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2021 Audi E-tron GT – Worth the premium price tag? FIRST DRIVE (Quattro Vorsprung Kemora grey)

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Hello and welcome back to auto social uk so this was a bit of a surprise video i only found out i’d be doing this at the beginning of the week but if you’re going to have a surprise this is the one that you want very kindly marriott motor group have invited me to take a test drive of the audi e-tron gt and i am literally so excited very similar than when i drove

The mackey i do have a very short amount of time so this is going to be a quick video less specs more of a first impressions but as first impressions go it doesn’t get much better than this electric car styling often splits opinions but i haven’t met a single person that doesn’t think the gt looks absolutely amazing and it looks fantastic finished in this blue

Color in fact if you get up close there’s little effects of pink in the paint which i absolutely love this is the vosprong edition which is the german edition there’s only a few of these that have come over to the uk and you won’t be able to spec these ones up from factory this one has 21-inch alloy wheels which you get standard on the rs on the usual gt you

Get 20 inches as standard so this one has the upgraded versions but come on do you need any bigger than 20 the bladed wheels help improve aerodynamics by minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency its silhouette is sleek and aggressive it appears to stand out and blend in all at once audi described it as being sculpted by the wind which as pretentious as it

Sounds i can kind of see the grill can take some getting used to it’s not quite as boring as some of the electric cars on the market but it could still come across as slightly dull however the re-interpretation of the honeycomb grille is a welcome design addition to liven things up slightly it also benefits from some matrix led headlights with audi’s laser

Light technology and offers a rather pretty light show or perhaps a rather pricey light show something i love about the gt is it’s very specifically audi you can see it has design tweaks of the rs models and even the r8 it’s got this beautiful design which the chief officer of designer audi said that he thinks this is the best car that he’s ever designed and i

Would have to agree it looks absolutely fantastic and it’s definitely a head turner whether you prefer this or the thai can is going to come completely down to taste i don’t think anything could come close to the porsche but the gt really does look a premium product and certainly gets its own personality despite being on the same platform interior is definitely

Audi’s forte everything looks and feels extremely high quality this model does however have the extended lever pack and without it i’m inclined to wonder if it would have felt a little less worth the money for the price tag aldi have managed to get the perfect blend between digital screens but also physical buttons there’s a 12.3 inch virtual cockpit behind the

Wheel switchable between different layouts classic sport and e-tron you also get a 10.1 inch touchscreen everywhere equipment is is expected including things like adaptive cruise control apple carplay and android auto adjustable mood lighting and a bang and alphan sound system the gt actually has two motors one on the front and one on the rear and they both

Have a separate output the front has a maximum output of 235 brake horsepower while the rear makes a maximum of 429 but you can’t just add those together to get a combined output combined it makes a maximum of 469 brake horsepower but it also does benefit from some overboost which will bring the car up to 523 brake horsepower for 2.3 seconds after that initial

Overboost you then reduce down to the standard cars brake horsepower but this car doesn’t feel anything but slow they have those two motors to give you that extra boost when you get up to a certain speed with a lot of evs you reach kind of 40 miles per hour and then it slowly starts to tail off whereas the gt continues to pull the whole way being an audi it gets

The superior quattro four wheel drive system which forms part of the drivetrain setup with all four wheels permanently driven and less efficiency mode is selected when the e-tron gt becomes front-wheel drive only as with the porsche there’s a 93.4 kilowatt total capacity battery with an 83.7 kilowatt usable section making 298 miles of range but realistically if

We’re basing it off of the ti-can we can expect to be closer to 230 miles all models will take a 270 kilowatt charge which if you can find one will take the battery from 5 to 80 in as little as 23 minutes which really does ease the worry of long journeys for both driver and passenger this car is incredibly comfortable even though it has that fast acceleration

It doesn’t feel thrashy or you don’t feel like you’re being crashed about when you’re going over bumps it’s actually extremely comfortable one of my favorite things about the gt is it just feels so driver focused you really feel like you’re in the cockpit of something like an r8 or an rs variant you definitely get the connection through the steering wheel that

You expect to get from a car with a lot of performance this car doesn’t feel like your everyday ev this really is a luxury ev and it makes me excited for it being electric it doesn’t make me think ugh electric it makes me think yes electric having just sat in the passenger seat for a little while hannah said that it feels really quite big in the passenger seat

Which surprised me because in the driver’s seat as i said it feels very driver-focused but i think that’s so clever by audi you sit in the passenger seat and it feels so light and airy and that you’ve got tons of room and then you get in the driver’s seat and you’re almost kind of tunneled in which you’d think would be a bad thing but i don’t think it’s a bad

Thing at all because it just gives you that feel of connection with the car almost as if you’re in a high-powered performance or even hannah said something like a formula one car because everything’s really kind of tucked into you which i absolutely love now here’s to address the elephant in the room the audi e-tron gt starts at eighty-eight pounds and goes all

The way up to a very eye watering 133 000 pounds for the gt rs model now that is a lot of money for an audi and it does make you wonder whether you would rather have the porsche tycan for a similar price tag however i do think this car does feel every bit worth the money and it really does feel like a premium innovative product thank you so much for watching

This video today and thank you to marriott motor group for inviting me down to drive the gt it’s been a real pleasure if you’ve liked this video please go ahead and give it a massive thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this then please make sure you go ahead and hit subscribe thank you so much and until next time bye can’t get nothing

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2021 Audi E-tron GT – Worth the premium price tag? FIRST DRIVE (Quattro Vorsprung Kemora grey) By Auto Social UK