2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI – Fender Sound System Review

The VW GTI is in so many ways one of the best cars on the market today. However, some people place radio quality above driving dynamics. Does the Fender system in the Golf GTI play with the big boys? Find out here!

So hey everybody it’s charlie from daily motor and today we’ve got the sound system demo of the 2020 volkswagen golf gti and it’s nine speaker 480 watt fender audio system it’s going to be an in-depth sound system review we’re going to take a listen to some sample tracks see how the audio system works get out in the road listen to those tracks while we’re

Rolling i’ll give you my thoughts at the end before we get started let’s hop out quick look at the car now this is the hot hatch golf in its autobahn trim so it’s got all the goodies nice good aggressive dynamics here it’s a great little car we’ve got a lot of content on it if you want to see our full review and our highway fuel economy test subscribe to

The channel check out the links in the description as they go live we also have a sound system demo and other tests of the sedan counterpart the jetta gli you always do these sound system tests with uncompressed lossless wav audio files plug directly into the system on a usb stick and high quality binaural microphones in both of my ears giving you the most

Realistic audio system demo experience available on youtube we also do the tests with the sound settings set to their factory defaults let’s take a look at that now in the golf you’ve got standard front rear left right fader and balance as well as subwoofer adjustment base mid-range and treble so let’s go through those now you also have some speed defended

Volume controls as well as individual adjustments for different volumes of the system let’s go around take a look at speaker grille locations you got one down here in the door two up on a pillar three four it doesn’t look like there’s a center speaker in the back you’ve got five six seven eight and then in the trunk your subwoofer makes nine you can see it

Built into the spare tire right here clever packaging makes it so you don’t have to give up any trunk room for audio inputs in the golf gti got your standard am fm series xm satellite radio bluetooth with apple carplay and android auto support one usb a port and that is it so what are you missing well you don’t have a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input jack oh

Wait a minute you’ve got disc and sd cards as well in there my apologies one of these is probably for navigation but the other slot is open so you could put that in for more media choices so it looks like you’re only missing a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input jack definitely not the end of the world with that one for audio controls you’ve got a nice volume knob

Here with good detents easy to use you’ve also got volume buttons on the steering wheel here for track selection you’ve got this knob that you can rotate back and forth to change tracks as well as the touch screen and you’ve got track back and forth on the steering wheel there all right let’s start the car up get on the road it’s nice that you can start it

Up without the audio dipping out so so so now that we’re up to highway speeds turn the music down let you get an idea for how the gti sounds this is a very quiet section of highway but it still shows how very little wind noise and engine noise there is at 70 miles per hour there would be a little bit more road nice from these

Summer tires who are on a not freshly paved section highway so frequent listeners to our channel you know this song can really test the limits of an audio system so let’s hear how the fender system in the gti handles overall there seems to be a general crispness that i appreciate at this price point system doesn’t exactly have the power of some of

The more expensive sound systems such as mark levinson or bowers and wilkins but for this type of vehicle this type of price point all the sounds are coming through pretty clearly nothing super harsh on my ears and what i would do personally is bump up the subwoofer and bass levels probably two notches on one one on the other for this type of music just

To get a little bit more thumb and power from some of these songs speaking of base we’ll switch on over to one of our base test tracks turn the base all the way up for you savages got subwoofer and bass as you can hear you’ve actually got quite a lot of bass coming from the subwoofer here in the gti get a little bit of mirror shaking both outside and

In i can really feel it both in my ears and a little bit in my seats and chest as well turn that back to normal me hold me wrapping up my thoughts on the fender audio system here in the volkswagen golf gti it’s pretty good for this price point this type of vehicle you’re getting a very solid audio system with a good amount of inputs good amount

Of controls you got your android auto apple carplay it’s very easy to use very straightforward setup and system here with the touchscreen i like all that now the sound quality isn’t going to be something that you aspire to but you can bump all different sorts of music in here and be plenty satisfied with it and for that objectively speaking i’m giving this

System a seven and a half very good but nothing that you’d really write home about subjectively speaking for this price point and in this market segment i’d be giving it about an eight maybe even an eight and a half other manufacturers should really look toward volkswagen for how easy their system is to use very easy to set everything up and the sound quality

Is crisp it’s a good amount of dynamic range and also music sounds pretty darn good thank you all so much for watching i hope you’re able to get a good impression for the fender audio system here in the gti if you liked that video hit that subscribe button like all those good youtube methods of affirmation and we’ll see you on the next one i’m charlie from

Daily motor and as always drive on so you

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