2021 Audi Q5 Sportback Review | Walkaround

Designed to draw you in. Introducing the all-new Audi Q5 Sportback. Its coupe-inspired, sweeping roofline pulls your eye along its elegant exterior and athletic posture that hints at the power within.

Hello you guys my name is steven i am with walters audi and today we’re going to be taking a look at the new 2021 q5 sportback are you guys let’s get started diving into this car so this one in particular is going to be a 2021 q5 sportback premium plus which is going to have a 20 inch wheel package as well with a warm weather package which gives you ventilated

Seats we’ll get into all of that a little bit later on so starting off with the grill on this you’re actually going to get a honeycomb grill on the new 2021 q5 sportback which really makes the car look very aggressive and yet sporty and it looks absolutely amazing one of my personal favorites about this grille all right you guys so now let’s get into the headlights

Which right over here you get this beautiful design it’s gonna be sporty yet sophisticated i really do like them let me know what you guys think about in the comments below all right so now let’s get into the sensors for this vehicle so you’re gonna get four sensors in the front you’re gonna get one two three and four and now you’re also going to get your traffic

Jam assist plus your adaptive cruise control which absolutely feels amazing traffic jam assist is going to be giving you a driving assistance from 0 to 40 miles an hour definitely check it out it takes a little bit of stress off you guys throughout the day in those long traffic jams you also get these beautiful audi logos right over here definitely makes for a

Nice aggressive badging you can also get these in a black logo if you guys wanted to but also coming on over here this car is also going to be a quattro so quattro is going to be audi’s all-wheel drive system all right so our quattro system is going to be all-wheel drive all the time so you can take this thing up to the snow take it in the rain it’s going to be

The best most safe all-wheel drive system out there so moving on from quattro quattro in 2021 is going to be on every single audi that you guys can buy other than the rear wheel drive r8 that’s the one that’s not quattro all right so now moving on over so with the q5 sportback you’re also going to get this one in an s-line now this also comes with 20-inch wheels

Absolutely beautiful this is a five-spoke absolutely beautiful design sporty yet sophisticated can’t go wrong there now going on over you have your keyless entry going into the vehicle so all you have to do is have your key in your pocket the car will open up right away all right so with the mirrors right over here so you can see this beautiful light in here when

You actually have your turn signal on it’s going to let everyone know if you’re going to the left or to the right all right you guys so you also inside of the mirror you’re also going to have your blind spot monitoring if somebody’s in your blind spot it will let you know light up orange very bright hard to miss it’s a great safety feature to have so now let’s get

Into the hood of the q5 sportback so now inside of the hood of the q5 sportback you’re going to get a 45 engine inside of here so in the q5 it comes with a 40 and a 45 this one you’re only going to be getting a 45 which is going to be giving you about 261 horsepower absolutely crazy it feels super fun definitely nice sporty little zippy car to get around the town

With all right so for now for the fuel economy on this vehicle you’re going to be getting about 25 miles all around fuel economy about 23 in the city 28 on the highway so definitely get that great gas mileage with this car all right so this vehicle is also going to be turbocharged as well so that’s what’s going to give you that nice horsepower to the vehicle and

Yeah getting that great gas mileage all right so then we also have this very easy access for the battery terminal also there’s a little clip right here so if you guys ever do need a jump or you need to jump someone very easy just clip this little thumb print right there all right so another thing that i love most about this car is that how everything is so easy

To find you have your windshield wiper fluid your oil anything else that you guys would need to find it’s pretty easy to find very accessible now if you guys wanted to get the car serviced definitely come on down to walters audi get your car serviced i’ll definitely take care of you over there all right now moving on over to the back of the q5 sportback now let’s

Get into some of the design with this car so compared to the normal q5 which is going to be more of a utility vehicle this one is going to be sporty so on the back of it as you guys can see there’s a new slope on this which adds a very nice sport back look to it now with the back as well you’re also going to get your backup sensors as well with your backup camera

Which gives you two different camera angles you’re gonna get your wide angle and you’re also gonna get your directional as well all right so one of the cool things about the premium plus feature on this car is actually if you have to get easy access to the groceries just very easily kick your foot underneath here and it’ll just open it up right away all right so

If your hands are full of groceries and you need to close the trunk but you don’t want to go click all the way up here very easily just swipe your foot underneath again and the trunk will close all right so now let’s get into the brake lights for the brake lights we’re going to have an led brake light what is the benefits to having an led brake light with the led

Brake light it’s going to react five times faster so when you need to get on them they’re actually going to react five times faster than a traditional brake now with also that you’re also going to get a lot longer life span as well so you don’t have to spend as much time at the dealership getting them changed out even though i would love to go and see you guys

You don’t have to spend all your days over at the dealership all right so now for the q5 sportback you’re going to get 18 cubic feet of space behind the second row right over here in the trunk now the traditional q5 gets you about 25 cubic feet of space back here so one of them is going to be for utility the other one is for design which this one is going to be

More so for design all right so now back here you’re also going to see these vents over here so what these vents are everyone’s going to ask if ac goes through here no they do not what this is actually going to do is actually give air flowing to the electronics back there which is going to keep all the electronics back here from overheating so definitely want to

Have something like that back here also you have this very easy access to go and put down your second row all from just the back of your trunk all right you guys so just going over a couple quick other things you also get your cargo netting right over here as well with on the side also for your owner’s manual you get a very nice easy strap right there you can put

Your owner’s manual you can put a book there anything you want also going on into the underspace right here you also have your spare tire a lot of cars nowadays don’t come with a spare tire you also get your jacks everything inside there as well all right so now last but not least probably one of my favorite features back here is actually these led lights back

Here so when you’re getting groceries late at night time you need to see what you’re grabbing you have your lights back there which is going to add a nice brightness back here see exactly what you’re grabbing all right you guys so now getting into the back seat we’re going to have this beautiful beautiful leather interior with rock gray stitching looks absolutely

Very very nice back here now let’s get into the armrest right back here you’re going to have your cup holders definitely going to fit like a mcdonald’s large maybe even a piece t who knows you can fit a bunch of stuff back here just in that nice little cup holders now going on over to the climate control climate control you’re gonna have your three zone climate

Controls in this car and that is gonna be right over here so you can actually adjust how hot or cold you want it back here you also have your usb charging ports as well with your 12 volt cigarette adapter lighter right there cargo netting so you can put a book anything like that right over here you’ll also have this beautiful sunshade right here so that is going

To come on the warm weather package nice for going to places like disneyland six flags anything like that everyone in the back seat be nice relaxed all right you guys so now getting into probably my favorite part which is of course the driver’s side going into the driver’s side you get this beautiful wood trim inside of the vehicle now this car also does come with

Memory seating on the premium plus package so you have your memory seating right over here with also your advanced audi keys so when you actually set up your audi connect you’ll actually be able to use your key users so with one key you’ll remember one driver’s seat and then with the other key you’ll remember the next driver’s seat it’s a really cool feature to

Actually have going on over to your steering wheel now with this steering wheel you’re gonna have a heated seat on it your audi voice recognition also you have your virtual dash which absolutely looks amazing i actually really like what they did actually with this new dash right over here this was definitely not a feature on the previous q5 you can see your oil

Temperature you can see everything you also have your radio as well with your contacts when you connect your phone via bluetooth it’s going to bring up all your contacts right over there all right so now this is going to be your climate control and you can actually adjust the ac levels right over here your three zone climate control you can also sync them up if

You wanted to you can also control the back air flow if you guys want it to be on hot cold you can adjust it all from right up here very easy to do you have your ac max ac off as well with your ac on ac on is going to be so you can tailor how much air you want to come in as soon as you put on ac max it’s just going to go and start max level of the ac going so we

Also have our drive select which is going to give you a couple of different options you have your off-road settings your comfort auto dynamic dynamic is going to be the most fun to drive the car in comfort if you want to feel like you’re driving on an absolute cloud put it on comfort it’s going to be the most relaxed drive you’ve ever had now with the mmi system

This is capable with wireless apple carplay which is going to bring up your google maps your waze your text messages your phone calls it’s gonna bring up everything it’s pretty nice to have now with android auto you do have to connect via wire right here so you plug in your phone via bluetooth it’s gonna bring up your android auto same thing google maps text

Messages phone calls all that fun stuff all right so if you guys are wondering where’s the hazard button if you need it to pull off to the side of the road don’t worry it’s right underneath that in my system press that button right there take care of you so a couple other features with the mmi system that’s really fun now let’s go over to your drive select as well

With your drivers assistance driver’s assistance we already covered drive select so let’s go into the driver’s assistance you have your speed warning your adaptive cruise control your distance warning as well with your traffic jam assist active lane keeping assist audi presence side assist hazard information it’s going to have everything on this car because this

Is a premium plus now one of the cool things about this is when your phone is connected to bluetooth and if you have a favorite contact that you always want to be able to call right on hand now you can actually go and save that contact to your favorites it’s super easy just go over there hold it down and you can go and set it as a favorite that way you just click

Favorites click whoever’s number you want to call so now let’s get into the cameras so this is going to be for all the safety so for the safety of this vehicle we actually have our front facing camera you can actually tap on the bird’s eye view camera that’s actually going to change camera angles for you if you also wanted to be in control over every single camera

Angle that you wanted to so if you wanted to go to the wide angle you can do that if you want to go to the backup wide angle you can very easily go and click on that camera as well you can click to the backup and it’s going to go show you the backup camera as well all right so as soon as you go and put it in reverse it’s going to bring up your backup camera and

When you put it in drive it’s going to automatically go towards the front-facing camera so if you need to get into those tight parking spaces this is really going to help out all right so you also have your usb port right here so you can charge your phone but you also have your new usbc charging port inside of the center console right here plug your phone right

In there get that usbc charging going on over to the buttons up top so going over here you have your sos signals so you just press that little button if you need emergency services sent over to you do that it’s going to call your emergency services you also have your ittech so if you break down and you need to have someone come tell you press that that’s going to

Bring them right over to you now we also have our sunroof and sunshade if you guys want to go put that back just press that all the way back and it’s going to open up the sunshade you guys also want to open up the sunroof press that all the way back and that’s going to open up the sunroom for you one more thing about these seats as well is that you’re also going

To have power moving seats as well just a nice little note a lot of people ask me questions especially my customers over here they always ask me do these cars have power seats yes they do as well with on the driver’s side you have this nice lumbar support it actually feels really good i’m actually using it right now that’s pretty cool all right you guys just

Wanted to thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day and checking out this review on the 2021 q5 sportback you guys are ever in the area make sure to come in check out the car and also make sure to like comment subscribe let us know what car you want to go and see us review next alrighty my name is steven from walters audi if you guys are ever in

The area make sure to come in ask for me i’ll be more than happy to go take you guys out

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