2020 Nissan NV 2500 High Roof Cargo Van Review

Quick features review of a 2020 Nissan NV 2500 High Roof v6 SV Cargo Van. This specific model has an up fit package requested by a customer

Hello everybody its greg the free guy from nissan of sacramento right behind me i have an nb 2500 b 6 high roof let’s go check it out which comes standard with power windows power locks keyless entry cruise control and backup camera bluetooth stand it on the sv as you can see it comes here looking sensors cargo mat and also the cardinal wall protected really cool

It even comes with a 400 watt power inverter also if you can see on the inside here nissan offers a free up in package but the one we have here is a custom one ordered by a customer that you can see on a separate video the doors on the env are wide opening doors as you can see there’s a magnet that will hold its presence the end of them beautiful if you open them

All the way they lock in place for many days like today so we sp also comes with a really cool style wheels but we think you know just accents the vehicle very well so the difference between our nissan trucks and the competition is that as you can see it’s built on a truck frame the cool thing about that is the engines push forward to the front which gives you

More space for cargo room it’s easier to work on for better maintenance and it’s safer as well now check out this interior as you can see look at all that legroom thanks to the having leaves and fog on the front and also look at this really cool feature now you have a desk you can put your lap time your paperwork even if so much what’s really cool about our center

Console is that it slides up if you ever have to just rush and write something open it also locks up and if you open it up here look at the top you have a spot for your credit cards any kind of business cards and your pens you also have the divider here but to organize some stuff in this is i mean you can fit a whole laptop in there and as well you can fit your

Charger because you have an inverter in here as well so on the interior as you can see we have goodies cigarette lighter there’s also some blank slots but when you add some more features and toggle on and off switches but here you can see you have the inverter switch we can turn it on and off these sensors switch on and off as well you also have a usb port and an

Auxilary for your phone you have a five inch display this one actually happens to come with navigation but if you press the button to you go from sirius xm radio fm am cd auxilary the navigation button map so that way you can see where you are and on the right side here you can toggle your apps make and receive phone calls you also have your you know switches skip

Songs and go back on the songs just have a back button and this here is for your audio control another really cool feature let the end ricardo’s is that you can actually go in to mend the ship night so then she shipped it in the drive you can toggle what get hear it very useful alright guys so to see well as you can see it as a source but you can use it to change

The team of sources on the radio you can also change the song and navigate through it as well there’s also the audiobooks that turn up and down the volume and you can also make and receive phone calls on the right side of the steering wheel there’s also the cruise control settings which you can use to cancel to an on and off accelerate and decelerate check out this

Really cool feature on the nb higher up here at the top you kind of have like a bonus area for storage you can use it to put your folder as your papers really cool to have thanks again for watching my videos guys that pretty much concludes our envy high roof 2500 v6 if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here in each town of sacramento again

This is greg the freak die have a great day

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2020 Nissan NV 2500 High Roof Cargo Van Review By Greg the Fleet Guy