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2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SEL 4Motion

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2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SEL 4Motion

Hello guys this is reese from bomarito st. peter’s volkswagen in st. louis today i’m bringing you a 2020 volkswagen atlas cross sport sel 2.0 turbo this one does have four motion led headlights led running lights led all weather lights alloy wheels keyless entry on four doors push button start those are those are fake exhaust tips down there but it does have them

This one does not have a trailer hitch hookup there’s atlas badging on the back and your regular the new volkswagen badging there the tow package i’m thinking that’s i’m not fourteen hundred percent sure but i think that’s because this is a turbo it won’t have the tow package is your led running lights and a nice aggressive chin down here on the bottom air intakes

Off to the side on each side right there i like how to light catches the lines on the car through the wheel arches and down under the door handles and back nice sloping rear in sloping roof there silver roof racks or roof rails i should say let’s take a look inside look inside here you have power door locks just like a regular atlas okay you have the one touch up

One touch down on the windows power mirrors that are also heated the heated mirror now there’s no icon here but the heated mirrors now work through the defrost system so they’re integrated sort of integrated into that system then you have window locks right there you also have a remote power liftgate and lift from here and then i can lift up and hold and it will

Also close that rear hatch nice convenience feature there automatic headlights all-weather lights as well so if i pull out on that just like you did for fog lights now you have all-weather lights that’s that icon there and it’s a side lamp that shines out the sides another led lamp and it helps with being visibility it ditches drop-offs on the road and things of

That nature also you still have the coin box storage right here telescoping steering wheel right here so you can pull out push in raise it lower it wherever you need it then up here turn signal stock of course and a wiper stock over here multi speed wipers including rain sensing the big change though is this leather wrap flat-bottom steering wheel you still have

This from the regular atlas of 2019 and a 2020 however this has the new steering wheel where the silver is the primary color on the spokes set at a piano black the buttons here that were silver are now black these little tabs anyway on each side and the new volkswagen logo in the middle the 2020 ones you’ll see this on every car but for the cross sport they came

Out with it early nice steering wheel grip here now if you get the sel arline there’s actually a sporty-er grip on the steering wheel here it’s a little puffier and it’s perforated right around the – like the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock ant do it in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock sides so anyway here’s a look at the volkswagens digital cockpit same as usual however i do

Believe there was a software update so some new streets might be added because our parking lot looks different now the view button changes that view so you have crop screen dial screen or wide screen here mib – radio am/fm and satellite there’s a cd player in the glovebox here’s a look at that rear view camera trajectory steering that moves that yellow line with

The steering wheel the green line stays put the red line signifies where your bumper is okay you do also have app connect which allows you to do android auto apple carplay or mirrorlink using one of these two usb design errors now 2 usbs down here in this tray speaking industry it’s also got a wireless charging these little icons right here it’s wireless charging

Down there now – so you just stick your phone down there and it charges most any phone there’s an auxiliary port right there and then a 12 volt charger port over there as well so there’s all kinds of charging going on right here dual zone climate zone right here up front there is no try zone for this like the regular atlas the 3 row atlas but the 2 row atlas just

Dual zone you can still control climate control from the screen by pushing that menu button you can adjust fan you can adjust vents and a/c on and off and then also you still have air care air care is your air filtration system this little blue line is going to show up here and it’s going to expand and cover the entire cabin at your air filtration on this system

Now i did another video previous to this on the nessie lv6 and i omitted this air care – climate control and also the cd player and sd card reader in the glovebox i apologize for that but sometimes i’ll miss stuff up top you have a panoramic sunroof with a power sunshade there’s a look at that power sunshade and there is a look at that panoramic sunroof this painted

Glass stacks on top of the second one back there there’s a look at that bright ball of sun up there first day we’ve had sunlight in quite a while even though we’re gonna probably have a shelter-in-place order for in place pretty quick for the corona virus pandemic here’s a pop-up window with that being said guys please make sure you’re safe and comfortable allow

Me to put videos up for you and we can yearn for a day where you can come back out and look at cars in person here’s a look at that glovebox again sd card holders right here sd card reader for the navigation there and a second one right there these do have leatherette seats they’re heated adjustable headrest right there there’s a push button right there it’s a

Manual adjust for the headrest carbon fiber finish on the glut on the dash there inside the armrest there’s a third usb port right there a nice big storage area right here and i apologize for the streakiness of the the gloss here on the stuff here i sanitized everything before i sat in the car and did the video so just for everybody’s protection including mine

Push button start right here the electronic parking brake right there just to release that you push down while your foots on the brake your four motion button right here now this is the first year for a turbo v4 motion in the atlas actually this is that first year for atlas cross sport but you have the snow roadway which does eco normal sport or custom and then you

Also have off-road and an off-road custom off-road custom is going to allow you to adjust different aspects of the drive using that these drop-down arrows right here also you have a park pilot sensor i can bring that up that brings up the rear view camera it only does that when the car is stopped or not in that in motion so you can bring that up on demand also you

Can touch the screen and get an overhead view here you can also change things up here on the screen and then let’s see here it went over all of that stuff here’s a look at the back well cannot climb out and look at the back seat as well but the sunroof is absolutely huge in this thing i love these things but the our line is probably gonna be my favorite as we hop

Out and look at the back here this one has a price tag of 42 785 for the turbo for motion extras are going to be the monster mats and a roadside assistance kit here’s a look at the back seat super spacious in the back i’m 6 foot 1 i have tons of space here i have about 6 to 7 inches of space between my knees in the back of the seat and i was just sitting up front

Vent setup is the same as a regular atlas up top right here instead of there being climate control for the rear passengers two rows of passengers back here that’s just a little cubby here the only time this is filled in is when you have the rear heated seats of the sel premium two usbs down here for charging and in there is a 115 volt three prong plug in right

There that’s new that’s also in the se with tech version of this car here’s a look at that giant panoramic sunroof again i’m going to open that back up the sunshade but while we’re waiting for that to open there’s a look at your digital cockpit the layout there headlights off to the left flat-bottom steering wheel all the buttons on the steering wheel your radio

Am/fm and satellite with cd in a glove box there’s your climate control lay out their armrest here with more storage and take a look at this giant panoramic roof it covers the entire cabin you do have an armrest that folds down right here for store for a cup holder use as well these seats do recline show you that that little button right there allows the seat to

Recline and they also fold flat extra storage here not areas a little bit of a drop-off here they’re not completely level like the regular atlas the reason for that is is you get more legroom for rear passengers and more headroom by dropping that seat latch hookups on that seat over there no latch hookups in the middle seat like the regular atlas but you also have

A latch hook up on this seat so two car seats in here and there’s no need for the car seat booster seat pitching forward thing in this car since it’s only a two row car power liftgate on the back here’s a look at it all a ridiculous amount of space that you have along with a roadside assistance kit right here you do also have monster mats cargo blocks to extra

Cargo mats right here and underneath the floor here’s your spare and also your tire jack there’s a look through from the back giant panoramic sunroof ridiculous amount of room if you’re looking at a chevy blazer or a jeep grand cherokee you really should give this car a look if you’re interested in this car please give us a call so my name is reese you can reach

Me at any time at six three six two nine zero four two five seven six three six two nine zero four two five seven on instagram youtube and facebook a tree sells cars this car does come with a six year 72,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on it from volkswagen six years 72,000 miles bumper to bumper if you buy for me at bomarito saint peters you’re also going to

Get a ten year 200,000 mile nationwide engine and powertrain warranty free of charge and then also you’re going to get a third year of free maintenance volkswagens going to give you two years of free maintenance with this car will give you a third at no additional charge that’s a local deal so again if you’re interested in this car or any other car if my videos

Are helped you in any way please give me a call six three six two nine zero four two five seven instagram youtube and facebook at resales cars thanks a lot guys have a good evening

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2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SEL 4Motion By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru