drive i will show you the all new lane keeping assist and steering assist and that means it needs a lot of cameras for all the driving assistance packages it has it here behind the rear mirror also one for the ar which combines it with the navigation system we

Might see virtual reality coming in the new s-class but first let’s have a look at the exterior of the e-class amazing and the first time mercedes-benz used the prefix e-class was in 1993 and we have it right here a limited edition e500 a gorgeous masterpiece of history let’s check it out it has an electric key very special for this time with infrared and

Yes it has a lot of technology it has the windshield wipers actually for the head unit the headlights amazing sounds when it closes and the quality is still there this is the newest e-class facelift the hybrid with an eq power with these two lights and if you look closer you can notice a very detailed design almost similar or actually comparable to this e500

Also a lot of details but this is standard with the full leds in a two-part design so a little bit on the trunk and on the side in a horizontal stretched fashion and i love this mojave or mojave exterior silver color it matches the night package with the blacked out contours around the window and also these new amg alloy wheels these are actually 20 inch but

They look smaller due to the more thicker sides and that takes us over to the front where you can really see that this facelift has changed a lot about the e-class it has the new led headlights and we used to see two lines indicating that this is the e clause now we have two dots with the one eyebrow covering it the s-class will probably have three dots but

We will see in my next review so to stay up to date make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about the new exclusive mercedes-benz vehicles so having a closer look at the front you can see that this model has the amg package that makes it a little bit more aggressive especially because of the front

Bumpers and the front diffuser all blacked out because of the nice package this one has the diamond grille the mercedes store is closed for the driving assistance package but you can see the design has changed it used to be a 3d star but now they are back with a flat mercedes image and by the way guys i am here at mercedes-benz museum in stuttgart and if you

Can guess what is under the cover over there make sure you check it out on instagram the link is again down below and i will review it very soon let’s continue standard comes the often guard version of the new e-class and from the side nothing much has changed but that’s also not necessary it is gorgeous almost five meters in length so from the exterior we

Have seen a lot of new cameras and technology let’s have a look at the interior and we will take it for our drive the silence here in the interior and that also has to do with the double glass option just like in the s-class so let’s press the button for all the electronics to work properly and we will immediately start the engine as you can hear no sound

And that’s because this is the hybrid that’s buckrup mercedes-benz claims that this hybrid can drive up to 100 kilometers with a full electric way so i will put it in drive and let’s go so comfortable there’s really no road noise and i can also whisper during this review and don’t worry the e500 will not be left behind there’s gorgeous ambient lighting all

Around the interior actually it didn’t change compared to the pre-face lift they’re still in the same position more than 64 different colors i’m really surprised of the comfort level hey mercedes how can i help change the ambient lighting to red okay i’m changing the color well and though the camera activates the funny thing is if we put the camera or the

Car into reverse the reversing camera appears and you hear this sound from the exterior emergency sound because it’s reversing as you could hear it has the mbux in this new e-class facelift so let’s drive into stuttgart city and this is the mercedes-benz museum a lovely building yes it has the panoramic groove in two parts for this sedan so let’s accelerate

We’re driving 40 kilometers an hour still in fully electric power and if we accelerate some more the petrol engine will take over this actually accompanied so it has more power the e-class also learns from your driving behavior if you are a very aggressive driver it will respond faster and go into the gasoline engine so talking about the interior of course

The newest technology with the mbux but one more very noticeable thing is this new steering wheel design we also see this in the new s-class it is something to get used to there’s a large mercedes center and then reduced thickness with very small and thin vertical lines and this is special for the amg package show a flat button so when approaching a traffic

Light the augmented reality camera will appear and this way it is also combined with the navigation system it all works with a camera behind the rear mirror as i mentioned so it has different driving modes you can also change it to electric and this is new because it’s the hybrid and in this way it is more biased to the electric motor but we will have a look

At the sport plus mode that’s more than 270 horsepower with the eq hybrid technology it is not the case that the electric motor is completely off this actually more combination so more focus on the prestige and performance hey mercedes how can i help take me to mercedes trasa 55 here is what i found where do you want to go one let’s go all right it is very

Logical that in this hybrid the support plus mode is not so aggressive and also if you look at the options it is really based and focused on the comfort level so let’s put it back into the comfort mode if you will enjoy this trip hey mercedes how can i help activate the heads-up display the head up display is turned on and here you can see the navigation the

Speed how fast you’re driving and also the speed limit so now that we are on the ultibon i really noticed that this car has become so much more intelligent it is really self-driving also if you don’t have the cruise control or the adaptive cruise control activated it still feels that you’re approaching vehicles and it slows down automatically if you release

The accelerator you don’t have to brake anymore it stops with the engine itself so the recuperation for the electric motor and in front of me you have this large 12.5 inch digital screen you can see the car in front of me that’s the one over there and it shows the distance so if i approach it tells me what shot you’re approaching and now let’s activate the

Adaptive cruise control and i’ve set the speed to 90 kilometers an hour it’s very easy to change it with just one kilometers an hour by just sliding over it capacitive buttons and if you really press on the buttons it will change with 10 kilometers an hour so right now with these sensors it feels that i’m touching the steering wheel if i release my hands of

The steering wheel it will eventually give a signal after around 10 seconds right there so i have my hands in the air touching the wheel and it goes away i don’t have to give the push like we used to do hey mercedes how can i help change the ambience lighting to green okay i’m changing the color let’s accelerate with 10 additional kilometers an hour and it

Steers for itself i will increase the speed you can decrease it as i mentioned one by one by just using the touchpad and there is also a progressive so guys thanks for watching merge men’s king i hope you like this video with the new e-class facelift and i’ll see you guys next time bye-bye all right let’s go amazing and the first time mercedes-benz used

The prefix e-class was in 1993 and we have it right here a limited edition e 500 a gorgeous masterpiece of history let’s check it out

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2020 Mercedes E Class AMG – NEW E300 Review Sedan Hybrid Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment By MercBenzKing