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2020 Subaru Ascent Limited 8 seater 20AS9234

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Hey everyone takes from subaru prince george here this is our 2020 subaru ascent limited in the magnetite grace so one step under an absolutely fully loaded ascent but this still has a ton of options so we’ve got a power liftgate at the back you can activate it from the key fob the driver’s seat or obviously the door backup sensors in the back will actually apply

The brakes if you think you’re gonna hit something in reverse now the ascent is subarus largest vehicle 7 or 8 seater configuration always have three seats in the back even with the third row up decent amount of storage storage underneath privacy cover hides there and to put it down you just drop the headrest and then of course push and you can of course remove that

Undo that seatbelt and it clips in right in there to keep out of the way but you can see it will make quite a lot of storage space if you’re only using the first two rows in the second row this happens to be an 8 seater so it is a bench so to get into the third row we’ve got this lever right here you pull it up see tilts and you can slide it forward a nice big step

Easy for an adult to walk into the back and sit down slides back and the second row is like a manual passenger seat there is a bar so you can actually slide it forward to adjust room in the third row you have your own climate control in the second row or the front can lock you out also have heated seats through the outer two seats and there are two usb ports to keep

Everyone connected on longer trips panoramic sunroof moonroof combination up front memory settings for your mirrors and your seat the only thing it doesn’t save is your lumbar so the limited is leather and in the limited you get a thigh extender so if you’ve all longer legs the shorter seat cuts off your circulation your sat it’s actually kind of like sitting in a

Lazy boy it’s awesome left-hand side of the steering wheel we have our bluetooth and audio controls you make it take calls control the volume of the calls in the music right hand side we’ve got our adaptive cruise in our lane keep assist so just turn on the adaptive cruise just turn on the lane keep assist also have our heated steering wheel here nice and toasty on

Those cold days little information screen up here with fuel economy date/time change all your settings what tax on all important stuff to have while you’re driving we have a nice eight inch display screen it is all touchscreen or you can use the tactile buttons below that’s where backup camera shows up as well climate controls are adjusted from here and it is triple

Zone so driver and pastor and then the back so if i want to turn the back all the way down someone’s complaining it’s too warm there we go and back to controlling mind heated seat controls right there and there are three stages for the driver and passenger actually and then my favorite feature ever the auto dimming mirror so if someone has their high beams on behind

You they’re not gonna blind you automatically dims there’s no switch to flick and i don’t know if you can see in the video but there’s three buttons there you can actually hook those up to your garage door so you’d have to carry one of those bulky openers with you so that’s a brief overview of the 2020 subaru ascent limited i’m chase from out from subaru prince george talk to you soon

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2020 Subaru Ascent Limited 8 seater 20AS9234 By Tyson Remmelg