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We’re here today reviewing the porsche cayenne s coupe now we currently have a cayenne in our family we’ve had another one before that so this really is a cayenne expert review andrea it kind of is should we get in and take it for a drive what the heck is this thing okay andrea what do we have to do we have to put it in s for subscribe and i have to say the

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Member and get extra searches the link is in the description below put it in sport you have to put it in s for sport or subscribe okay either one works okay here we go slowing it down i just wanted to hear it yeah i know it’s exciting it’s a fun car it’s so fun now before we get into what the specifics are about this we should backtrack a little bit and tell

Everybody why we love the porsche cayenne uh we had the first not the first generation the updated version that’s right and then we got our current cayenne two and a half years ago and uh what is it it’s a diesel yeah we bought the diesel specifically because we love torque yes love torque yes and it gets amazing fuel economy yeah that was important to us to make

That change as well we get about 700 kilometers except more than that 750 in the city one thing i absolutely love about the cayenne have loved it from the get-go is its performance it is a performance suv and that’s one of the reasons why we got one and a big reason is it’s the right size and it’s been absolutely the perfect size for us for our kids and for our dog

So our family loves the cayenne so much that when we sold our first one the kids were so upset but i really wanted to go to a car for a bit and we decided on the a7 which we also loved but as a family everybody missed the cayenne but that’s the car that got us hooked on the diesel we had a diesel a7 and oh my god that thing was like a freight train on the highway

It was just like and you know what whenever i would go to europe with porsche i would uh speak to uh performance drivers like hans schtuck i would speak to engineers executives all the people there and i would always ask them so what’s your daily driver at porsche and almost all of the top people would say porsche cayenne diesel isn’t that something yeah okay

So what are we working with here andrea so we’ve got a 2.9 liter twin turbo charged v6 engine 434 horsepower 406 pound foot of torque the interesting thing is our cayenne diesel actually has more torque than this it does and that’s what you use from traffic light to traffic light speaking of traffic light it’s just about to change here yeah and that’s the thing

That’s one that’s why i love diesels they’re perfect for utility vehicles but you can’t get them anymore so what they’ve done hit it is if you want that instant torque they will sell you the the hybrid that’s right so they give you more of that instant torque however if you compare the s to the hybrid it goes zero to 100 kilometers in five seconds they’re both

The same yeah the speed to 100k is exactly the same um however the the hybrid does get marginally better fuel economy marginally um what do you think about the way this thing looks so i think it looks fantastic i think it’s unique it’s different you don’t see a ton of them on the road i really love this muscular sporty aggressive look to it i’m a big fan well

I i drove this about a year and a half ago in austria for the launch and you can click on the card right here to watch that video it’s very that’s eight minutes long very concise goes through everything if you want to watch that but i think that this is the most cohesive design of the mid-size utility coupe so you’ve got the x6 from bmw you’ve got the gle coupe

Uh i guess you got the range rover sport in there it’s a nice looking lamborghini the lamborghini eris and then you’ve got this and uh the audi q8 and others but i think this one is maybe the most cohesive design so from the highest point this is 20 millimeters lower and with the hats it’s looking a little hippy it’s 18 millimeters wider you know the back end

Andrea is the best angle yeah of the of the car and uh 18 millimeters wider and to compensate for rear seat headroom so they lowered the roof by 20 millimeters they lowered the rear seats by 30 millimeters so you sit lower brilliant idea but you get you get steam similar kind of headroom the windows however are smaller in the back they are but not as small as

Some some of the competition no and when it comes to cargo space you do see a difference with that slope you just can’t fill the cargo space up as high as you would on the cayenne so there there is something with that and it really has to fit into your lifestyle wouldn’t you say but we had an audi a7 that had a sportback hatchback design granted more cargo

Space than this but we live with it it was fine we lived with it but there were times where i wish i had something bigger so that’s why i say you have to make sure it works for you we made it work yeah you always like it bigger so when you get this car you get a different rake to the front window and a different rate to the rear window and i think they have done

A good job with the overall design i think that this is beautiful now this is you know got a lot of extras in it this is full leather it smells like leather when you get in it’s beautiful and it’s almost six thousand dollars for that once again we’ll get to all the features in a moment oh by the way before before we before we get to it to the price maybe you

Can play along at home and guess how much this this actual car is yeah that’d be kind of fun all right keep going so i love this big screen um this is different than what i’m used to with the center console one thing i always loved about or love about porsche is that it had all these buttons it had this raised center console that i feel look just stunning now

They’ve moved away from this to me it feels like they’re they’re moving in the direction of everyone else i feel that the buttons were very unique to porsche and something different well the perfect car in the porsche lineup right now is the porsche macan so the update last year for the porsche macan you got the much bigger screen but they left all the hard keys

That you and i have in our car and we absolutely love that’s i call that the goldilocks interior the absolute perfect marriage of the two they’ve gone to this glass panel it shows marks it shows dust i i like the other one better i totally agree with you definitely harder to uh to keep clean i love this embossed porsche logo on the shifter it is just so pretty

It’s also 1300 have you figured out the price yet oh we’re going to keep it’s going up now how about this glass roof it doesn’t open it doesn’t open but it is beautiful you know what i would have liked i get why it doesn’t open because it’s a coop but it would have been nice if you could at least just pop it open well what they’ve done here is they’ve given you

Almost two square meters of glass this is standard equipment you have to pay extra for it but it doesn’t open because of the lower roof if you put a cartridge in there to make it open and close it would take up head room now you can get a carbon roof but it’s very dark i had a chance to drive it last year in austria it’s really quite claustrophobic but that’s

Part of a lightweight package so it sheds i can’t remember what it is 20 kilograms of weight overall from the car um but you get a carbon roof and very dark on the inside but this has a shade which which i would keep shut most of the time oh i wouldn’t i would keep it open i just think it’s gorgeous the infotainment center very easy to use much better yeah yeah

Ours is ours is old and clunky and the screen is small but you know what when you really think about what you use we use it for the radio and we use it for the phone calls and really that’s it yes but what an improvement it looks weird what an improvement they did a really nice job if we only had a time to stop and have a coffee time now for questions coffee and

Cars your questions from instagram i know you guys have owned cayenne’s in the past what do you think of the latest model curious if you’d consider the coupe if you haven’t owned the latest gen which would you choose now that there’s more variety i think i would stick with what we have now i love our diesel it’s fuel efficient and the performance is there and

You can’t get it any longer what distinguishes the cayenne coupe from the cayenne or what would persuade someone to buy the cayenne coupe and also other than style is there another reason to buy this over the original cayenne not really i think it’s all about style there’s one more everybody that knows anything about cayenne knows you paid a lot more for this

So it’s more prestigious of an already prestigious car for sure would you categorize the coupe as an suv or an sav as journalists i think it’s an important discussion to have the lamborghini eris for example is clearly an sav to me and the cayenne and suv well we talked a lot about this and we think suv sav is a lot of bullsh it’s all marketing nonsense and one

Of my pet peeves is s the s and suv shouldn’t be in there i mean a car like this sporty a rav4 crv it should just be utility vehicle and there and they’re all crossovers so the suv originated in the 80s when american motors corporation lobbied the u.s congress to come up with a separate category for vehicles that weren’t trucks and weren’t cars and so that’s

How suv started the original crossover vehicle was the amc eagle that’s right hi andrea i love the youtube reviews here are two questions does the cayenne s coupe feel like a heavy vehicle in the corners and zach is a fan of station wagons because they basically have the same cargo room does the same apply for coupe suvs or is there a significant lack of cargo

Space definitely a significant lack of cargo space when that roof slopes down like that you’re giving up space but uh yeah you have to think about that if you want to get your questions in every week andrea posts a question go and follow her at motormouth underscore andrea on instagram oh yes a little caffeine break it’s always helpful isn’t it pump us up so uh we

Should talk a little bit about all the different engines like uh so they have all the cayenne’s and there’s an equivalent cayenne coop right that’s right so there are five engines um so let’s talk about the base model the three liter v6 and then the s has got the 2.9 liter v6 so what what’s the difference between the two the interesting thing is the six cylinder

Engines are developed by audi these are audi derived engines and the way they do it in the volkswagen group so this is all part of volkswagen is audi makes the six cylinders porsche develops the v8s okay this is a common engine in the family for audi and for porsche so they take the three liter engine the base engine with 335 horsepower and then they drop in from a

Single turbo to a twin turbo and then they make the stroke of the piston shorter so that’s why it’s 3 to 2.9 and that’s how they get the extra power but the engine is basically the same the other engines that are available we’ve got the 4 liter twin turbo v8 which offers 550. so that was that engine developed by porsche and then we’ve got the cayenne e hybrid and

The turbo se hybrid um and we’ve got horsepower and 670 horsepower on that turbo e hybrid it wouldn’t be nice if for the we’ll get to the price once again in a moment um if they gave you some kind of boost for the sleeker looking car yes and gave and the price premium they’re charging if they gave you just a little bit more jump right that way that would have been

A great idea get the s because the awesome because it really is the engine to buy it just revs so freely it just is fantastic and i would actually get this over the turbo the turbo’s fantastic i’ve driven both um but i think this is the right engine for this car so we’ve got a new feature on the video it’s called the price pause we paused the video we put up the

Prices and you can read along the u.s numbers if you’re interested what’s the base price andrea so the base price of the coupe is 87 700 and the base price of the cayenne is 77 500 so a good 10 000 difference all right and what about the ass that we’re in so the s is 103 500 and as tested this one in particular is a whopping 134 700 what’s the most expensive one

So you can get the turbo se hybrid for 191 200. i’ll take two wow yeah so this particular one has the full leather interior it’s got the upgraded wheels it’s got a few little treats here and there it’s got the bose sound system it’s got thirteen hundred dollars for the shifter that you like you get that right i would get that but you know what i did before we

Left this morning i configured this car the way i would like it not the way you’d like it but i got the 21 inch wheels yes i got a partial leather interior i got a few trim pieces i did add the 1300 for the shifter and the price was 115 so i got rid of the air suspension and the active rear steering just the regular passive shots that’s what i would get and you

Know what it comes down to i believe is that people aren’t making a stretch to buy a porsche you can either afford it or you can’t afford it so if you like the look of the coop i think you’re going to pay extra for it well everybody that sees it that knows the porsche world knows you paid more for it personally not for me i’m a big believer in to your point if

You can afford this vehicle you probably have a sportier car already so i want a utility to be a utility i want a sports car to be a sports car i don’t need them to be both well these are really good choices to have in your life yeah they really are you know what this really is it’s the bigger version of makon makan has a similar look to this but it’s really

Quite tight and small now you can get it in the bigger cayenne yeah cayenne coop or cayenne this one’s easy for me it’s cayenne i just love the functionality of the cayenne i understand this i’m sure people want it but it just doesn’t do anything for me but i will say of the midsize luxury utilities that offer a coupe this one is the best design i agree with

You i really love this design it’s unique it’s different and it’s not something you see on the road all the time it’s expensive too this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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