2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Execline

Good afternoon everybody this is jacob at island owl truck and auto sales in campbell river and i am super excited to be showing you guys this one this is a 2020 volkswagen atlas cross sport and this one’s a fresh trade fresh arrival i should say down on our lot just came out of detail it’s looking sharp front end you got these really nice strip led headlights

Or running lights sorry chrome accents on the front end there’s your emblem there’s your front parking camera sensor help you park this bad sally wherever you need to go this is equipped with a v6 engine all-wheel drive 20-inch wheels look really sharp on this uh atlas get your tires here’s your mirrors got blind spot detection these ones will actually fold

In when you stop the car they’re breakaway mirrors as well so if anyone does hit them you’re not going to have any issues it’s in this really nice kind of gray blue color i think it looks really sharp keyless entry my key in the pot my key in my pocket sorry guys i’m so excited i’m just slurring my words all together key in my pocket fingers on the back of the

Door that’s going to unlock it this button here will lock it it’s beeping at me because it’s running at the moment but it’ll stop just like that power windows door locks and mirrors upgraded fender sound system that’s from the factory and it sounds very good power options on your seat memory seating for up to three drivers under my little mat here we’ve got

All weather floor mats there’s your hood release automatic headlights take a look at this steering wheel that looks really slick i’ll close the door here all sorts of buttons on your steering wheel cruise control with the adaptive settings volume control media infotainment control here heated steering wheel toggle there’s some skip buttons nice big digital

Dash the only part that’s not digital is your temp and your gas gauges on either side this button right here i can cycle through the different menus i can put on my gauges here there’s a speedometer there this will be your adaptive cruise control slash lane keep assist all that good stuff navigation as well nice big screen this is equipped with bluetooth usb

Android auto apple carplay got all sorts of options here sirius xm as well you can pull up your maps on there or maybe not here’s my maps maybe it’s because i have them on here all right guys i’ll figure out how to pull the map up and i will update you shortly cruise control settings are down here hit this button you can cycle through your blower modes it’s

Also touch screen you can just hit which one you want heated and cooled front seats there’s some options there hazard lights and your auto engine start stop on and off two usbs an auxiliary a 12 volt and a wireless charging mat down there here’s your center automatic transmission there’s your push button start electronic e-brake options for your parking sensors

And park assist and here we’ve got our drive modes twist that off-road off-road custom you can customize the settings in this vehicle normal snow mode all sorts of good stuff leather center console open it up you got a lot of storage and another usb down there nice large glove box down there you’ve got some sd card readers and a cd reader if you still got a book

Of cds you don’t want to give them away you can play them in this vehicle beeping at me once again just wants to let you know vehicles running keep it safe lots of room back here the cross sport is new to volkswagen for 2020 and it is a five-seater only so they got rid of the third row seating from the normal atlas and you get a lot of room in the back seat it’s

Also very easy to fold down the rear seats hit that lever all weather floor mats on the back of the seats look at all that cargo space in the back here as well buttons for your heated rear seats two more usbs and a full power outlet down there oh one thing i didn’t show you guys a little sunscreen here latch that right up there boom protection for the kids in the

Back it’s important one button power liftgate again the all-weather floor mats are carried throughout you got a privacy cover here pulls out just like that some storage down here underneath your floor mat spare tire you also have some extra floor mats down there jack and all your accessories one button boom how smooth that is rear end of the car is very stylish

A little bit sportier appearance versus the normal atlas we’ve got roof rails up here check this out guys power options on the passenger seat the huge panoramic moon roof let in all that natural light while you’re driving around and your 2020 atlas crossport this thing’s only got 5000 k’s v6 all-wheel drive practical stylish just a great vehicle there goes my

Floor mat come check it out two five zero two zero four four four nine three see you guys soon

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2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Execline By Island Owl Mazda