2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid: Test Drive Review

Host Sam Haymart tests the all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid to see how it performs in real world driving. Full review inside and out.

Amen to your friend sam he mart for test-driven tv today were looking at the all-new 2020 toyota corolla hybrid something wicked this way comes well maybe not wicked something new for certain we’re gonna show it to you inside and out we’re gonna take it for a quick drive and i’m gonna tell you what i really think before we get out in the test-drive we’re going to

Talk about styling because we’ve got a few little differences here between this and the also all-new toyota corolla that rolled out last year on the grill you have the toyota logo with the blue highlighting and as you move around the corner we have also got the hybrid badge on the fender the wheels the 15 inch alloy wheels with the cover very similar to what we see

On the prius a slightly different design but the same essential type of wheel going around the side the profile here is identical to the standard corolla this is a corolla hybrid le which means that it is the base model for the hybrid pricing out starts at 23 1 now this one’s around 25 and some change because of the fact that this has a number of factory and dealer

Options on it from this angle not a lot to report this looks like pretty much a run-of-the-mill corolla le now this does have a few little accessories on it that toyota put on this one of these is a protection package so i’ve got that little black strip along the bumper and a few other things that are part of this car and the lower fascia is pretty plain it’s a

Car that has a nice solid set of styling cues that i found very attractive with the corolla that i test drove a month or so ago and the hybrid just carries that through and of course you get the hyper logo right there right now this is the cheapest hybrid you can buy from toyota this being the le corolla hybrid starts out at 23 one about eleven hundred dollars less

Than the least expensive prius so if you’re looking for a hybrid this is going to be the entry point in the toyota line and sharing a lot with the prius you’re essentially getting this exact car except that it is a sedan and maybe not quite as many of the bells and whistles and styling ovations that the prius brings but mechanically speaking this is the same exact

Car i love it when they give me a base model of a vehicle i test like this le because it really gives me a chance to see what most of the world actually lives in and what they’re buying because the reality is is when most of these car companies are giving me fully loaded cars with leather and all of the bells and whistles it really doesn’t represent what most of

You are actually buying so i love it when i get a vehicle like this and so in the le interior i’ve got a pretty good level of quality when it comes to materials the switchgear toyota quality that’s why a lot of these same switches and a lot of the components that you see here you’ll also find an alexis because there are pretty good quality the design and the new

Corolla i like it it’s got a nice appeal to it when you look at it and it’s also quite functional as i sit here i have a nice instrument cluster ahead of me with a digital screen that’s fully programmable the infotainment system here this is the le so i have a base system it doesn’t have a lot of the the high-end features but i do have bluetooth connectivity and i

Do have the ability to do a lot of the entune suite app functions that are available all the way through the line there is a backup camera though and that’s a nice thing from a functionality standpoint this is very well designed i think there’s a nice spot up here for my phone the only thing i don’t like about it is i really can’t see what’s going on with the phone

Some cars have a situation where you can actually face it up so you can see if something lights up on it but when it’s connected everything comes through up on the main screen cupholders they’re a reasonably good size storage area not terribly large one nice thing though with a hybrid in this car toyota did not go with the joystick that you’re going to find in the

Prius it looks and feels pretty much like a standard corolla in that way a gear lever for selecting your actual drive modes there are some buttons up here for evey mode drive mode for setting your drive modes as well as some of the other ancillary functions these seats cloth seats i like the way they feel there’s a nice pattern here there made of a sturdy cloth

And so even though this is the base model it doesn’t feel low-rent they’re very comfortable they are manually adjustable and the seating position actually very good it’s more of a higher seating position than you might be used to in previous corollas now one thing i really need to point out about the hybrid is the fact that the battery sits under the rear seat so

You have a nice high seating position not affected any of the measurements when it comes to headroom and things like that but what’s most important it’s a hybrid that still has a 60/40 fold down rear seat and the trunk is not affected you still have a full sized trunk some hybrids that battery has intruded into the trunk space one thing i will point out there is

No spare tire underneath the floor they’ve instead elected to do an inflator kit now there’s room for a spare so if you just have to have one you could probably put one in there if you bought this car but that is a deletion that’s worth noting ready to go for a drive let’s do it the first question i always ask when i driving a car this how does it go so we’re

Getting there and 60 now that’s not a really scientific zero to 60 because i did it from a rolling start but it it’s a good benchmark for my seat-of-the-pants what’s under the hood here is the same 1.8 liter gasoline engine and two motor hybrid system that you’re going to find in the toyota prius it has a hundred twenty one system horsepower 105-pound feet of

Torque now that doesn’t sound like a lot but what’s very important to point out is that with the electric motor that actually provides a mode of power really sort of adding to the gasoline engine that gives you a nice kick in the back when you’re driving around town away from a stop sign so we come to a stop and so when you’re taking off and driving around town

It has it just has a nice little power curve at first now if you’re out on a highway accelerating yes you’ve got 121 horsepower so you do notice the fact that you’re down a little bit there but what i really need to point out about this hybrid system is the fact that it’s really the most refined one the toyota has ever made the engine turns off turns on you have

A transition between electric power and gasoline power sometimes the combination of both and this all happens ever so seamlessly toyota’s just really finally gotten this to a point where it’s it’s no longer a science experiment it’s actually something that people that aren’t used to driving a hybrid they can get in this car and just drive it now some people might

Not even know the difference so there’s that but when it comes to power for passing you do get an initial burst of electric power along with the thrum of the engine and i find that for the most part is more than adequate so i’m pretty pleased with that as pleased as i can be with a hybrid for this driving enthusiast this is as good as it gets so i i’m that i think

That’s a compliment now fuel economy that’s really what you buy this car for the epa sticker says 52 combined that is a 53 city mpg and a 52 highway almost the same with a 52 combined now in my week with this car driving about 80% city 20% highway i eat out well not eked out it just happened 58 mpg that’s huge and that’s measured at the pump that’s not only what the

Dash tells me but measured at the pump that was also what i got so i’m very happy with the fuel economy in this car very very happy when it comes to handling and drive this is a car that like the new prius is based on tn ga which is toyota new global architecture an all-new chassis platform that in all of the cars that i’ve tested including this one has a much more

Refined feeling alive driving experience to it when you turn when you go around town and on a back road it’s got a little bit of spring in its step and that’s something that you could never say for the old generation prius or corolla and that’s something that we have here so we have a car that’s actually fun to drive it’s quiet it feels refined both around town and

On the highway that’s a good thing that’s a good thing because the old generation toyota corolla not so much not so much most of this review has been about the driving experience of the hybrid variation of the corolla now just a little over a month ago i reviewed the toyota corolla xs ii which that reviews a lot more detailed on the actual interior the ownership

Experience the driving experience and you can see that review down below link down in the information section alright my friends let’s wrap it up in the toyota corolla hybrid i like it i think they’ve done a good thing here by offering a corolla in the hybrid and really let’s get to my three key takeaways and that sort of explain what really pressed with my button

So your first thing is mpg 58 city driving and that is just fabulous especially given that it’s well over what the epa sticker promised me so that’s always a good thing when i test a car but i’m really impressed with that that is a key takeaway and that is right in line with what my friend james lee from six-speed blog comm check him out great photographer great

Rider he had this car last week that’s exactly what he got 58 almost 59 and he even took a road trip up into the desert with it so very impressed with that mpg my other key takeaway is that basically the way you need to look at this car it is a prius four-door sedan period mechanically speaking it’s identical it’s the same car built on the same chassis the really

Really big difference is the fact that it’s styled like a corolla that’s it that’s the only difference it doesn’t have a lot of the space-age stuff going on on the interior this is a prius four-door sedan that’s important because this makes my eye biased my three key takeaway my third key takeaway is the fact that i would buy this car because it makes sense it’s

Affordable it gets great fuel economy it’s a corolla you can’t you can’t beat it when it comes to reliability that’s anecdotal but what i like about this is this is a prius that you can buy that doesn’t scream to the world that your nose in the air tree-hugging science experiment loving weirdo okay now i’m just kidding don’t take that personally out there you know

That i’m just being i’m sort of satire izing the popular perception of prius drivers out there but the fact of the matter is there’s a lot of people that that that’s something that’s a buying consideration for them this is a car they can buy this car i can buy because i love the prius but it’s a little much for me i’m not worried about the social stuff i just

Styling it’s a bit much for me but this if i was just looking for a car that made sense that was gonna be bulletproof and just gonna just totally make sense financially this is it and i like it for that reason so i’d buy it i would totally buy this car and i’d you know i might you just never know so anyway there you go if you like the video you just saw click on

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