2020 Tesla Model S Performance vs Nissan GT-R // DRAG & ROLL RACE

KING vs KING. Thomas and James put the 2020 Tesla Model S Performance up against the Nissan GTR. Silent but deadly against Godzilla. Who will take the win, and by how much? The Model S Performance has ludicrous+ mode and “Cheetah Stance,” making it the quickest and fastest Tesla you can buy. Can the tried and tested launch control of the GT-R take it on like it once could? Things don’t always go as predicted. Watch to find out. Subscribe!

You’re watching throttle house and this is a drag race look at that welcome to the throttle house test track our very own corner of the earth where we can drag race and set lap times i’m thomas and i’m james and this is godzilla vs tesla i don’t know why i hang out with you it’s fair this year the gtr is all new okay that’s a lie but it still has the twin turbo

V6 that cranks out 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque and it still has one of the best all-wheel drive systems and launch control tech on the market but the problem is the model s has been upgraded this year gone is the p100d now it’s the performance version with ludicrous plus mode which comes with a clever setting called cheetah stance which adjusts

The suspension for better weight transfer on launch but even though the model s has significantly more torque than the gtr it also weighs almost 1 000 pounds more if you’re new to throttle house we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing about so subscribe and hit the bell okay we do have to wait for the battery to warm up for ludicrous mode plus

Which i just forgot so technically we have about half an hour i guess we’ll go do something with our time so while we waited for the batteries to warm up so we could use ludicrous plus mode james and i tried to find ways to occupy ourselves i win again keep losing are these soybeans why would i know that no reason no they do look good but just like it must

Take so much power to make them move and that just seems like a waste of resources i me what okay the nissan gtr this is a benchmark car that means it’s a car that we all know how incredibly fast it is and how crazy good the launch control is it’s a car that can take down giants and i have quite a giant next to me that is a very big very heavy very fast tesla

Model s performance thomas is probably saying about how that’s the benchmark and gtr gtr well i now have cheetah stance i have over-the-air updates that have made this even faster than before i’ve got beautiful wood paneling but i think i can take him i think i can take him also if just i just need thomas to keep losing i need him to keep losing okay here we go

Okay from a dick come on cheetah mode okay oh my god oh the tesla’s just so fast now it looks like he missed the launch but he didn’t because that’s what evs do and i’m absolutely crushing him yes for the less performance my brakes are better than his though what’s he doing down there see what excuses he’s got you know what’s amazing i forgot how much ev cars

Make petrol cars look like you’re late to the start i it’s just crazy like honestly as soon as he dropped arms i was off the break and like the delay it looked like a delay probably on camera but it wasn’t you just go instantaneously that’s this is it’s ludicrous it’s ludicrous it is absolutely ludicrous also you know what i learned more than anything from that

Race because i was kind of expecting to lose if i’m honest was that my brakes are better than yours we returned to the start line so we could set up for a rolling race where the tesla’s instant torque isn’t quite as potent okay the cheetah launch is better than a gtr launch but what happens when we take away the launch control come on gtr do me proud do me proud

Come on rolling race begins now there’s hardly any turbo lag in the gtr but next to a tesla it feels like there is and the model s is gone son we gonna mask his name is elon musk and he wins the race he launches rockets in the sky and he’s a really weird guy stop tweeting elon so that was closer you know what it seems like though it seems like your car is

Getting slower each race you do is that true no it’s not is that true no no because as the battery drops it gets lighter oh right because the oil is from the back science that’s what happened yeah yeah no tesla so so just just so we’re clear if we were to keep doing this race i would eventually win right right yeah interesting i’ve got some double a batteries in

My backpack so i can go all day one thing is for sure model s is the king of straight line acceleration so maybe we need to find a more challenging competitor thanks for watching you

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2020 Tesla Model S Performance vs Nissan GT-R // DRAG & ROLL RACE By Throttle House