2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid


Hello there jeff mitchell here with dan heck chevy toyota nothingham here to show you 2020 to a toyota a limited hybrid avalon quick think about the name they have allowed a lot of people ask me what i call it that they’ve never heard the word before it’s voted to not make the word up don’t have time to get into it look it up it’ll be surprised at what it means

Alrighty here it is well one thing i noticed this one just came out the truck by the way and i noticed it has sequential turn signals and flashers it kind of moves to the outside the rear does the same thing it will show you that in a minute you have multi-spoke very classy wheels you see it does have the turn signals in the door as well this one does have the

Body side moldings to keep your doors from getting dings and dents the fuel door here cannot be open from the outside there is a release on the inside and there are those beautiful tail lights which are also sequential and will open up the trunk and show you that too this one we ordered with the cargo net and the rubber cargo liner pretty spacious and they just

Pull these knobs one on each side and that will knock down the rear seats for extra room even though it is a hybrid those batteries are very hidden in this model i does not take up any of your cargo room and no no antennas to break off in the car wash like most cars these days you have your fixed antenna which works pretty well we’re gonna show you a little bit

About the inside as well here alright this is the inside of the avalon you have three colors you have matte black on the tops of the doors and on the dash that keeps the sun from glittering in your eyes if you have some very dark wood trim right here and on the top of the doors and very soft and leather accents on the doors and the dash and tan seats and this

One was ordered with the all-weather floor mat package as well it’s a very slim looking interior so you’d be very surprised at how much room you have to stow some items let’s see how big the glove box is wow apparently you cannon fit an entire bottle of a 100 ounce bottle of shampoo wow let’s see how big the glove box is or the arm rest here wow it is a it is an

Entire unicorn and a can of corn well that’s pretty impressive i’m gonna grab the camera here and show you a feature on the seats and steering wheel the steering wheel is very comfortable to hold it is extremely soft and perforated leather you see your adaptive cruise control inter lane keeping assist buttons right here and perforated leather seats so through

These holes will blow very cool air in the summertime or of course the heats the seats are heated as well alrighty that’s a 2020 avalon hybrid and before i go i will tell you it gets 43 miles to the gallon in the city and on the highway so no matter how you drive the car should get you over 40 miles a gallon which is very impressive we really appreciate you

Watching and call us with any questions anything that we missed that you will really want to know in for more information on call us at 2 1 7 3 4 2 4 1 1 1 and ask for jeff or any other salesman or even ask for lori and we can get your questions answered thank you for watching

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2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid By Dan Hecht Chevrolet-Toyota