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2020 Nissan Titan – The workhorse with a V8

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The 2020 Nissan Titan looks like a compelling option for the work-first truck driver.

Like i said in 2017 when i first reviewed this truck the nissan titan deserves more of your attention than it gets for 2020 nissan has addressed most of my old complaints about the technology and the interior many small improvements taken together make this full-size pickup a much better choice than it was when it first came out stick around i’ll show you what

Trim cargurus recommends and all the new features for 2020 it’s truck time visually the titan shares the vibe of the ford f-150 that’s been the best-selling truck in america for three decades now the titan is handsome and it’s clean but without that big nissan badge on the grille or these oversized capital letters and bossed on top of the grill and more on

The door would you really know what it is the 2020 titan brings three different grille colors and two finishes for the tailgate plus some new paint wheels and led headlights but most of those upgrades are for the higher trim levels i’m driving the sv which is one level up from the base trim this is the king cab with a six and a half foot bed the crew cab which

Has four full-size doors has a five and a half foot bed but for 2020 nissan has dropped this single cab model which used to have a 8 foot bed you want to order the utility package it’s a low cost option that brings a lot of must-have features like a spray in bedliner full led lighting an ac power outlet over here and a really unique rail system that’s all around

The bed of the truck and on the floor it comes with 4 removable cleats that you can slide into these rails and tighten them up no pun intended and then boom you’re done you can sense all your cargo down it’s really easy and when you want to get out there’s a handy step i really like how wide these doors open check that out i also like what’s hidden under these

Seats there’s storage trays they’re lockable and you can fold out this shelf to make a flat loading floor great idea so are these two usb ports they’re four in total or before there was just one the rear cabin has six cupholders and you can also spec heated rear seats and for the first time a panoramic moonroof but the biggest improvement is the new dashboard a

High-resolution nine inch touchscreen is available and it transforms how you interact with the titan the maps are sharp you can search online destinations and the menus can be rearranged nissan offers wireless software updates swiping pinching apple carplay android auto it feels like we’re in the modern era now it still can’t top the 12 inch touchscreen display

In the new ram 1500 but compared to what this looked like a few years ago it’s way better so is the instrument panel which trades a tiny square display for this wide 7-inch cluster that makes it much easier to adjust settings and see when you’re about to flip over even these cloth seats are super comfortable and upscale the titan is standard with a five point six

Liter v8 and it is a mighty engine 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque that’s the same as before but the 20/20 gets a nine speed transmission those two extra gears make a huge difference the 2020 titan isn’t yet on sale so we can’t give you price estimates but if we look at the 2019 model our titan 4×4 king cab sv should be about $47,000 with destination

This is the trim that cargurus recommends now get that sv convenes package for the extra tech and the utility package to spruce up the bed it’s pretty competitive and with incentives a little bit of haggling and your nissan dealer you’ll be paying a lot less than that but this is why you really buy a full-size pickup truck i thought the previous titan could be a

Bit sluggish but this one rips at low speeds on the highway makes the whole truck feel more athletic also better with a big load the new titan can tow up to nine thousand three hundred seventy pounds and has a payload capacity of one thousand six hundred eighty pounds you should get the towing package it’s cheap and it does a few things it includes a special tow

Mode for the transmission adjustable trailer braking sway control longer mirrors and a really handy feature a light check it’s also really quiet and smooth riding now based on my experience with the ram 1500 i think that pickup truck has the most car like steering and the best ride but even with leaf springs out back the titan feels really secure the brakes are

Also really strong fuel economy estimates are not yet out but with that new 9-speed they’re gonna be a little better i’ve been averaging about 17 miles to the gallon the titan xd goes hardcore with a 5 liter cummins diesel but that model is overkill for most light truck buyers and i’m not gonna dive into it here you can read more about it at for 2020

Nissan safety shield 360 brings six driver assist as standard when i drove the titan a few years ago it was hardly any you get lane departure warning blind spot monitoring pedestrian detection auto high beams and emergency braking for both the front and rear my sv came with adaptive cruise control but without the 360-degree cameras the one camera does have is fuzzy

But ford gm and ram offer more of everything more engines axle ratios technology luxury capability the titan offers what most truck buyers actually need but it’s not actually leading the pack in any noticeable way and it’s not any cheaper if you can buy the 2020 nissan titan at a better price you won’t be disappointed it has a five year 100,000 mile warranty better

Than any other truck in the category standard v8 engines and all those safety features mean a lot too but right now i still think the ram 1500 is the best full-size pickup you can buy but you tell us what do you think for full details on the titan read my review at and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel thanks for watching we’ll see you again next time

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2020 Nissan Titan – The workhorse with a V8 By CarGurus