2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD PRO Mods and Upgrades

just sharing the upgrades I’ve done on Gunny.

Aloha youtube it’s doc rick here just doing a quick video to show you gunny um just to show you or talk about some of the mods that i’ve done so far with my 2020 toyota tundra trd pro in the i’m gonna call it again marine green that’s why i named it gunny ooh so yeah with my tundra i haven’t done too many mods to it just yet um gotta try to save up some a little

Money but uh yeah so if you notice on the trd pro these are um i don’t want to say carved in but they’re inlaid into the actual bed so it’s not a sticker so i got these letters they’re raised i got those in black it’s kind of a black mat and it matches or does its best to match with the factory raised lettering so uh yeah that as a mod the other mod was i upgraded

My wheels not wheels to tires i kept the trd pro wheels but the tires i got the nitto ridge grappler and it’s the 275 70 18s did a lot of research on these and i like them because they have the aggressive sidewall pretty quiet ride my uh truck is a daily driver so um yeah so upgraded to that again the 275 70 18. i didn’t have to do any changes i still kept the

Rear and then the front mud flaps i know that if i went with the 295 i would have had to remove that so uh yeah i decided to go with this for now um so that’s the wheel modder upgrade for my nerf bar side steps i went with the n-fab podiums so toyota has the n-fab predator has a smaller step this is a wider step so here’s my foot in comparison um yeah so i got

The n-fab podium uh there were four points there’s one two three and four they just bolt onto the frame for the most part i just got them so that we could use them to step up to the truck um yeah take a look at this it’s a lot of ash we’re in northern california and with all the fires that are going on um i also got window tint on the front driver and passenger

Side window they did their best to match the stock tint that it came with um on the front side i haven’t done anything to the front just yet don’t worry i haven’t done anything to the front just yet just pretty much kept it stuck there’s a side shot of what the wheels look like again i like the wheel i like the wheel size and then the uh side steps they’re pretty

Big but in comparison to the truck it’s a big truck so uh yeah so on the outside what i’ve done is the tire upgrade the passenger and driver window tint on the front and then the trd sticker on both driver and passenger side and then the other upgrade again i showed a video on this is the decked drawer system that’s probably just as big as the tires impact-wise

But absolutely love them again art strong i miss you cousin but uh yeah so uh this was not as full as this one so this one i carry all my gear um some tools hand tools car tools actually power tools with a dewalt um cargo net straps and then i got recovery straps in there in addition to jumper cable so yeah i have a more detailed review on the deck added these

Lights got these at costco three pack for 15 bucks just put velcro in the back and then um figure can use these anytime so i just keep them there and i keep one in the drawer as well so yeah actually i have one more mod to show you not really a mod but on the inside of the truck i haven’t done too much actually i haven’t done anything um on the inside on the

Back haven’t done anything i just carry added uh you know first aid bug-out bag in there underneath not too much um gun case that’s pretty much it can’t fit anything on the back there and then on the driver’s side or the front of the cabin fire extinguisher uh handheld flashlights and then just say uh molly to keep odds and ends on the uh visor and then in the

Center console i added that uh that divider system there so yeah there you go um thinking of getting the uh lightner active cargo system rack just to uh you know be able to store or when i carry things on the bed of the truck with a rack system more tie down points probably i’m still on the fence about getting a uh a rack a tent rooftop tent but yeah definitely

The rack system will help this maybe a couple of the pods so we’ll see so with that that’s the mods that i’ve done so far on my 2020 toyota tundra trd pro no no there you go thanks for watching and the support everyone please be safe especially with everything that’s going on and yeah please like share and subscribe with that doc rick saying aloha and mahalo thank you for the support

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2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD PRO Mods and Upgrades By Doc Ric