2020 Subaru Ascent Oil Change

How I changed the oil in our 2020 Subaru Ascent. Super easy, doable, and cheap.

Youtube so we are with the wife’s 2020 subaru ascent we’re doing an oil change on it today so we usually take this car into the dealership to get oil changes and everything um i think we had like five or six free free when you bought it from the dealership and everything um and we are beyond that the car has like 42 40 40 some 40 000 miles on there so we’re gonna

We’re gonna do the oil change ourselves today we’re also gonna be using a k n filter here that we got from me the local auto parts store so the oil we’re using here is uh the kirkland brand zero 20 uh synthetic please note it’s got that uh starburst mask here from the ilac whatever people and then also on the back it has an api um an api service rating of sp

That’s something to and then it also says resource conserving there on the bottom that’s something to pay close attention to flipping over to this uh you know handy danny owners manual here it says to use only subaru approve oils and if they’re unavailable to look for an oil grade with an api service rating that says resource conserving with a grade of sn ours

Is sp now because p is later in the alphabet than n it is uh backwards compatible but these ratings aren’t forward compatible so if you have a vehicle that calls for sp you’re not able to use an sn however if you have uh sp like the costco brand does um it will work with sn plus sn and you know everything backward it’s good oil and then we also have you know the

Symbol and everything as well which basically means well you can read the owner’s manual okay so this is basically like the second or third time that i’ve ever had the hood popped on this car i know it’s got the fa24 motor which is uh you know supposedly the one everyone wants turbocharged and all the rest of it um just looking around here i’m seeing we might be

A little low on coolant levels i’m seeing that this battery i got corrosion on there that we’re gonna get taken care of um and i’m gonna be honest with you you know we bought the car brand new um you know i thought the engine bay would have stayed stayed cleaner um but you know obviously not um looks like our brake fluid is low too which is weird anyway we

Might need brakes on it we haven’t done any of that in 40 000 miles so but basically um you know you what you’re going to want to do is check the engine oil level there’s your dipstick and the engine oil filter and the fill spot is just conveniently located here for you um so i’m going to go down underneath it i haven’t crawled underneath this car let’s see if we

Can find the drain plug hopefully i don’t have to take off a million skid plates hey look at that there is a little hole and this one right there appears to be our drain plug so you’re gonna need a 14 millimeter uh wrench or socket to get that bolt out when you un when you empty that oil at the bottom you’re going to want to make sure that everything up top

Is open you know pull your dipstick tube out and everything the reason why is um while that oil is dripping at the bottom you can create a vacuum towards the upper parts of the motor which will hold oil so you don’t want to do that also take a few minutes longer for your engine to completely um empty out with oil this is on here a little tight good heavens all

Right i’ll get that off 40 000 miles if you look on the back of that uh let’s see if i can get that focus that oil pan something’s leaking back there probably the paint gasket so lovely right okay so got the oil cap off i had to get a monkey wrench and grab hold of it that way and you know twist it it’s really unusual why that was on so tight and then i got

A band wrench and uh broke this loose thing i like about these subaru motors and everything is you don’t have to go digging or hunting for uh you know that oil filter it’s just right here on top super easy access you can you know we got a band wrench put it on there um i’m not sure if there’s a torque spec on this um but i have always learned that you want this

On you know pretty tight snug rule of thumb is just you know as tight as you can get it with your hand this was on a little bit tighter than what i could do with a hand and i’ll probably put it on just a little bit tighter as well just to stay consistent um but what’s nice about this is you can take this oil filter out the oil that’s in the filter will drip into

This little tray that it sits into and that will just go back down to the motor and get a piece of paper towel shop rag just clean all that out so there we go all right so the next thing you want to do is you want to put some oil on this rubber gasket here the reason why is if you don’t it’s gonna get stuck um you know the engine gets real hot this will melt

Onto it and then you’ll have a real fun time trying to get it off so basically what i do is i just dip a finger in that oil and just run it along the you know run along the filter here i can’t get this phone set up here on the finger now we’re going to screw it on this k n filter is nice because i don’t need a band wrench i’ll probably still use the band wrench

But it’s got that like socket thing on top i could use if need be all right so i got that on there as far as i can next thing to do is put that oil plug back in and fill her up with oil make sure you have this little washer on there on that drain plug all right so uh owner’s manual says put four and a half quarts in there i had a five port jug i put just over

Four torts in um into it and i’m gonna tune it out well i’m gonna fill it up the rest way here in a minute what i typically have to do is when you get it close get the engine running you know so the oil circulating through it fills up the this thing the filter and all the rest of it and this is a tip like what another thing i’d like to do is just watch the oil

Filter and make sure it’s not leaking this is really easy to see it’s not leaking all the way around it’s nice and dry um so yeah i’ll rev it up a few more times shut it off and come back in a few minutes to check the oil level if this video helped you out with your car at all please don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel free

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2020 Subaru Ascent Oil Change By Roy Walker