2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 | 770 Horsepower | FOR SALE

Carroll Shelby was an early pioneer in high performance street trucks, beginning with his first production version almost 30 years ago. With the tremendous demand for the off-road focused Shelby F-150, fans of the classic Ford Lightning and our first generation Shelby F-150 Super Snake clamored for a new generation muscle truck from Shelby. To complement the well-received off-road focused Shelby F-150, Shelby American is offering a limited run of F-150 Super Snake Sport trucks, designed for performance street duty.

Hey guys hope everyone is doing great and safe right now we have been anticipating the arrival of this truck for a few months it was released several months ago we didn’t actually get to go out to shelby american out in las vegas to see the unveiling but we just received our first for that’s right for 2020 shelby super snake sport f-150 trucks these

Are 770 horsepower it is their regular cab version of the 4-door shelby super snake f-150 this thing is amazing it’s like a little rocket it’s an incredible truck it is only available in a four-wheel drive option to 2020 f-150 xlt chassis that is then up fitted by shelby american out in las vegas so right behind me is the magnetic color with black

Stripes – beautiful this is by far one of the best looking trucks that we’ve had it’s available for sale here at brownlee ford guys i’m brock patterson national specialty vehicle manager at the all-new brantley ford just outside of nashville tennessee guys your number one ford performance and specialty vehicle dealership can’t wait to walk around

This truck it’s new to us so so give us a little time we’ll get a great review on the truck showcase a lot of the options and tell you what’s available here as well we’ve got four in stock right now magnetic with black stripes we’ve got a black with magnetic stripe white with black stripes and we also have the silver with black stripes that’s the

One that you’ve seen at the shelby american press release but take a look at this incredible 2020 shelby super snake sport f150 so you’re gonna notice that same signature shelby front end to all the trucks so it’s got that beautiful full replacement dual intake ram air hood this magnetic i don’t know what it is i maybe if it’s just today when the

Sun like this magnetic is a rich darker maybe charcoal great black stripes all the weights from the front of the truck all the way down to the chin splitter all the way back across the rear it’s got a functional honeycomb insert up front for your dual intake system replacement front grille so this is a replacement grille honeycomb inserts and you’ve

Got your badging up front with that snake shelby f150 on one side 770 hp on the right that’s how you know this is a supercharged shelby f150 so you got the shelby chin splitter up front ties this whole street truck together this thing is low to the ground it’s a quick truck and that front end really i’m just amazed i thought the lifted shelby’s look

Great as soon as they came out in 16 the super snake that came out in 2017 crew cab this thing right here is just dynamite let me show you a couple of other things that you’ll notice on the side you got a 22 inch black shelby will subdue design that they came out with i absolutely love it finally we got some upgraded brakes they’re bare 6-piston front

Brakes and you’ve also got the slotted rotors this is a 305 40 22 inch process wheel so this is a toyo tire upgrade so beautiful setup here i think they’ve done a great job in their selection of the tire wheel for the truck let’s take a look at the rear so you’ve got shelby lettering you’ve got the super snake sport graphic on both sides of the box

You’ve got shelby down the rocker panel on both sides racing stripe again goes all the way back to the rear of the truck one thing i love new tonneau cover that’s on this super snake sport a little bit different design than the crew cabs still have your bedrug inside it’s got a light it’s got an led light here that’ll light up the box i love that

New option bedrock inside this is just velcroed in so if you want to spray it if you’re going to use it for something but otherwise the the bedrug has just been really really really durable for a lot of people tailgates light this does not have the tailgate step it’s a light tailgate as well truck does have your rear facing camera so you’re able to

Use your rear sensing here on this camera cool setup this magnetic is a beautiful beautiful rich color so under the hood we’ve got four five litre v8 county motor you’ve got a ford racing blue powder coated whipple it’s a 2.9 liter whipple supercharger same system you see in the other trucks the shelby crew cabs oversized carbon fiber intake tube

Got a high flow air filter they’ve upgraded the throttle body spark plugs fuel injectors everything to push out all this 770 horsepower this thing is a beast you’ve got a plaque on one side where this is actually built a little bit different than the trucks that are built on the crew cab trucks you’ve got a shelby american badge on one side this

Is built out in las vegas this was really cool open here on this side you’ve got the csm number so this is serial number 66 we’ll see that right above the dash as well but awesome setup we’re gonna take it for a test drive all right we’re out for a test driving the shelby super snake score f-150 immediately got inside this is my first drive in it

Absolutely love it love how smooth the ride is we’re out on some old country roads and just having a little bit of fun out here in the truck as you can tell the exhaust from from some of the other clips you’ve got a borla performance exhaust system side exit dual tip so neat set up there i’m glad they went with borla the chassis is an xlt we mean we

Were a part of that decision in recommending the xlt chassis platform on this truck if you’re gonna be able to build a shelby truck you might as well use the highest option you can get so we want with xlt you’re gonna get a lot of the same options that you do in the crew cab not all but a lot of the same options you’ve got power seats power windows

And you’ve still got that beautiful carbon fiber accent and trim all throughout the truck it’s a great great looking luxury it looks awesome combined with the stainless steel gauges really ties off the shelby look you can do everything hands-free so you do have your voice-activated commands on your steering wheel to do everything hands-free it does

Have navigation so you’ve got voice-activated navigation you do have the sync system and you can do use your apple carplay or you know kind of stream your own music if you’d like you can use that system so i like the xlt because it gives you a lot more options and luxury for the truck you’ve also got an old school analog for your heating and cooling

System but you know really who cares when you’re you’re inside this truck and going at it the you do have this is a full down console system here you can adjust it and pull it back you’ve got a great great cat skin upgraded two-tone leather i do love this leather they’ve really really kind of made it differential and unique from the crew cabs so

You do have an upgraded leather system over all this truck and really has a i’m impressed with it for a two-door street truck she’ll be knocked it out of the park it’s 770 horsepower it rides extremely smooth and you know i think you’re gonna love this truck if you’ve got questions these are new to us so we’re gonna do a couple more reviews on the

Other colors i’ve got black i’ve got white and i have silver in stock so as we get more familiar we’ll get you some additional content show you a lot of a lot of cool features that that we that we uncover and some things that you guys appreciate about the trucks but if you’re looking for something as a weekend toy if you’re looking for something

As a daily driver you know a collector piece anything this is the truck for you and call me or text me at six one five three nine seven three three three one again you can call or text me at six one five three nine seven three three three one and i’ll be able to answer any questions you’ve got right now today is april 1st and we just got a new set

Of rebates i know they’re going to go through the end of april april 2020 so you’re going to see these it is a 0% for 72 month offer 0% interest 72 months for all qualified candidates on 2020 f-150 that includes the shelby trucks and shelby’s gonna put out a press release to make sure you guys know about that but these trucks do qualify for the 0%

For 72 months at least through the month of april 20 20 so it’s a great time to save some money and interest they do qualify now for us what we do all of your paperwork if you decide to go with for credit all of your paperwork can be done electronically so we can do all your loan documents electronically we can also do your paperwork that needs wet

Signatures like your documents or your dmv service we can send those out ups and have those with a return envelope so we can do everything remotely for you and shift the truck directly to your house business or wherever you want us to do that it’s easy to deal with us you know we take great pride in customer service one of the top dealers for shelby

In the country and as you can tell from our inventory ww brownlee 4.com we’ve got a ton of shelby trucks in inventory and available to ship directly to you if you decide you want to come into nashville great we would absolutely love to see you at the store and and bring you down i’ve get somebody if you fly into the nashville airport we’ll be able

To get you in and take care of you bring you down to our store for a test drive so got any questions six one five three nine seven three three three one or you can email me at brock dot patterson at brownlee 4.com love this new shelby super snake for the sport truck and everything that has to offer so thanks a lot for viewing be sure listen like

The page subscribe to the channel we’ll see you next time so we’re in the middle of the cova 19 crisis right now and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you that are impacted whether personally or professionally right now our dealership is working abbreviated ours so if we miss some of the content on the truck i’ll make sure that we’ve got

All the description below so you can see all the components from the f-150 chassis and the shelby super snake sport conversion package so we’ll list that there we’ll also have a picture of the shelby window sticker for you to review all the items there too so everything will be in the comments and the descriptions below

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2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 | 770 Horsepower | FOR SALE By Reddick Brown Ford