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2020 Toyota C-HR XLE: The New C-HR Has What Weird Features???

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Today I drive and review a 2020 Toyota C-HR!

Hey everyone it’s been a hearty cheer and in today’s video we’re gonna be going over a 20/20 twila chr in the xle trim package and this one’s super interesting just with some of the stuff that’s happening on the outside and then the interior on this car is ridiculous so i’m excited to show you guys but that all being said a huge shout out and thank you to the

Large miller toyota here in murray utah for providing us with the chr check out their inventory in the link below if you in the market for new toyota let’s get into the video under the hood here we have a 2 liter 4-cylinder that goes to a cvt automatic transmission fuel economy is 27 around town and then 31 on the highway with power outputs being 144 horsepower

Than 139 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of the chr and has actually a little beyond the hood there but this is finished in blizzard pearl and i love this color it’s just kind of like this white with the crystal effect and it looks so fantastic here in the direct sunlight but coming down we actually do get full led lights which is definitely

A premium option especially for an suv at this price point and you got a little toyota it’ll over there that also doubles as a sensor and then other than that the front end is pretty sporty looking actually you got some like vents in this little area and then this kind of comes off to look like a front splitter definitely has this like aggressive look and they

Make the fenders a little bit wider so again it kind of leads to that like aggressive look and i would not be surprised if someone has not already like lowered one of these coming around the east side here we’ve got 225 millimeter tires on 18-inch rims in the front and in the rear as well and then in terms of the design on the rims they kind of do this like crazy

Design with all these silver inserts over the actual black rim itself and i think it’s really cool it kind of makes it look like this sharp blade and it is just definitely a really good aesthetic appearance and they got the fender flares to come all the way down and then across the bottom of the vehicle to the back and then here’s your full view on the echr and you

Notice that door handle in the rear which we’ll go over later but it looks good from the side here is where the key fob looks like on the chr it’s got the toyota logo on the back it’s just like all of toyotas other key sobs now it has only a couple functions other than a little panic button and that’s the unlock and lock function sadly there is no remote start

With the chr but would you have a rear hatch to pop in to sew the buttons right here it’s actually right next to the backup camera but opening it up actually has a pretty decent rear hatch for how small this suv crossover hatchback thing is but you do have a little magnet it says chr and then just underneath the mat if i can manage to pick it up you can see the

Loading the floor just beneath that and you can’t even pick that up and that’s where they store the spare tire so it’s in the trunk not on to the car and then we do get this car we cover the back obviously we gotta make that look all nice and pretty but other than that things are pretty simple you can see the cargo area it’s not the most deep if that makes sense

It’s kind of shallow but it’s a decent mount of space and then when you are done if it’s little area where you can grab into but it’s easier to grab the top of the tailgate and then throw it down now let’s cover things in the rear of the chr first things first is that spoiler is ridiculous on a little crossover like this i just think it looks funny you got all the

Regular badging on the back and then you can see the little bumpers set up there in the rear just very interesting there’s so much going on in the back here the only thing that i wish is that these were leds because if these were full leds that came around i think that looks so cool it’s kind of interesting that they did leds in the front but they didn’t do them

In the rear but regardless of that yeah it’s kind of crazy looking in the back fish with that spoiler and then also the fact that this one has the black roof so it kind of like cuts the car in half this is one of the most interesting door handle situations ever i mean you see it on that side and by the way it is on the other side as well it’s the same it’s just

It’s weird i mean the door handles first off it’s at the top and then it’s just i don’t know it’s interesting but this is where the stuff gets kind of more exciting to the front sway more exciting so you have this like kind of i don’t know how explain it’s kind of like hard touch plastic but they do that interesting design on it and they have a softer touch down

Here but this is the cool part is the seats so sadly the seats are the seat belts aren’t blue but the seats themselves aren’t blue it’s a really cool look and they got conic that quilted cloth in the center right there we don’t get an armrest and cupholders no ventilation in the rear but i will pop in the back for you guys so i can talk about legroom because i

Do have the seat where i would normally have it at so here’s my legroom looks like an account from anthony i’m about 5 foot 11 and then headroom it’s relatively good i mean i got a couple more inches above me so i feel like someone that was bigger than me could definitely fit in here pretty comfortably now let’s go into the front one touch to lock in the mirrors

Are actually power folding which i think is cool at this price point hold it again the mirrors will pop back out and then this does come with a blind spot monitor which is a neat little touch and opening up this is the fun part is the interior i love the interior on this we got more of that plastic here you actually get the leather padding here which is nice we’re

Gonna rest our i’m definitely nice than what’s in the rear and then more of a plastic down below now i do get this blue trim and it kind of goes all throughout and then it connects with this part in the interior which it’s just it’s just like giant blue line throughout the interior now here are these seats in the front they definitely look different from the ones

In the rear you’ve got kind of more of that quilted design and then you have the stitching throughout you do get that piping as well now the seats are manually adjustable as you can see we have the pedal layout down below and then you’ve got the little button for like the gas cap and then your light stairwell is gonna be manually adjustable but here’s one more look

Before we actually pop into this blue interior start up the chr just gonna press that and here’s a little gauge cluster animation it actually shows you a little chr on the site which i think is cool they make that model specific but that beep is a little bit annoying and then the touch screens just like all the other ones on toyotas now we are gonna zoom out and

Here’s a full look at the steering wheel in the echr it’s pretty interesting so you’ve got all your radio controls like the center stack and this is your lane departure assistance this is for your forward collision assistance that’s not too crazy cruise control as well the interesting part is that kind of have like a mix so you’ve got like this piano black trim

But then you have like the leather trim on the outside it’s kind of like mixed in-between it’s just it’s a weird feeling when you grab onto the steering wheel diff i’m not used to that phone controls and voice commands over here and then it does have nice stitching light controls on that side and then the other side is going to be the windshield wiper stock control

And the gauges you can see that faint little look of blue that continued that into the eh coaster as well and then this little centre stack is just like all the other toyota’s where it shows you different bits of information on it so like shows you your range all that kind of stuff so basically it’s just for more information on the car and it even shows you your

Drive modes so there are a couple different drive modes on the color which you can basically go through but you have to just select it through here there’s no like other buttons so it’s not like a shortcut you have to go into this infotainment system or not infotainment system the centre stack and then you have to select a drive mode so it’s not as simple as what it

Is in other vehicles here is the center stack now if we pop into reverse the back up camera will pop up and it’s got that little trajectory line to help out a flick resolution is actually really good on it now the rest the infotainment system it is just like toyota’s other upgraded units there’s nothing they’ve really changed on this one just doesn’t have as many

Functions just to get a little projection function touch response time on it is just like all the other ones and hopefully i don’t get copyright no we’re good but yeah i mean touch response time is good and i think it’s a good infotainment system overall and it looks like this one’s not equipped with navigation now here’s kind of like the whole climate control area

With a couple vents at the top notice that it does have a dual zone climate which again at this price point i think is really solid now down below in this little area we do have a little usb there and some extra storage but it’s interesting from the shape with that and then this cup holder i mean it’s cool that they have a cup holder here but then it’s like right

There so you had only put like little coffee cups in that area now here’s the shifter and has an interesting feel – it’s got like the metal on the top which obviously feels nice but we do have a manual shift mode there are no paddle shifters but you just have to use this as kind of like a little bump stick when you are in the manual shift mode with the shifter it

Does have a little electronic parking brake on it now and then you have the auto hold and then the stability control here’s another cup holder that’s actually usable and then this again it’s finished in the blue which i think is neat now opening it up there is a little 12-volt charging station in there and then finally we are going to show you the storage and the

Glovebox which regular glovebox nothing crazy well i thought the weirdness stopped but these lights even look different like everything about this is just it’s a weird car and then on top of that i just noticed these little things on the top like i don’t know what they’re for they just look interesting and there’s even one under the sun visor like this is this is

An interesting car and i just wanted to show you guys the blue lines and how it kind of like fully connects through the interior goes around the infotainment system around here and that does stop in this area but there is this blue on the top here so i guess that that kind of like continues it so that it goes pretty much all around the interior which again that’s

Interesting but let’s talk about pricing so this chr in the xle trim package with all the equipment that it has stickers for about $25,000 plenty type of market adjustment which again all the safety tech that it has and this crazy interior i think it’s nothing it’s pretty awesome but let’s take the chr around see hot drives let me cookie show all of you visibility

Before we set off here in the chr so there’s your visibility over the hood pretty much in the middle not the easiest not the hardest sienna there’s visibility through the mirror and the other mirror now this is the part that’s a little bit more difficult because they do that crazy sloped roof line in the rear it does impede visibility a little bit but the windows

Are big enough that you can see it’s pretty easy to see out of things well let’s set off now we are setting off here in the 2020 chr xle and i guess first starting off let’s talk about the road noise and the ride quality so far with the ride quality it’s really smooth let me go over a couple little bump things yeah it’s doing really well actually it’s very smooth

On-road i’m actually pleasantly surprised i expected this to not ride this move actually so i’m really impressed with that now in terms of the noise it’s about average with tire noise so it’s right in the middle where it should be not too loud not too quiet so it’s just kind of like like i said it’s right where it normally is i’m taking my first turn here and the

Steering is very light and in terms of directness on this steering i would put it at about average again it’s right in the middle where it should be it’s not super direct but there is just a little bit of vagueness that’s expected with a vehicle of this type so right in the middle but in terms of lightness definitely a little bit more on the light side of things

From a steering perspective now i have it over here in the sport mode for our acceleration i actually am also going to put it into the manual shift mode i mean you guys heard the power figures i wasn’t expecting much out of it it’s it’s okay now it’s not quick by any means and that sport mode i mean coming into the normal mode the sport mode really doesn’t feel

Any different from the normal mode i’m kind of noticing that it pretty much drives all the same which definitely super interesting and i mean i’m guessing really all the sport mode does is just hold the rpms at a little bit higher amount and i can even test that right now yeah see it’s just holding the rpms longer so that’s all the sport mode really does is just

Hold the rpms a little bit longer i should say the gear a little bit longer not the rpms but you have the rpms a little bit higher in the sport mode now let’s actually sum things up on the 2020 chr and what i think about this i think this vehicle is actually pretty cool i love the different now let’s sum things up on the 2020 chr and i actually really like this

Vehicle i think it’s a cool quirky interesting vehicle and yeah if you want definitely like it a weird interior this is definitely want to go for this kind like neon blue but it’s just it’s an interesting car i think the price point solid my only thing is actually not with the powers just with the driveline now this is front-wheel drive i wish that toyota would

Just make all-wheel drive standard i understand that the front-wheel drive is gonna get a little bit better gas mileage and it’s gonna help keep the cost down a little bit but i’m sure that toyota could figure out something to keep the cost at a reasonable amount and give all-wheel drive and yeah it will make the fuel economy suffer a little bit but most people

Nowadays they want all-wheel drive over a little decrease in fuel economy especially without cheap gases and yeah that’s that’s all i have to say on the 2020 chr if you’re one weird quirky vehicle this is definitely a weird quirky vehicle and there we have it everyone the 2020 toyota chr in the xle trim package and again a huge shout out and thank you to lurch

Miller toyota here and murray for providing us with the chr check out their inventory the link below if you’re shopping for the first time please subscribe and then i was all of you in that next video

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