2021 Acura RDX SH-AWD w/A-SPEC For Sale

RDX SH-AWD w/A-SPEC, Only 5188 mi!, $51,925 Retail value,  Branded title, Heated/cooled front seats, Leather seats, Sunroof, Bluetooth, Back-up camera, Blind Spot monitoring, Front/Rear parking sensors, Alloy wheels

Hello everyone today we have a 2021 acura rdx a spec this has all-wheel drive and a 2.0 liter dual overhead valve engine and that is running smooth as to be so i’m gonna go ahead and close this up and take you for a tour does have a metallic flake in the paint has painted alloy wheels and dual panoramic sunroofs and dual exhaust i’ll go ahead and pop that for

You really quick there we go and so you have this additional trunk space down here below the cargo deck see it does have red sport leather seats power liftgate okay so we’ll go ahead and take a tour of the interior i mentioned it does have that black fabric right down the middle of it but then it does have the red leather interior let’s see two usb ports right

There see it does have the red accent lighting as well and the els studio 3d speakers there’s your van right here which is four eight nine one our last four digits of that one and those sport seats are just cool so i’m gonna go ahead and hop in and show you the interior okay and as we come up here we can show you the gorgeous sunroofs okay go ahead and close

That up okay and as you look down here you’ll see that it has 5 210 miles on this vehicle you got your paddle shifters and then your push to talk your stereo controls your trip computer toggles right there as you come over here you got your push button start and then this is where you would shift up to sport plus and dynamic mode you see it changing right there

Automatic start stop is your shifter and then your controls for your infotainment system and then as you come down here you’ve got your usbs and right here you got your key fob cup holders and then if we pop it in reverse there’s your backup camera and then also your forward and reverse sonars see it does have cooled and heated front seats here your comfort

Controls and then you do have an anti-theft uh system that is activated and i’ll go ahead and put in a work order to get this taken care of so we can unfreeze that just want to make you aware of that but it does have am fm sirius xm and bluetooth and as you come up here you’ve got your controls for your sunroofs and that about wraps it up for this acura on the

Interior this vehicle does have a branded title there’s impact up front and center the airbags deployed but there was no structural damage so we got it all fixed up it has passed 150 point inspection in the state of utah safety inspection for more inventory visit us at tjchapmanauto.com in the spirit of full disclosure here is a copy of the original label for your

Vehicle so you can see what it was equipped with straight out of the factory

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2021 Acura RDX SH-AWD w/A-SPEC For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto