2020 Shelby F-150 Super Snake Review // The 770HP Truck We All Need

Thomas and James get behind the wheel of the 770HP 2020 Shelby Super Snake F-150 on TRACK. At an MSRP of over 140K Canadian, could this be the best truck on sale? Or should it fear the incoming Hellcat-powered TRX? For that matter, can it handle a track? Watch to find out. Subscribe!

So james has just moved out of the city for the first time in his life way out into the boondocks about 15 minutes west and he started listening to kenny loggins chewing tobacco and doing tailgate barbecues out of his miata so it’s time for a new car like the c8 corvette mid-engined low slung a sports car except no he can’t have that because some of you have noted

In the comments section that he has a testosterone deficiency so clearly he needs to compensate with the eight hundred and forty horsepower dodge demon except you can’t have that one either because what he needs is something much more practical good on fuel it can haul stuff and carry the family like the shelby f-150 super snake 770 horsepower supercharged it’s

Perfect assuming it fits in his garage boy and this is the first 2020 at 150 super snake this is a big mother trucker this isn’t a full-throttle house review this is just a track test of one of these because well you can do this on the track find a snake in your car and you’re gonna have a bad day but find a snake on your car and you might just be the owner of

A shelby american super snake we’ve driven the mustang super snake before but this time it’s the f-150 that gets the treatment because the folks at shelby america have decided to supercharge the five liter v8 that dwells within almost doubling its horsepower output to seven hundred and seventy so now the truck can thunder to sixty miles an hour in three and a half

Seconds shelby tuned lowered suspension and extra cooling measures in place it’s built to handle that power too can those numbers be reached in the aftermarket sure but if you want a true f-150 super snake one that features in the shelby registry with its own csm number this is the only way to do it and a huge thank you to lance at eastgate ford for helping this

Film come together what do you need to know screaming super charger which is blue by the way pretty much all the torque and horsepower you ever need in an f-150 the supercharger sound fills the cabin but this also has a shelby borla exhaust balla balla we’ve had experience with this before it didn’t go well bought a boiler a bull a baller no bowler a ball when

You say borella in baller that’s the same word balla balla yeah yeah in the cabin it’s a supercharger experience beware the f-150 super snake at the traffic light because unless you’re in something else that has the word super snake on it you might just be screwed so in normal f150 is about 395 horsepower and this has 770 poly you do the math that’s and i’m not

Gonna waste your time you all want to know one thing yes it again why can i do happen in an f-150 and you might notice that this looks a little bit different to a normal f150 because it’s bathed in shelby air vents and intakes we’ve gone round a hood we’ve got shelby bumpers quite possibly the meanest truck on the road that is quick yes there are some truck

Motions yeah there’s some disadvantage to being this high off the ground we’ve got a solid rear axle here so when i take its sharp corner now you don’t want to handle it so well but you can feel the body doesn’t quite want to flex and bend with you it’s stubborn it’s a truck and proud of it but if you really want to get around that corner in a slightly mystical

Way i was watching thomas being absolute maniac earlier so i feel like he’s found the creative way to corner this here’s the most surprising thing for me though is that i’ve been chucking this thing in two corners in a way that you just shouldn’t you shouldn’t be able to do in a pickup truck not one that weighs over 5,000 pounds even the brakes are fantastic it’s

Talking about stopping something that weighs more than my house which by the way is 50 mists west of toronto i don’t know if i don’t do that the shelby doesn’t just tune the engine they do the suspension and everything else and this one’s actually been lowered even a little bit more so for a truck it handles well contra better services it handles well and if you’re

Looking for a dodge products instead they don’t have anything that takes on a super snake right now well an f-150 actually since we filmed this only days ago ram has announced the 2021 trx hellcat powered pickup truck what a drag race that could be 15 minutes west of toronto is that enough to want one of these i want one of these not cheap though 140 grand canadian

Adds up there for a truck but the fact that it has this performance this power this level of occasion with a carroll shelby signature in the dash and knowing it’s number one which is very important in the shelby registry i gives it some value and james has told you about the outside of the car but it’s the inside of the car that’s cool for me i it’s just shelby

Everywhere there’s my zero zero zero one plaque right there and there’s a massive shelby f150 seven hundred and seventy horsepower badge right there in the center it’s so cool i will say though among all the carbon fiber and the very cool little carroll shelby in the gauge cluster right there the build quality is in really that good adds more ford’s fault than

Shelby’s fault though i think so is this a video that you needed to see no is this a video for a vehicle that you might buy probably not but just look at this there’s only gonna be 250 of these so if you got an allocation congratulations this is a special truck next to the g63 this might be the most ridiculous thing we’ve driven on throttle house what a day this

Wasn’t a normal throttle house review but we figured it would be a fun little bonus and we have a bunch more track stuff coming this year just you wait

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