2021 Audi Q5 & Q5 Sportback Launch

Presenting the 2021 Audi Q5 and the all-new Audi Q5 Sportback. These SUVs are two of the brand’s newest engineering masterpieces and both models display Audi’s iconic design language. True design freedom is more than a look- it’s an attitude.

The true mark of progress is to always find ways to improve even when the product is already exceptional for 2021 all the engineers decided to do just that with a refresh of its mid-size suv and the introduction of our new variant to the brand of favorites ladies and gentlemen it’s time to speak a new language one of design freedom it’s time to speak the language

Of the all-new audi q5 sportback and the 2021 audi q5 released to the local market in march and may respectively the mid-sized suvs have already made their mark with the first shipment of units being pre-sold before they even arrive this speaks volumes for a car that no one had seen before and shows the dominance of jamaica’s best-selling mid-size premium suv

The premium suv siblings share the iconic dna of the audi q lineup which is expressed in every detail of each model today we’ll take a closer look at what makes this dynamic duo such a fascinating addition to aldi’s refreshed suv lineup for this year both q5 and q5 sportback showcase an identity of a rugged yet premium mid-sized suv that offers an unmatched

Performance on any terrain both model com equipped with a 2-liter engine quattro all-wheel drive and audi drive select for performance tailored to your choosing the q5 now comes with 18 inch rims as standard in the 2021 model the q5 sportback however boasts bigger 19-inch rims as standard and even includes 20-inch all the sport rings as an option this gives

The sportier sibling a more commanding presence on the jamaican roads a key component of audi’s vision has always been shaping the future of premium mobility and these suvs do just that with the refreshed q5 we see the attitude of the future engrained in exterior design elements such as a single frame grille refreshed tailgates and the new trim element between

The rear lights in comparison the q5 sportback has an even sportier take on this attitude a wider and lower single frame features prominently on the q5 sportback while a more defined waveline moves along the side of the suv to give it its sporty character perhaps the most noticeable difference though is a tapered coupe styled rear line that gives strikingly

Sporty appeal smaller changes also add to the sporty appeal of this model such as a longer spoiler and a higher shoulder line both the audi q5 and the q5 sportback are suvs that evolve passion whilst putting innovation on display technology sits at the epicenter of audi’s new design language and so the q5 and q5 sportback compact with technology to make every

Experience inside the suv want to remember the infotainment package in the q5 sportback follows its refresh sibling with wireless charging upper power play and android auto or the premium sound system and audi mmi touchscreen interface which features a 12.3 inch display in the sportbank all this virtual cockpit comes standard in both models while matrix style

Led headlights and oled tail lights are optional for both the q5 and the q5 squadron a new era is here both the audi q5 and the q5 sportback are for those individuals who enjoy the joys of remarkable engineering and first class design we welcome you to visit our showrooms at 1c to 3 oxford road in kingston and units 1 to 3 in bogue city central montego bay to

Experience for yourselves these luxurious suvs today bye you

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