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Hello i’m tom neretrick fleet leasing manager at vicker nissan today we’re going to be looking at the 2020 nissan nv 3500 passenger van now let’s have a look inside the envy 3500 van the 3500 has a very spacious interior i’m 6’1 i can stretch out very easily in this vehicle the range of motion for the seat slide it all the way back or forward so it accommodates

Any size of driver the power seat has an up and down range as well as a tilt for the backrest steering wheel is a tilt as well on the steering wheel you do have audio controls as well as cruise control mountings nv 3500 has a full complement of gauges so you can monitor what your vehicle is doing lower left hand side you have your water temperature gauge you

Got tachometer speedo and a good size fuel gauge in the center you have an information screen that also not only do you have a gear selector in the top but it shows you additional gauges by pressing the info screen button we can go from transmission temperature to oil pressure to ammeter the screen also indicates outside temperature along with distance to empty

In the top you have a large display monitor which shows you your radio stations touch screen as well for selecting stations there’s a navigation that is also a part of the package and backup camera envy 3500 has a very large and deep glove box as well as center console the center console lid is locking and you can just release the top lifts up and out of the

Way storage tray and a very deep compartment for storing laptops or what have you envy 3500 has a side sliding door to make accessibility in tight parking lots very easy slides and locks out of place grab handle on the inside and a step plate air conditioning for the rear passengers comes through the roof vent while heat comes from floor ducts underneath all

Of the seats the rear of the vehicle is capable of carrying 10 passengers three in the front three in the middle four across the rear the nv van was designed that you can actually remove all of the seats if you wish and reconfigure them in any kind of combination that you would like to release the seats the backs have pull straps pull the seats forward slide

Them back off the track wheels are on the back so that it’s very easy just to pull back and roll out when you remove your seats the combination also takes out the appropriate seat belts with it i’m tom netatrak and i invite you to come out to vicar nissan for more detailed viewing of the nv van our address is 1424 regent avenue west phone number is six 204

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