All right this is the problem i’ve got got mmi fault tried to do a reset wouldn’t let me do it start up the random radio station runs for a while it’s just been into audi for um uh 296 pound 50 oil change first oil change it’s just done 8 000 just over eight thousand miles it’s just just a year old this is what it does uh initializing entertainment since please

Wait when it does that you no longer got any control over the volume no it’s not really tuned in i think no you can’t change the radio station either try to go into anything on the mmi screen is frozen so you’ve got no warnings um the reversing camera does come on but then sometimes it just goes off i also get a warning to say that the um the crash functions

Are disabled sensors crash sensors are disabled that now it’s just gone off by itself without me doing anything and now it’s just says that now if i try and do a reset by pressing and holding it starts again also starts while i’m driving along and then goes off again this is supposed to be the reset just go see the same thing i can it’s failed while it’s um

Just before it goes initialize it i can change the channels anyway it went into audi and they had it for six days and they managed to do the oil change 296 pound 50 managed to charge me for a loan car that i never had which i’ve got to get a refund for and they never managed to fix this and he said it it’s too long takes three days to fix it um it’s going to

Be a recall this is a 43 000 pound twenty twenty one car with eight thousand miles on the clock and when i initially rang up they said that’s a five week wait for me to have uh the oil changed which had come up saying it was due in 500 miles and to have the mmi done so still now i’ve got the car back still got the same problem so i can’t use kenny’s the phone

Can’t use a sat nav can’t rely on the reversing camera none of the sensors work the crash centers doesn’t work they said it’s a non-essential um thing they’re just um to assist you in your driving you know you don’t you don’t need them um so i’ve been told roughly two weeks before it will be brought back for a recall for the mmi to be reprogrammed which will be

Between two to three days to do it i’ve never done i don’t know what sort of software that is it takes that long it’s ridiculous boils my piss anyway there we are stay away from these also nearly forgotten the radio randomly comes on and you can only control the volume for a couple of seconds once you turn it down in between it’s just gone off again by itself

Now plus uh when you stop the car sometimes the radio comes on and even when you shut the car and lock the doors the radio is still on but then it does go off after a while they are aware of this they say and there is a software update so we’ll see

Transcribed from video
2021 AUDI A5 TFSI MMI FAULT 4k By Graham Wirral West 🧲🤡