2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Crossover Walkaround & Review

Discover all the key features of the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport crossover and the differences between the trim levels in this walkaround and review of the Rogue Sport S, SL, and SV. Learn more about the Nissan Rogue Sport here:

The nissan rogue sport comes in three trim levels s sv and sl each trim level offers something a little different this video will help you understand which one best fits what you’re looking for like all 2020 rogue sport models the s is available with intelligent all-wheel drive rogue sport s is available in eight exterior colors the s has unique wheel covers its

Headlights make a stylish statement at night they automatically dim for oncoming traffic and in the rear s has a sporty look all the essential comfort features are standard on rogue sport s the interior comes in charcoal cloth keeps you comfortable with an adjustable driver’s seat and let you store more cargo standard convenience features to make life easier

You can control things hands-free get essential information right in front of you and you’ll likely never forget anything in the rear seat again rogue sport s offers advanced smartphone integration and puts everything on clear display with the seven-inch touchscreen every rogue sport comes standard with select confidence-inspiring driver assistance features that

Monitor ahead of you behind you and beside you it also includes technologies that help smooth out the ride the appearance package upgrades your exterior style rogue sport sv includes robe sport s equipment plus some extras like s it is available with intelligent all-wheel drive rogue sport sv offers eight exterior colors the exterior gets an upgrade including 17

Inch aluminum alloy wheels and outside mirrors that won’t fog up and feature integrated turn signals plus stylish and functional roof rails rogue sport sv offers your choice of two interior colors in rogue sport sv you have multiple ways to tailor your power driver’s seat you also get more personalized climate control you don’t need to put the key in the ignition

To start rogue sport sv lots of cargo rogue sport sv has a genius way of handling it all sv gets an upgrade and sound the all-weather package is a must in cold weather you get intelligent climate control that can warm the car before you get in the seats and steering wheel can provide warmth and stylish fog lights can help you be seen the technology package includes

Contents of the all-weather package plus extra lighting exclusive seats driver assistance and more rogue sport sle includes rogue sport sv equipment and some upgrades like sv is available with intelligent all-wheel drive rogue sport sle comes in eight colors the exterior boasts 19 inch aluminum alloy wheels rogue sport sl offers your choice of two upgraded leather

Interiors the rogue sport sl interior is outfitted with additional leather appointments plus additional convenience features including heated seats you get the most advanced climate and access system on the rogue sport sl and an easy-to-use electronic parking brake robe sport sl helps you navigate traffic get some help with your commute especially in stop-and-go

Highway traffic park easier than ever with a better view and get a little help recognizing road science and staying alert the premium package takes your rogue sport sl to the next level inside and out from brilliant led lighting to a way to take in the sun to the most premium audio experience available in road sport you

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2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Crossover Walkaround & Review By Nissan USA